Kangol Black & White Canvas Cross-Body Bag

Oh, man! One of my earliest Bags ever, I’ve had this thing since I was a kid! This Kangol Black & White Canvas Cross-Body Bag was the one I referenced in the first paragraph of My Story: Handbags (dis). It’s so old that I don’t even remember asking my mom to buy it for me. It’s just sorta’ always been in my possession, ever since I could remember.

It might be on the smaller side for a Cross-Body Bag (but not quite as small as those Micro Bags or those Fanny Packs that are being worn cross-body and referred to as “Bum Bags”), but it fits a lot!

The front part has several smaller pockets in a variety of sizes, to store my Pens, Lipgloss, Hearturn Meds (dis) and other smaller knick-knacks. While the larger back part has a zippered compartment that’s spacious enough to fit a paperback novel, a couple of passports, a smaller wallet or two, several phones, etc… It’s also got a flap that covers the face of the bag as an added security measure (nobody can unzip the bag and steal stuff with the flap still on) and also aesthetics (it looks cool)! The flap velcros shut, making it fast and easy to lift the flap or placing it back down.

The adjustable strap was quite long with medium width (slightly on the wider side) meaning even if there was something quite heavy in the bag, carrying it around would put less strain on my shoulder (as opposed to a skinnier strap). The only thing I don’t like about the strap was that it was one-sided, meaning the design was on the front face, while the back side of the strap was considerably paler.

As for the design on actual Bag itself, I liked that it was all Black with hints of White (kinda’ matching my FitFlops lol). The brand name Kangol was all over the strap, but the logo was nice and small on the flap with a little Kangaroo on there, all in White. The Kangaroo Print was all over the outside of the Bag and partially on the inside too, but it was nice and subtle. Over all, I found the whole thing to be nice and simple and most importantly appealing to me.

I’ve had this thing for so long, that over the years, it’s more than payed for itself lol It’s pretty much traveled all over the world with me! It came in particularly handy while Island-Hopping in Thailand (my ex-husband grew pretty attached to this thing)! You can partially see me wearing it in the photo at Shooting Range in Thailand (dis). Other than a single stain somewhere around the smaller compartments at the front (that are completely covered by the flap), the Kangol Black & White Canvas Cross-Body Bag seems to be in good shape.

I think I should retire it at this point. Then again, I’ve had it for so long (sentimental value) and it’s actually quite practical (carries a lot without bulking up) and it still looks just as aesthetically appealing to me. I can’t decide if I should keep it or pass it along. What do you think?

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