Bath and Body Works Haulage (August)

As I mentioned earlier (dis) Bath & Body Works were having a “Buy 2, Get 3 Free” promo going on, at the beginning of August.

Between the “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” promo over at Boots (dis) and the “Buy 2, Get 3 Free” promo over at B&BW, I wasn’t sure what was going on (is this even Kuwait?), but I strongly approved! Since I’d just recently decluttered my bathroom (dis), I figured I had room for some new clutter (logic!)

Shower Gels (Buy 2, Get 3 Free)

I believe the promo applied to full size products store-wide (almost typed site-wide lol), but I genuinely had the hardest time (the struggle lol) finding something I was actually interested in purchasing!

I didn’t want to commit to a huge thing of Fragrance Mist or Body Lotion or Body Cream. All the Candles seemed meh. The Body Scrubs available were all Foaming this and Sugar/Salt that, which meant they were definitely going to leave that annoying “hydrating” residue on my skin. I did find several Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps in interesting scents, but using the promo on Hand Soaps seemed like a waste. That left only the Shower Gels.

I was totally going to spring for the delightfully packaged Island Editions, which were the latest additions to the Aromatherapy Collection, but sadly they all smelled rancid. I was smitten by the newly released Pink Honeysuckle (fresh and delicate) and Wild Bluberry (deliciously fruity) and Sweet Almond & Honey (warm and cozy), but they were only released as Moisturizing Body Wash (hard pass). I didn’t like the scent of the new Gingham Collection, but I tried the Whipped Sugar Body Scrub at the sink anyway, and it left an annoying residue (as expected).

So I browsed around, amidst the stuff that’s always been there, trying to find a potential purchase, but they’d whittled away the CocoaShea Collection, taking away Cucumber, my favorite range in the CocoaShea Collection (dis) and leaving the Honey range behind (booo). My beloved Sea-Tox was gone (dis), but Water still available (dis).

Not that I’d actually purchased them before, but I was so sick of Sweet Pea and Mad About You and Hello Beautiful and Forever Red (technically I didn’t purchase it) and A Thousand Wishes and Moonlight Path. I was completely over Japanese Cherry Blossom and Magic In The Air and At The Beach too and don’t even get me started on the Beer Rose Collection. It just felt like they’d all been there forever and I was so very, very bored of them.

I wanted new scents to sniff and new packaging to look at and new products to try. So I pitched a tent outside the store and started protesting. In reality, I whittled it down to the Fab Five shown in the pic.

Men’s Collection 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash retail for KD 5/750 each

Eventually, I decided on these 2 from the Men’s Collection. I’m not a man, but I like masculine scents, ok? Plus I loved the names and found the Blue and Green not only appropriate, but also very appealing (almost wanna’ drink ’em)! Also, both of these smelled so fresh, in-store! Since they retailed at a slightly higher price point, I had to pay full price for them, qualifying me for the promo, which meant that the other 3 ended up being free.

Ocean: Dive into Crystal Clear Blue waters with an invigorating blend of Blue Cypress, Vetiver & Coastal Air

I keep comparing Ocean to my beloved Sea-Tox (dis), but I don’t recall putting that theory to test. I have purchased Ocean before as a Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (dis), but that went to my older brother and I have purchased Ocean as a PocketBac (dis), but that was for my nephew. I figured now was as good a time as any to pick up Ocean as a “Body Wash” for myself.

Back home, despite the fact that this was from the Men’s Collection, I was actually quite surprised by how masculine this stuff smelled (unpleasantly so)! I’d bet money it was the Vetiver that was stinking up the place. In any case, this stuff smelled absolutely nothing like my beloved Sea-Tox (dis). However, as offensive as I found the scent to be while showering (too manly), I kinda’ liked the way it scented my skin afterwards (very aquatic or oceanic rather)!

If I was in a relationship, I’d totally get Ocean for my mans, but on me, do not like.

Freshwater: Feel refreshed with a splash of Italian Bergamot, Mountain Spring Water and Oakmoss

I’ve been low-key creepin’ on Freshwater ever since it was first added to the line-up (I wanna’ say January 2019, ‘cuz it wasn’t shown in dis pic I took back in November 2018). From the delightful name to the delightful green to the delight scent in-store, everything about it just really appealed to me!

