Textured Handbags

Since you guys seem to be liking these types of posts, I guess I’ll stick with Handbags for now and move on to Shoes after… or maybe a mix of both? Anyways, these are some of the Handbags I mentioned in My Story: Handbags (dis).

I recently dug these out from one of the boxes, but unlike the other stuff, they hadn’t been there for too long. I don’t remember when I got them, but know for a fact, that I was too young to buy them for myself (no money), which meant my parents must’ve purchased them for me. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve “borrowed” at least one of them (possibly two), from my mom’s collection of Handbags.

Givenchy Black Corduroy Top Handle Bag

Not quite sure if my parents bought it for me or if I got it as a “gift with purchase” after buying some makeup at the Givenchy counter at VaVaVoom at Marina Mall (we didn’t have “Drugstore Makeup Brands” in Kuwait, back in the day) which my parents probably also payed for. Either way, I loved this thing!

I loved that aside from the inner lining, the whole thing was made out of Corduroy and better still, it was all Black! That in and of itself looked pretty unique to me (prior to this, I’d never seen anything like it). Also, despite my aversion to all things Gold, I quite liked the combination of Black/Gold and so, I liked the fact that the hardware on this baby was Gold! It seemed more chic than say Silver or Black or whatever else. Usually, I tend to find the inclusion of tassels a bit… busy, but the Handbag was plain enough to pull it off successfully (without looking tacky). In fact, the tassels just added to the over all look!

The inner lining consisted of a print of the brand’s logo in a complimentary Black/Grey, while the face of the Handbag, had a single, much larger depiction of the brand’s logo. Typically, I’d find the fact that the logo being all over everything was quite… obnoxious. However, in this case, it was well-hidden on the inside (just keep the bag closed lol) and perfectly subtle on the outside (you kinda’ had to squint to see it)! It was discreet and therefore infinitely more tasteful to me!

While this baby may look slouchy and shapeless, that was only because it was currently empty. As soon as I’d start filling it up with stuff, it’d become boxier (the square edges start to look more defined) and therefore much cuter! That said, it didn’t have much space and was a little on the smaller side. Aside from the main compartment, it only had 2 zippered pockets; 1 in the front and 1 on the inside (both of which were quite flat and effectively useless lol). Still, the main compartment managed to carry my full-sized Escada Perfume (and all it’s many, many, many different reiterations, over the years) quite comfortably!

Back in the day, as a teenager, I’d usually pair it with a “Little Black Dress” (for my friends’ birthday parties and other “special events”) because it seemed “dressy”! I liked the fact that it was too small to be looped under my arm and instead had to be held by hand. It just made it seem all the more elegant! All in all, I found the Givenchy Black Corduroy Top Handle Bag aesthetically appealing (even as a teen) and still do! As such, I’m definitely keeping it! Heck, even just looking at it brings me such joy!

Miu Miu Berry Suede Hobo Bag

I don’t remember if my parents bought this for me or if I “borrowed” it from my mom (and she ever-so-kindly let me keep it, as with everything else I “borrow” from her lol). Either way, it was definitely out of my price range.

Had this Hobo Bag been in the same color, but any other material (for example, Leather), I definitely would’ve skipped it, because although uncommon (at the time), the muted Berry shade wasn’t exactly unique. Had this Hobo Bag been in the same material, but any other color (for example, Black) I definitely would’ve skipped it, because Suede could be quite finicky. However, the combination of both the fabric and color (Suede in a muted Berry) seemed unexpected, which was the reason I quite liked this thing!

I wouldn’t call it over-sized, but for a Hobo Bag it was on the average-to-large side. The main compartment had a zip on it and inside the main compartment was a smaller zippered pocket. All the hardware was a reflective Silver, which off-set the Leather Straps and inner lining, both of which were Brown (they might look Black, but they’re actually a Dark Brown), quite beautifully! Not quite sure what’s inside the Leather Straps, but between all the Suede and Metal and Leather, the Bag was substantially heavy (even while empty)!

Regardless of how deep and spacious the main compartment was, the zippered opening (or neck?) of the main compartment was quite narrow (small and stiff) which was annoying. Also, I feel like I’ve spent more time cleaning this thing, than actually wearing it (like I said, Suede is synonymous with high-maintenance). Lastly, the muted Berry shade wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to pair, because it sorta’ clashed with most of my clothes lol

This was the difference between luxury brands and everything else. Couple thousand years later (give or take lol) and this thing still held up pretty well! As you saw, the same can’t be said for the Red Herring Green Pebbled Leather Hobo Bag (dis). However, while the Miu Miu Berry Suede Hobo Bag looked unique, was pretty cute, held a lot of stuff and held up pretty well over the years… it was also high-maintenance. Also, I’m not sure if I use it enough to warrant keeping it. Then again, what if I got rid of it and ended up regretting it and never finding anything quite like it again? Decisions, decisions.

Black Suede Clutch Bag

I know for a fact, that this I’ve “borrowed” from my mom (thanks, ma)!

Honestly, I don’t what the fabric on this thing was supposed to be. Felt? Suede? Brushed Suede? Velvet? Alls I know is that it felt really soft and looked absolutely gorgeous, especially when paired with all that reflective Silver! As for the hardware itself, the reflective Silver made up the upper frame of the Clutch Bag. The upper frame included the part that the handle was looped around and also the lock mechanism for the Clutch Bag.

I don’t believe the lock mechanism was magnetic, but this thing was practically air-tight, that it might as well have been! Basically, you press down on the clasp (to lift it) and press both side of the Clutch Bag together and let go of the clasp, which would keep the Bag shut. To open the Bag, you hold down the clasp (to lift it) and separate both side of the Clutch Bag and let go, to keep the Bag open. The hoop or circle, served no other purpose other than looking pretty, and look pretty it did!

Just like with the previous Bag, this thing was quite deep (and held quite a bunch of things without any unseemly bulging), but the opening or neck was quite narrow, which I found annoying. Also, I kinda’ feel this thing was nice and structured, so the handle should’ve been structured too.

While the Givenchy Black Corduroy Top Handle Bag might be elegant and the Miu Miu Berry Suede Hobo Bag might look quite cute, this no-name Black Suede Clutch Bag looked insanely cool to me! I’m definitely holding on to it forever! I don’t always wear it, but I’m obsessed with this baby!

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