Boots Hair Care Haul (August)

– Umberto Giannini “Mermaid Hair” Volume Mousse
– Soap&Glory “Junk The Gunk” Deep Cleansing Shampoo
– Umberto Giannini “Beach Care” Coconut Oil Conditioner
– Umberto Giannini “Pool Proof” Leave-In Hair Protection Cream
– Soap&Glory “Control Sleek” Heat-Activated Smoothing Cream
– Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Express Blow Dry Primer

Boots (Avenues) had a “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” promo going on, around the beginning of August. Since my latest obsession seems to be Hair Care, I decided to take advantage of that opportunity and snag some things from the newBeach Collection” from Umberto Giannini. I also got some stuff from the all new Hair Care Range from Soap&Glory and just the one thing from Charles Worthington.

I didn’t do any “research” beforehand and just grabbed stuff based on the cutesy packaging and fun names, and what they claimed to do. As such, I found some of them kinda’ disappointing. That said, I’m not about to open up all of them in one go (not that crazy) so I’ve only gotten around to using 3 out of the 6, for now.

Umberto Giannini – Beach Collection
UV Filters. Pool Protection. Coconut Oil.

Beach Hair… tousled, carefree, done to look undone. Let Umberto Giannini take you to the beach with coconut-rich, creamy, vegan and cruelty free hair care for natural, beachy volume. With UV filters to protect against color fade.

The 6pc Beach Collection included:
Beach Wash Coconut Oil Shampoo (£6.00)
Beach Care Coconut Oil Conditioner (£6.00)
Boho Beach Jelly Coconut Oil Scrunching Jelly (£7.00)
Catch a Wave Coconut Oil Beach Texture Spray (£7.00)
Mermaid Hair Volume Mousse (£7.00)
Pool Proof Leave-In Hair Protection Cream (£8.00)

From Day 1, the Vegan and Cruelty-Free Hair Care brand Umberto Giannini has always been available at Boots (dis). Their products have always been very, very gimmicky, complete with bold claims and attractive packaging and incorporated the latest trends anywhere they could (names, packaging, ingredients, etc…), but usually with poor performance results. I’m guilty of being a repeat offender, because I just keep falling for it lol Everything they come out with either looks really cute or just sounds so good or both (dis)! Although their products are effectively useless, I find Umberto Giannini to be just such a fun brand!

I’d clocked the new Beach Collection (keep wanting to call it the Mermaid Collection lol) about a month or so earlier and was utterly smitten with the cutesy packaging and adorable names! However, the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal just didn’t appeal to me, especially since more likely than not, most of them were probably going to end up being duds. So I decided to sleep on it, until lo and behold, Boots had a “Buy 3, Get 3 Free” promo, soon after! Naturally, I jumped at the chance to get a few things from the Beach Collection!

Umberto Giannini “Pool Proof” Leave-In Hair Protection Cream (150mL)

Think of this vegan hair-protecting treatment as your new must-have vacation partner. It does so much for your hair, from protecting it against the drying effects of sun, sea and chlorine and helping prevent against color fade (no more green holiday hair, yippee!) to detangling and deep conditioning all in one.

As someone who loves swimming, I could not resist picking this thing up! I mean… they had me at Invisible Swim Cap (written on the front of the packaging), but look at everything else it supposedly does (on the back). That said, I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, because every time my friends and I would plan stuff, I’d inadvertently induce “Shark Week” by drinking Pineapple Juice (dis) which would ruin our plans (I don’t do tampons).

Oddly enough, Pool Proof was the only product that had any outer packaging (came in a box) whereas everything else from the Beach Collection came as is. Also, this has nothing to do with anything, but doesn’t the model kinda’ look like a young Kate Moss?

Umberto Giannini “Beach Care” Coconut Oil Conditioner (250mL)

Lavish locks with moisture rich Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to restore the natural beauty of your hair.

I decided to skip the Beach Wash Shampoo, because it sounded too gentle (which doesn’t make me feel clean), and also, because a Coconut Oil Shampoo seemed like it might potentially weigh my hair down. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with getting the Conditioner though. I could not have been more wrong lol

I’ve only used this stuff once, but man oh man, was it thick! When they said Shea Butter, they meant Shea Butter! Although the actual product was a cute light pink shade, it was pretty much like applying a rich Body Cream… to my hair. Heck, it didn’t even detangle my hair. Worse still, it took forever to wash this stuff off, completely!

