Sephora Cobalt Blue Top Handle Bag

This was one of the Top Handle Bags I’d mentioned in My Story: Handbags (dis).

Believe it or not, I got this baby as a “Gift with Purchase” from our local Sephora! I wanna’ say it was around October 2009 or 2010 (I vaguely remember the date, because it was the first and last time I ever had Lash Extensions put in, for an out-of-country/state Wedding). Point is, this was back when Sephora first opened up in Kuwait and used to have all kinds of sweet deals and promos and awesome gifts with purchase, not the trash they hand out now.

Such a beautiful color… just absolutely gorgeous!

Since I don’t feel like sifting through the bowels of the internet to find the actual name of this thing, I’m just going to refer to it as a Top Handle Bag (even though Bowling Bag or even Doctor Bag seems more fitting).

The Top Handle Bag came in pebbled leather, while the handles (and other accents) were in suede, all in that stun-ning Cobalt Blue shade. I don’t know what the inner lining was made out of, but it was impossibly soft and buttery, in an appropriate Soft Yellow which was a surprisingly lovely contrast against the Cobalt Blue! The minimal hardware was in Silver.

This thing had a very spacious main compartment (which unlike the others, had quite a flexible opening/neck that made my life so much easier), with a zippered pocket inside of the main compartment. Other than the lil tab (with the brand name and logo) under the zippered pocket, there was nothing else on this thing, to signify that it was from Sephora. Heck, if I hadn’t received it as “freebie”, I never would’ve guessed it was by Sephora! It was so well-made and quite sturdy (it survived my rough-handling) while also being absolutely beautiful!

From the moment I got the Sephora Cobalt Blue Top Handle Bag, I was hopelessly in love with it! It wasn’t a luxury piece, but in my eyes, it might as well have been! To the extent that I only wore it on “special occasions” at first lol

Even when I got married, I decided against bringing it over with me to my husband’s house and instead opted to leave this baby safely back at my family home. Even when my family moved houses (family home was being renovated so we had to move out for a year or two) and I had to pack up my stuff and move the remnants to the temporary family home, I opted out of stuffing this beaut in a box, and instead sat it down right next to me (in the passenger seat) of my car.

Since most of my other stuff was in boxes, I started using this baby more and more, even taking it to Thailand with me on my Honeymoon, which was several months after the Wedding. You can still see the sticker inside, which was a remnant from my trip to Thailand lol The country was great, but the company (my ex) wasn’t. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why he got me the Louis Vuitton “Oh Really!” Blue Suede Peep-Toe Pumps (dis) after I’d already left him. It was probably ‘cuz of the Sephora Cobalt Blue Top Handle Bag.

In any case, I love this this thing and will continue to treasure it forever (or for as long as it holds up, at least) lol It still blows my mind that it was “free”! So stinkin’ pretty!

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