Back home, Freshwater didn’t quite smell like my beloved Sea-Tox (dis), but it did smell like Sea-Tox’s cousin (twice removed), down to my inability to discern the scent, at first (very faint in the beginning, similarly to Sea-Tox). Heck, they even had sorta’ similar fragrance notes (kinda’). Now that my beloved Sea-Tox has sadly been discontinued, I’m glad I’ve found Freshwater. I could see myself getting a ton of use out of Freshwater, especially once my other sweeter and fruitier Shower Gels start to annoy me again.

Get Freshwater for your mans (but really, get it for you) ^_~

Shower Gels retail for KD 5/500 each

Since I picked up x2 Shower Gels Body Washes from the Men’s Collection, these x3 Shower Gels ended up being free (Buy 2, Get 3 Free). The promo actually applied to all the full size items, but I just didn’t find anything that was interesting to me.

I was very bored of all the older scents. The new Gingham Collection did nothing for me (too floral). The Summer Collection was still available, but as a Shower Gel the scent Bahamas Pink Passionfruit and Banana Flower smelled like death, and I’d only just recently purchased Tahiti Pink Lily and Bamboo in the travel-size, but hadn’t gotten around to using it yet (dis).

I finally settled on Bali Black Coconut Sands from the Summer 2019 Collection and In The Stars and Dark Kiss, with the latter two being scents that I’d previously purchased as Candles (dis), further proving how bored I was with the rest of the available scents.

In The Stars: a warm, sparkling blend of Starflower, Sandalwood Musk, Sugared Tangelo, White Agarwood & Radiant Amber

In The Stars was released in Kuwait back in March 2019 (dis). I wasn’t a fan of the reflective gold packaging (can’t stand anything gold, blech), but the collection was named In The Stars, so all gold everything was kinda’ appropriate and I guess, kinda’ cute (the stars on the packaging were actually holographic)! The scent however was just absolutely lovely!

Initially, I’d wanted to get the travel-size Shower Gel just to try before committing to anything larger (preferably along with some other travel-size items from the same collection, maybe during some sort of promo), but I couldn’t find the In The Stars travel-size Shower Gel in any branch. So I went for the 3-wick Candle of In The Stars instead (dis).

Several months and several visits to B&BW later, I still haven’t managed to spot the Shower Gel in the travel-size, which leads me to believe that maybe they just never came out with the travel-size in the first place. So, I figured this “Buy 2, Get 3 Free” promo would be the perfect time to get the full-size Shower Gel.

In The Stars smelled absolutely beautiful! It had some uplifting citrus (more sweet than tart, kinda’ like the smell of sweet pineapples) and a deeper sweetness (all amber, baby) and those delightful wood notes that I so enjoy (sandalwood musk + white agarwood)! If you like the scent of Twilight Woods, think of In The Stars as Twilight Wood’s younger sister (in the sense that they’re sorta’ in the same family, but this was slightly softer and more delicate).

It’s been a while since a collection from B&BW has impressed me this much! I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on everything in the entire collection after this, because In The Stars was simply… beautiful!

Dark Kiss: a seductive blend of Black Raspberry, Burgundy Rose & Dark Vanilla Bean

One of my earliest faves from B&BW (when they first opened up shop in Kuwait), I’ve always, always loved the insanely delectable scent on Dark Kiss! Back in the day, I first purchased Dark Kiss as a 3-wick Candle and instantly fell head-over-heels in love with the scent (dis)!

I was constantly finishing up the travel-size Shower Gel and travel-size Body Lotion when I was married (but just never got around to blogging about them). Unfortunately, I had to stop purchasing them when my husband (at the time) gifted the full size Shower Gel and full size Fine Fragrance Mist to me (dis). Even though I didn’t open the Gift Set yet, I could clearly see what it contained, so it seemed wasteful to repurchase Dark Kiss in the travel-size Shower Gel anymore (up until I’d finished up the full size in the Gift Set). So, I started purchasing Dark Kiss as a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (dis and dis and dis) and Wallfowers (dis and dis and dis) instead!

I also heard (not a clue where) that they were going to be phasing out Dark Kiss, so I picked up x2 Gift Sets that contained a travel-size Shower Gel and travel-size Body Lotion and travel-size Fragrance Mist which I ended up giving to my nieces (dis). For myself, I ended up getting the x2 Shower Gels in the full size (dis). Turns out, they weren’t discontinuing the line, just revamping the packaging… again. More recently, back in March 2019, I repurchased Dark Kiss as a 3-wick Candle (dis).

