Red Herring Green Pebbled Leather Hobo Bag

A moment of silence for the Red Herring Green Pebbled Leather Hobo Bag, RIP

This was the Green Pebbled Leather Bag I referenced in My Story: Handbags post (dis). I thought I’d gotten rid of it, but I guess not. I found it in one of the boxes, and as I was smoothing it out (it was all smushed), it literally started disintegrating in my hands lol To be fair, I got this thing around March, either 2009 or 2010 (from Debenhams at Souq Sharq, while on a lunch date with my cousin).

Such a ridiculously beautiful color! Between time (which was very unkind to this Handbag) and the lighting (could’ve been better) and my camera (also could’ve been better), these photos do not even begin to do this thing justice! You should’ve seen it in its glory days! People would legit stop me in the street, to ask where they could find it for themselves!

Other than the gorgeous color (and the cute inner lining that complimented it), I felt like this thing had a pretty unique… layout? It might look like an average-sized Handbag, but it was actually pretty spacious and had x3 separate compartments that fit, well… everything!

It had x2 large compartments on either side (or on the top and bottom, whichever way you look at it), with the the 3rd compartment being in the middle. The middle compartment was the only compartment that had a zipper, and the only compartment that had a separate zip pocket (usually where I’d stuff my Heartburn Medicine and Scünci Hairclips and other smaller items that would get lost in the larger pockets). It may be hard to discern, but I took photos of the middle compartment both zipped and unzipped (side-by-side photos) to show you.

More often than not, I wouldn’t feel like zipping the thing, so I’d just pull the flap over the bag and twist the lock mechanism in place, which brings me to my next point. The lock mechanism on this thing was pretty cool! I had to align the thing juuust so (for it to fit through the slot) and then twist the thing to the side (so it wouldn’t slip out) for it to lock! It wasn’t the usual single button magnetic closure or whatever. It was different (at least to me), which I thought was pretty cool!

I wore this thing out and about (regardless of whether it matched my outfit or not), up until it started falling apart on me, but I didn’t have the heart to part with it. Since I was moving around a lot, at the time, I just stuffed it into one of the boxes and sorta’ forgot about it. Once I found it and dug it out, as soon as I started smoothing out the wrinkles in this thing, it started disintegrating in my hands! Obviously, I’m going to have to get rid of it (hence Empties), but I figured I’d take some pics and blog about it beforehand.

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