Saveco Haul (August)

Last week, I went to Saveco, because I’d run out of the Hinda Pizza Rings and Banana Joe Banana Chips and Walker’s Banana Split Eclairs Toffee and Cocoaland LOT 100 Mango Gummy Candy (basically, all my new-found favorites) and had to replenish my stock. While there, I got a few more things that were new (to me), but unfortunately, they ended up being duds. Also, I didn’t get around to trying everything because I only got this stuff last week.

Personal Care

– L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Quenching Gel
– Nivea Cool Kick After Shave Balm (For Men)
– Tesco Pro Formula Cooling Face Scrub (For Men)
– Brite Make Me Purple Shampoo

Biologically, I am a woman. I was born a woman and I identify as a woman. However… I just can’t seem to stay away from the “For Men” stuff!

My favorite Shaving Foam is the Nivea Fresh & Cool (For Men) and my go-to Disposable Razors were the Gillette Blue II and I’ve been dabbling on and off throughout the years with the Men’s Collection from Bath & Body Works, not to mention all the masculine Perfumes/Colognes that I find very appealing (on myself).

Now this stuff (in the pic) wasn’t for my dad or my brothers or my guy-friends or my non-existent boyfriend/partner. The For Men products were for me.

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Quenching Gel (50mL) retails for KD 2/080

I was drawn to this stuff because of all the blather on the packaging, things like Air Gel Technology (wuuuut) and “instant icy feeling” and an actual fan depicted on the back! They were really driving the point that this stuff was meant to be cooling and cooling it was!

In the interest of full disclosure, not once have I used this stuff on my face. I bought it to use on my body, because my dad keeps making fun of me for wearing jackets (they’re light-weight, ok?) outside… during the Summer… in Kuwait. For some context, the sun burns me (well, derrr lol). As in, I can stand insanely high levels of heat, but being out in the sun physically hurts me. I’ll apply Sun Protection and all that (when I remember), but that doesn’t stop the sun from effectively searing my skin, my arms, more specifically, which is why I cover them up.

I thought it had something to do with my arms being exposed, but from my scalp (don’t wear a hat) to my face (sometimes most times, I skip sunblock) to my neck (regular t-shirt) to my legs (I wear shorts sometimes) to my feet (flip-flops), nothing else seems to be effected, other than my arms. Heck, I’ll swim in a bikini (in our pool, at home) and walk away scot-free, except for my arms. I don’t understand and I don’t care to understand. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least, and I need it to stop.

This stuff feels nice on my arms (gotta’ keep reapplying it to trigger the “cooling effect” though) and smells great (kinda’ like Nivea Fresh & Cool (For Men) Shaving Foam) and looks quite fun (all pretty and blue) and I don’t have to deal with my dad roasting me (as if the sun roasting me wasn’t enough)! Win, win, win, win.

Nivea Fresh & Cool After Shave Balm (For Men) (100mL) retails for KD 1/610

Since my favorite Shaving Foam for quite some time now has been the Nivea Fresh & Cool Shaving Foam (For Men) (dis), I figured I’d enjoy the After Shave Balm in the same scent. I was thinkin’ I could maybe slather some on my freshly shaved/freshly waxed legs or underarms.

Yeah… no. As a Shaving Foam the scent Fresh & Cool (formerly known as Cool Kick) was extremely pleasant, but as an After Shave Balm, it was way too strong and way too masculine! For real, this stuff smelled like Fresh & Cool x 1,000! Obviously, I’m going to pass it along to someone else (anyone else) who’d definitely get more use out of this stuff.

Tesco Pro Formula Cooling Face Scrub (For Men) (100mL) retails for KD 1/670

I love Face Scrubs and Body Scrubs and even Hair Scrubs (“Deep Cleansing Shampoo”)! I just love exfoliating! So I couldn’t resist picking this stuff up. With that being said, I have yet to use it because I’m working my way through the last of my The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Exfoliator (dis) and that stuff just does not wanna’ finish!

Brite Make Me Purple Shampoo (300mL) retails for KD 8/020

Babe, you’ll want to get into a lather with me. Lather me into wet hair, the longer you leave me the more intense the color. I work best as a team so follow up with Brite Make Me Pastel Purple Conditioner. I’ll build up color with each application and then fade each time you wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Oh Babe, I’m perfect for toning hair after lightening, I’ll totally knock out that yellow.

I like that all Brite products keeps calling me “Babe”. It makes me feel special.