So when I tell you Dark Kiss was a long-time favorite of mine and has been a constant repurchase over the years, I’m not exaggerating. Between the Raspberry and Dark Vanilla Bean, Dark Kiss just smelled sinfully delicious! In fact, I’d say it’s comparable to something you’d find at a higher-end brand at a much higher price point! It’s just that awesome! So rather than picking up a full thing of Shower Gel in a scent I was unsure and iffy about, I went with my tried and true long-time favorite, Dark Kiss.

Bali Black Coconut Sands: Sail away to Bali’s beautiful black sand beaches with this exotic coconut fragrance – an alluring, tropical mix of Coconut Milk, Tonka Bean, Jasmine, Sea Salt Musk & Black Sand

From the moment the Summer 2019 Collection was released in Kuwait, I’ve had my eye on Bali Black Coconut Sands. It just had really, really cool packaging!

The Bali Black Coconut Sands – Black Sands Body Scrub in particular, seemed very enticing, except I now know better than to purchase any of these types of oily Body Scrubs (dis). I was interested in purchasing it as a travel-size Shower Gel earlier, but couldn’t find it at the Souq Sharq branch, which is why I ended up going with the travel-size Body Cream of Bahamas Pink Passionfruit and Banana Flower instead (dis).

Now that I was at The Avenues, I did find the travel-size Bali Shower Gel, but there was a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” promo on most of the travel-size items… and I couldn’t find anything else to purchase along with it. The rest was all the older scents that I wasn’t interested in. There was the travel-size Gingham Shower Gel, but as I said, the scent seemed too floral, and all the things that I’d wanted from the Summer 2019 Collection, I’d already gone ahead and purchased (dis).

All out of options, I was forced (there was a gun and everything, truths!) into purchasing Bali Black Coconut Sands Shower Gel in the full size. Between the pretty peach and the contrasting black cap, the packaging totally reminded me of one of the older versions of Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Little Things” Eau de Parfum (dis).

Bali Black Coconut Sands was an interesting scent! It was fruity, but not necessarily overly sweet. It smelled less like Sweet Coconuts and more like very, very slightly sour Coconut Milk. I suppose you could say it smelled “creamy”. Unfortunately, there’s something in there, that I kinda’ don’t like. I’m sure I’ll be able to pin-point it later on, with more use. Over all, I liked the scent, more than I didn’t not like it (?)

Bali Black Coconut Sands smelled… interesting. Although I didn’t love it, I also didn’t hate it. That said, I think I’m going to focus on finishing it up first (out of all of x5 Shower Gels) before the scent starts to annoy me.

Concentrated Room Sprays retail for KD 2/750 each (Buy 2, Get 1 Free)

The Room Sprays weren’t included in the awesome “Buy 2, Get 3 Free” promo because they had their own boring promo on them, which was the usual “Buy 2, Get 1 Free“. In any case, B&BW had several shelves filled with many, many, many Room Sprays in a wide variety of scents, many that seemed new! Obviously, I had to partake.

After much deliberations (all 2 seconds), I snatched up something fruity, something sweet and something aquatic and tossed them in my shopping bag. I only had to pay for 2 while the 3rd ending up being free, due to the promo.

Mango Mai Tai: A tropical cocktail of mango nectar, sun-kissed grapefruit & sugarcane

Typically, I tend to enjoy the Mango scents that B&BW put out ever year in their Summer Collection. In fact, one of my first mango-scented loves from them, way back in the day, was Bali Mango which I purchased as a travel-size Body Lotion (dis) and enjoyed so much that I went for the full size Body Lotion during the following Sale (dis). It was a delightful tropical scent, which garnered a lot of compliments! A year or so later, I got my hands on the Mango Butter Nourishing Shower Smoothie from the True Blue Spa range (dis). It was an impossibly delicious scent that brought me sooo much joy, up until I accidentally broke it and my heart along with it (dis). Also, my most favorite Candle of all time (as in #1) happens to be Cotton Candy, which was a heavenly combo of Mango and Vanilla (dis)!

Sadly, their more recent mango-scented offerings have been less than stellar. I picked up the travel-size Shower Gel of Mango Maui Surf and in that same haul, also picked up the Mango Mai Tai Nourishing Hand Cream (dis), but wasn’t too impressed by either one. In fact, they completely turned me off anything mango-scented from B&BW for a good long while. However, the yummy scent of the Cocoaland LOT 100 Mango Gummy Candy in my previous Saveco Haul (dis) kinda’ rekindled my interest in mango-scented products, hence dis.

