Flip-Flop Collection

FitFlop (2007) – Vans (2007) – Red Herring (2007) – Mixstar (2005) – H&M (2010) – Havaianas (2015)

Like I said earlier (dis) I was going to start unpacking some boxes (that have been taking up space in my apartment for quite some time now). I was going to be keeping what I wanted, handing down or donating what I didn’t wanna’ keep and trashing whatever needed to be trashed. There will be more upcoming posts that are similar to this one (maybe).

Starting with my Flip-Flops (my camera isn’t picking up how ratchet they really are, because those Havaianas look way worse in real life lol). Obviously, I’ve gone through many, many more Flip-Flops throughout my lifetime, but I’ve gotten rid of them, over time. Also, I’m sure I’ve got a few more laying around, but these were just the ones I could find in the box that I’d just opened (meaning my future posts might not all be organized).

Unfortunately, in Kuwait (probably in Arab Culture in general), unless you’re going to the pool or beach or wearing them indoors (specifically the bathroom), Flip-Flops were not considered socially acceptable footwear.

That’s why I’ve always been sorta’ envious of Filipinos, because from what I’ve gleaned from my short stint with reading girly-girl Filipino Magazines (dis) Flip-Flops were not only cool, but socially acceptable! They wear them for whatever, whenever! Don’t believe me? Keep an eye out next time, because chances are if they’re not in really cool Sneakers, they’re probably in even cooler Flip-Flops. Filipinos just know how to appreciate a nice pair of Havianas!

Personally, I’ve always loved Flip-Flops! They’re just… effortless! They’ve got that chill, laid-back “Islander” vibe, which always put me in a Summer Vacation mindset. Plus, they give your tootsies a chance to breathe while also displaying your latest pedicure. Arguably, most of important of all, they’re so comfy and stupid simple to take on/off.

FitFlop WalkStar Thong Sandals (2007)

Oh, man! I actually remember purchasing these (along with the Diamancel Foot Buffer #11) online from Bliss.com ages ago! lol

FitFlops were pretty new (at the time) and seeing as how I love a good gimmick and these seemed as gimmicky as they come, I just had to get my hands on a pair. They only had them in a handful of colors at the time, but I went with these Black/White stripe-y ones (always had a thing for stripes, apparently), but now they’re available in many, many, many different styles (bejeweled, embellished, sequined, studded, etc…) in different heights and different finishes too. Heck, they’ve even got them in different styles of Shoes now!

Other than making my calves burn after long periods of time of walking in them, I didn’t really feel “fit”. Once I got married, I left them behind in a box (at my family home, while I moved into my husband’s home), because they seemed… not the most feminine (read: they looked ugly to me) lol

Now that I’ve dug them out again, I appreciate their height all the more (they’re really, really high) and have designated them for wear out in our Garden during BBQ Season and such (to keep my feet at a safe distance from the grass and all the nasty stuff that’s probably crawling in the grass). Since I’ve found a use for these FitFlops, I think I’ll hold on to them.

Vans Black/Pink Floral Flip Flops (2007)

I picked these up (along with a Red Che Guevara T-Shirt which I’d probably get lynched for wearing today) at Virgin Megastore in Dubai during a week-long Girls Trip.

Typically, I find the contrast of brighter colors against a darker background quite aesthetically appealing. Also, liked the fact that these were on the higher side (not quite as high as the FitFlops though) which added some height to my short 5’1 frame. Also, these were surprisingly sturdy (well-made)! Heck, they still look good as new!

That said, I did leave them behind when I got married, because I felt they were too cute to be wasted on my husband’s house (now, ex-husband). I wear these at home now, but if I was abroad, I’d totally wear them outdoors too. I’m definitely holding on to them.

Red Herring Lipstick Flip Flops (2007)

These are so old that the entire chain has since closed down lol I picked these up abroad from Woolworths. The brand Red Herring can still be found at any given Debenhams though.

Like I said, I find the contrast of brighter colors against a darker background quite aesthetically appealing, hence dis. They were quite flimsy and turned getting out of the shower every morning, into a fun little game (will I fall and break my neck and die or nah?), because they were crazy slippery when wet. They made my showers more interesting lol

As you can see, I’ve shown them a lot of love (the lipstick print is practically gone) and so, it’s time to retire them.