I don’t know why I got this as it definitely wasn’t cheap. Maybe I got it to remove the brassiness from my hair (dis), or maybe I got it to turn my hair purple, or maybe I just got it because it reminded me of the packaging on those old-school Flavored Milk Bottles. Who knows? I sure don’t.

x3 Hinda Crispy Rings Pizza Flavored Corn Snacks (80g) retail for KD /990 each

I picked up the one, just to try earlier (dis) and x2 more in the haul after that (dis) and x3 in this haul. Following that trajectory, I hope to reach the x100 point someday (kidding… sorta’). As big as these tubs were, they really don’t last as long with me lol

I’d upend some into a small bowl (those purple-y plastic ones I picked up from Ikea, to match the larger ones I use for… everything) and plop down in front of the tv in the den. Everybody that stops by will try one and end up plopping down right next to me and joining me in the good fight! Seriously though, these things are addictive!

x2 Doritos Meatlovers Pizza Crackers (160g) retail for KD 1/800 each

The only reason I ever tried this stuff was because it was the last one left on the shelf (dis). My niece (the eldest) and I, made quick work of it, which is why I grabbed x2 this time (to make these bebehz last).

x2 Banana Joe Hickory BBQ Banana Chips (50g) retail for KD /675 each

Banana Joe Sea Salt Banana Chips (dis) was one the main reasons I’d gone back to Saveco, but I couldn’t find them in the flavor Sea Salt (sadly). So I decided to try Hickory BBQ, which was just not the same :(

Cassava Republic Amazing Orange Sweet Potato Chips Sea Salt (80g) retails for KD /995

I don’t even know what I read the first time around! I just glimpsed the words Sea Salt and Orange and grabbed the thing. In my mind, I was buying Sweet Orange Chips (as in the fruit) in the flavor Sea Salt LOL

Back home, when I read the thing correctly, I realized it was actually just Potato Chips… that happened to be orange (well, derr). Anyways, I didn’t like them. Their texture was past crispy and more like the texture on those re-re-re-fried Spring Rolls (from cheap-y Chinese Take-Out Restaurants on It felt like I was going to chip a tooth at some point. Also, the taste was quite bland. I dunno’, I just really didn’t like this stuff (and not just because I was expecting Oranges, somehow formed into chips lol)

x2 Hunter Ridges Himalayan Pink Salt (40g) retail for KD /200 each

I got got by the packaging… again. Between all that stripe-y pink and the Himalayan Pink Salt and the fact that this stuff was meant to be crinkle cut (you know how funny I get about texture), obviously I had to try this stuff. The taste reminded me of those old-school Potato Stix, that were shaped like… sticks and came in a can. Despite all the rah-rah, this stuff was just okay.

x2 Hunter’s Snap Pea Gourmet Chips (50g) retails for KD /750 each


Merba Apple Pie Cookies (200g) retails for KD /850

These looked like they’d be really, really good! After tasting them, they were not bad, but not really, really good either. The taste didn’t blow my mind and the mish-mash of texture bothered me (issues… lol) They were just not for me.

x3 Doctor Chocolate Syringe (60g) retails for KD /750 each

Since school was going to start back up soon, the kids were going to be leaving us to go back to their home. I figured it’d be funny (ok, fine and a tiny bit evil) to send them back to their parents… all hopped up on sugar from this stuff ^_^

x2 Landgarten Organic Chocolate Covered Fruit (50g) retails for KD 1/250 each

Oddly enough or maybe not, these were placed next to the Snap Pea Gourmet Chips. Now that I think about it, it makes sense that all the “organic” stuff gets placed together (derr) lol

Anyways, I didn’t know if these were new-new or if I just missed them the first time around. Either way, they had a bunch of different… variations I suppose you’d call them.

Not knowing whether they’d be good or not, I decided to just get these two (for now). They were surprisingly good, well, the pack that I tried, at least (haven’t gotten around to trying the other one yet)!

Landgarten Organic Raspberries in Dark Chocolate (50g) retail for KD 1/250

Haven’t tried them yet.

Landgarten Organic Berries in Mix of Chocolates (50g) retail for KD 1/250

Raspberries in Dark Chocolate
Blueberries in White/Purple Chocolate
Strawberries in Milk Chocolate

This stuff was surprisingly good! It didn’t smell funky (smell is a big deal for me)! Those colorful little balls were pretty cute (kinda’ made me feel like I was snacking on something from Japan, really)! The taste appealed to me as well! Over all, I liked it! If I ever see this stuff again, I’m definitely gonna’ repurchase.

x2 Cocoaland LOT 100 Gummy Candy (150g) retail for KD /660 each

I picked up the Mango earlier and fell in love (dis). So I went back to repurchase it and not only found the Mango, but also Blackcurrant! Score!

Cocoaland LOT 100 Blackcurrant (150g) retails for KD /660

Haven’t tried this stuff yet, because I’m working my way through the Mango first.

Cocoaland LOT 100 Mango (150g) retails for KD /660

This was a very, very, very happy repurchase (dis)!

Malaco Swedish Fish Candy (141g) retails for KD /650

Look what I stumbled on! Swedish Fish! lol

x2 Walker’s Banana Split Eclairs Toffee (150g) retail for KD /200 each

This is my third time repurchasing this stuff (dis and dis and now) and I must say, as someone who typically doesn’t enjoy Chocolate, I personally love this stuff!

Hmm… KD 32/165

I keep spending more than I would like at Saveco. No bueno.

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