Sadly, the streak continues, as Mango Mai Tai was kinda’… offensive. I was so hoping they would’ve reformulated it (as they are wont to do) from the previous version, which I got in the Mango Mai Tai Nourishing Hand Cream, but no such luck. I mean it did smell like Mango, but it was neither a sweet Mango scent (which I love) nor a more realistic Mango scent (which I find interesting). It was more of a… perfume-y Mango scent. Already I find the scent irritating.

To add insult to injury, it was quite strong and lasted forever, which was no small feat in our spacious living room. Unfortunately, I don’t like it. I think I’ll stash it somewhere for the next month or so, and give it another go once the weather cools a bit.

Vanilla Birch: White Birch, Madagascar Vanilla, Warm Sandalwood

This smelled like Christmas! With that being said, bear in mind that I’m a Muslim, who was born and raised in the Middle East (and have lived here for my entire life), so my idea of what Christmas was, might be a little very distorted lol Not quite sure why this came with a black cap, but whatever.

Unlike that offensive Vanilla found in Boardwalk Vanilla Cone (dis) or the wonderfully intoxicating Vanilla found in Vanilla Bean Noel (dis), this stuff had a more quiet and understated, almost clean Vanilla. The inclusion of Birch and Sandalwood added an interesting musky element to it, that all together made Vanilla Birch smell like…. Christmas (to me)! Obviously, I found it to be absolutely delightful! I’m so happy with this thing!

Bergamot Waters: Sparkling Bergamot, Pristine Blue Waters, Sugared Citrus, Creamy Sandalwood

I love Bergamot Waters! Granted, I’ve only picked it up as a 3-wick Candle (dis), but that’s because I’ve never clocked it any other form before… until now.

It. Smells. So. Good.

It’s all zesty and and uplifting and aquatic and just so fresh! I wanna’ say it’s unisex, but it kinda’ leans more masculine (smells like what a hot guy should smell like). Sadly, the scent was quite weak (barely scented up the elevator) and the lasting power was abysmal (totally gone in 5-10 mins) which I must say, was quite disappointing. Still, despite all that, I’m glad I got it, because I love it!

Aquamarine Shores Deep Cleaning Hand Soap retail for KD 3/750 each (reduced to KD 1 each)

I was quite underwhelmed with the last Semi-Annual Sale, so I only picked up x2 Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (dis) and didn’t think to stock up, but boy, did I regret it!

For whatever reason, B&BW don’t seem to be selling Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps anymore. They’ll only pop up randomly from sale to sale and even then, it wasn’t a sure thing. After struggling to find Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps for so long, you’d think I would’ve stocked up once I finally found some, but nah. I was being precious about the scents, “oh, I don’t think I like dis, oh, that one is too icky”… WHO CARES?!?! As long as it was a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (which I clearly can’t survive without) what did the scent matter?

Naturally, I ran out of the only x2 that I’d purchased (dis) and went back to B&BW to repurchase them. Naturally, they were no longer selling them. Naturally, I was devastated!

Thankfully, I found a wonderful sales assistant who popped into the back room/storage area for me and found that they still had a box full of Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps. I didn’t ask about the scent. I just asked him to get x4.

As it turns out, he’d found a box full of Aquamarine Shores, which were left-overs from the sale and had been reduced accordingly, from KD 3/750 each to KD 1 each.

Aquamarine Shores: A coastal blend of Sea Spray, Fresh Spearmint & Freesia

Based on the packaging, they seemed to be from the same collection that the previous two were from (dis). As for the scent, it was better than I could’ve ever hoped! It was soap… that smelled like soap!

Honestly, Aquamarine Shores was what I wanted Sun-washed Citrus and Honolulu Sun to be! It was a fresh, somewhat delicate, clean, soap-y scent which I simply adored! It was just sooo nice, especially during those unbearably hot days. Not once did I find it irritating or offensive. In fact, I found it to be quite the opposite! If this is what Freesia smells like, imma’ have to reconsider my stance on the Gingham Collection lol

Recently, I’ve been using Aquamarine Shores in conjunction with Byredo Mojave Ghost Bar Soap (dis) and they seem to be complimenting each other beautifully! The combo smells like something you’d expect from an upscale hotel bathroom, which I stan… hard!

x5 Shower Gels (Buy 2, Get 3 Free)
x3 Room Sprays (Buy 2, Get 1 Free)
x4 Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (reduced to KD 1 each)

Mah behbehz ♥

Instead of paying KD 51/250 for everything, I ended up only having to pay KD 21 which was pretty sweet! Shortly after, Bath&Body Works finally launched their online website (dis)!

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