Carrefour Haul (August)

After Boots (dis) and Bath & Body Works (dis), since I was at the Avenues anyway, I hit up Carrefour for some snackage. Annoyingly, I forgot to include some things in the main photo again, but I did add them below.

Actimel Strawberry Flavored Dairy Drink (8pc) retails for KD 1/200

I love this stuff! I love the way it tastes, like something from Pinkberry! I love the way it smells, which is simply delightful! I even love the packaging, all tiny and cute! I love Actimel Strawberry Flavored Dairy Drink so much that I even dedicated an entire post to it (dis)! So when I clocked an 8-pack at Carrefour, I had to snatch that sucka’ up!

x2 Lay’s Smooth Ranch Dip (452g) retail for KD 1/395 each

I picked this stuff up on a whim about a month prior (dis) and was pleasantly surprised by how yummy it tasted! So, this time I got x2 because the Lay’s Smooth Ranch Dip was just that good!

Pringles Salt & Vinegar (200g) retail for KD /760

I think my body is dehydrated, because as pale as my lips and gums and even tongue are getting (not to mention my mouth puckering up) from this stuff, I just can’t get enough of Saltand Vinegar. Apparently, when your body craves salt, it means you’re actually dehydrated and should drink more water (ugh). In any case, this stuff pairs beautifully with my cute mini cans of Sprite!

Fico Zaater/Thyme (50g) retails for KD /160

Old-School Classic! I haven’t had this stuff in eons! So, I picked this stuff up for old time’s sake. It was nice and I’ll probably revisit it again, in another 20 years :)

x2 Nestle Fitness Toasties Tomato & Herbs (36g) retail for KD /200 each

I got several flavors of these Nestle Toasties in my previous Carrefour Haulage (dis), but only repurchased the Tomato & Herbs flavor this time (it was the nicest). With that being said, I think I’m kinda’ over this stuff and won’t be repurchasing them again, at least nowhere in the near future. They’re nice, but I’m over them.

x2 Bare Baked Crunchy Banana Chips (77g) retail for KD 1/600 each

Based on the success of those highly, highly addictive Banana Joe Banana Chips which I discovered at Saveco (dis), I was hoping for a repeat, with this stuff. No such luck. These Bare Banana Chips seemed… questionable. I was actually asking our Cook if they looked “normal” to him, within earshot of our Housekeeper, who declared that she’d happily take them off my hands, which she did.

x2 Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky (25g) retail for KD /710 each

I still haven’t finished the last pack from my previous haul (dis), but it’s good to have backups when it comes to Beef Jerky, because somehow they end up disappearing from the pantry (my older brother steals them).

x3 Hershey’s Gold Peanuts & Pretzels Caramelized Creme retail for KD /300 each

This stuff is Gold, Hershey’s Gold. I wish they sold it at our local co-op so I wouldn’t have to get my passport out and travel all the way to The Avenues or any of the Sultan Centers. Ever since I tried just the one and fell in love (dis), I’ve been repurchasing several at a time (dis) and now dis! Between the richness of the Peanut Butter and the saltiness of the Pretzels, this stuff is just sooo tasty! Personally, I love this stuff and cannot get enough!

Schogetten Yoghurt Blueberry Muesli Milk Chocolate (18 cube) retails for KD /480

They had a display dedicated to Schogetten Chocolate Bars, in all kinds of different flavors! Each Chocolate Bar (18 cube) was pretty big, but one of the promos was x3 Schogetten Chocolate Bars (18 cube each) in a box for only KD 1/000 which seemed pretty decent, especially since these were “Made in Germany”. Out of curiosity, I picked up one of the singles, going with the flavor Yoghurt Blueberry Muesli. It wasn’t my most favorite thing ever, but it was alright.

x1 Topps Push Pop Blackcurrant
x3 Topps Push Pop Strawberry
retail for KD /250 each

At the check-out counter, I clocked these Push Pops and couldn’t resist getting some for my nieces and nephew (strawberry) and for myself (blackcurrant)! Normally, I wouldn’t have even glanced at them, but because I’d just recently referenced them in comparison with the Supergoop! Glow Stick Sunscreen (dis), they were now on my radar lol

Gillette Blue 3 Disposable Razors (8pc) retail for KD 2/230

I didn’t need any more Disposable Razors, especially since I’d recently replenished my stock (dis). However, I was really, really attracted to the packaging on this stuff! I mean, the packaging legit had icecubes or whatever all over it, the word Cool on the front, as well as an icicle depicted on the thing! It even read “Cools while you Shave“! More importantly, the actual Razors were White with hints of Blue, which I thought was really cool (literally heehee)! I dunno’, the whole thing just looked fun! So I snagged a pack.

St. Ives Cleanse & Refresh Cucumber Wipes (25pc) retail for KD 1/970

I like St. Ives. I like Makeup Wipes. I like Cucumbers. So I grabbed a pack of this stuff, just to try.

Total was KD 18/525 (my camera likes to blur stuff at random)

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