Mixstar Pink Cherry Flip Flops (2005)

I’m pretty sure I picked these up abroad on vacation, from one of those cheap-y accessories stores (the ones full of things with “Cutie” and “Sweety” and “Sexy” sprawled all over them… so basically, “Made In China”). Even the name Mixstar gives off that vibe.

I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, but I had a “moment” with all things Cherry Print, several years ago. This was one of the remnants lol They aren’t in the best condition, but I’ve since gotten over my Cherry Print everything obsession.

While my niece (the eldest) was staying with us (dis), she exclaimed her interest in them and has since taken them off my hands.

H&M Tan Thong Sandals (2010)

I picked these up from one of the older branches of H&M (they shut it down and replaced it with something else and moved H&M right across from MAC, but now they’ve shut that down and moved H&M right across from Zara… so it’s been a while lol)

From the moment I clocked these, it was love at first sight! Between the woven soles and the braided thong and the tan color, the whole thing just spoke to me! They were pretty inexpensive too, even for H&M, but to me they were more precious than any luxury… Flip Flops lol As expected, they had zero arch support and were so flat, that I could actually feel the little bits of gravel as I walked on them. It was pretty much like walking barefoot lol

Still, aesthetics won over comfort and I wore these babies out in public pretty regularly, usually pairing them with Shorts, Skirts and Dresses, because they were just so chill! You can see me wearing them in my “Look Book” from ages ago (here). I loved them so much that I’ve never once stored them away and sadly, they clearly show it (they’re falling apart lol) I really should retire them, but I just don’t have the heart to do it.

Havaianas Brazil Flip Flops (2015)

My all-time #1 favorite Flip Flops were these Havaianas in this particular style called Brazil (derr). Again, as horrible as these look in this photo, they’re actually much worse in real life lol

My very first pair were actually ones that I ordered online from Pink Moon Boutique way, way, waaay back in the day. I’ve been ordering them online via Amazon.com ever since. Other than these Brazil ones, the Havaianas I had were in the plain, single-color style. I had them in a metallic hot pink (2007 was my first time ordering online from the U.S. and I got them in the wrong size 9/10 and passed them along to my aunt) and then a pretty lavender (in the correct size this time) and a really cool grey (which I wore on my Honeymoon in Thailand), but these Citrus Yellow Brazil ones were and still are my absolute favorites!

I don’t even know how many I’ve gone through of these Brazil ones (possibly 2-3), but these “latest” ones were from an online order on Amazon.com back in 2015. Unfortunately, I had to size up because they weren’t available in my size, but whatever. I had to have another pair of these Brazil ones.

For the record, I don’t just toss my Havaianas once they’re old (as you can clearly see). They just… die on me. What do I mean by die? I’ll do something that’ll damage them beyond repair. For example, once, I was in the back seat of a moving car and couldn’t wait for it to be parked, so I hopped out and consequentially the thong part of the Flip Flops just ripped out of the sole. That’s what I mean by them dying on me. Other fun little incidents like that.

In any case, I’ve pretty much lived in this particular pair from the day I got them. Not once did I ever store them away or anything like that. In fact, I’ve worn them for so long, that I’ve actually got permanent discoloration going across all the way from one side of my feet to the other (in the shape of a V) caused by the thong part of the Flip Flops rubbing against my skin (that’s dedication for ya’)!

As you can see, the insoles are completely discolored, save for the imprint of my toes and the areas where my calluses (dis) have rubbed the rubber off LOL My older brother calls them “the most disgusting thing he’s ever seen”, while my younger brother’s wife has been very politely trying to hint at the fact that I should get a new pair already lol

Despite the fact that these haven’t died on me yet, I decided to humor my family and check out the Havaianas store at The Avenues (even though I knew they probably wouldn’t have them in my beloved Brazil style). However, I couldn’t find it anymore. Apparently, they’d closed the place down lol (it wasn’t meant to be).

I really should get rid of these (since they literally gross everyone out), but I love them, no matter how ugly! Also, they’re so comfy and I could live in them forever (which technically I kinda’ do)! So for now, I’m keeping them. You can see me wearing them in an earlier “Look Book” (here).

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