I was so looking forward to the scent, but even the Coconut in this thing, smelled quite faint. As a matter of fact, it smelled more lotion-y like Nivea Creme, down to the extremely faint hint of lemon (dis), mixed in with an even fainter hint of Sun Tan (that would be the Coconut). Odd, to say the least.

People with naturally dry hair or over-processed hair might benefit from this stuff, but for me, other than weighing my hair down, it didn’t seem like it did much. I suppose I’ll have to continue using it (consecutively), to notice any difference. So disappointing.

Umberto Giannini “Mermaid Hair” Volume Mousse (200mL)

Luxuriously rich in Coconut Oil, this creamy vegan mousse will give your hair a full, beachy, natural volume with a loose and undone texture. No crispy after-feel for this mermaid! With added UV filters to help protect your hair against damage and keep your color for longer.

Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to use this stuff yet, because every time I’d hop out of the shower, I’d go for the DevaCurl Wave Maker (dis). However, I couldn’t resist picking up the Mermaid Hair Volume Mousse purely because of the cute name and pretty packaging (sucker for both)! Also, it was a Mousse, so I couldn’t see how they could possibly mess that up (I hadn’t watched the video below yet lol). Plus, Mousse is something I actually enjoy using and go through pretty quickly. It’s just easy! You apply some to your hair (straight outta’ the shower) and go live your life.

They had a video up for the Mermaid Hair Volume Mousse up on the Umberto Giannini website, so I figured I’d share it. Honestly? If I had seen this video first, I probably wouldn’t have purchased this stuff. The girl is stun-ning, but it looks like she’s got ratchet extensions. Her hair is too long, too thin and stringy and definitely not healthy. Now I’m not trying to be mean (it just comes naturally lol), but for someone professionally modeling hair stuff specifically, you should kinda’ have nice hair, no? Now that’s someone who could benefit from the Beach Care Coconut Oil Conditioner. In any case, the “Mermaid Hair” Volume Mousse just seemed like it made her hair situation worse. So now, I’m kinda’ dreading using it on my hair lol

Introducing Soap and Glory’s first ever Hair Care Range!
Guaranteed to shake up your hair regime for hair that looks, feels & smells GLORY-OUS!

Soap&Glory New Hair Care Range includes:

Get a Smooth On Smoothing Shampoo £7
Get a Smooth On Smoothing Conditioner £7
(scented with notes of Hazelnut and Vanilla)

Pink Big Weightless Shampoo £7
Pink Big Weightless Conditioner £7
(scented with notes of Lychee and Grapefruit)

Junk The Gunk Charcoal Shampoo £7.50
(scented with notes of Grapefruit and Bergamot)

N-Ice and Bright Toning Shampoo £7
(scented with notes of Amber and Anis)

Control Sleek Heat-Activated Smoothing Cream £9
(scented with notes of Lemon and Grapefruit and Jasmine)

Wonditioner Hair Mask £9
Split Happens Hair Oil £7.50
Fresh Hair Supply Shine Mist £7.50
(scented with Original Pink Fragrance)

Wonder Serum Multi Action Spray £7.50
(scented with notes of Vanilla and Raspberry)

I’ve kinda’ got a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship thing going on with Soap & Glory lol They’ve got a ton of gimmicky products (very appealing to me) with cutesy packaging (also appealing) and funny-punny names (very appealing to me), but similar to Umberto Giannini, rarely do any of them actually deliver on what they promise (dis).

Also, aside from Sugar Crush (which straight up smells like Skittles), I dislike most of the scents on their products, especially their Original Pink Fragrance (blech). Unfortunately, the products in this haul were no different. That said (I never learn), now that I’m looking at the scent notes, I’m kinda’ interested in the Wonder Serum and the Get a Smooth On Shampoo and Conditioner lol

Anyways, I vaguely remember purchasing the Rushower Dry Shampoo around December 2017 (dis), and spotting the Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Glad Hair Day Conditioner around October 2018 (dis) which is why I always sorta’ thought that Soap & Glory had more Hair Care stuff, but I guess they didn’t… up until now, when they released their new Hair Care Range. I first spotted the new Hair Care Range at the beginning of 2019 (dis), but didn’t purchase anything, because the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” promo didn’t seem appealing to me.

Soap&Glory “Junk The Gunk” Deep Cleansing Shampoo (250mL)

Removes products build-up and exfoliates the scalp
– Scented with notes of Grapefruit and Bergamot
– Formulated with Bamboo Charcoal and Apricot Seed Exfoliators, this intensely refreshing Shampoo helps cleanse and remove product build-up, banish impurities, refresh the scalp and leave hair feeling ultra-cleansed!

Since I skipped the Umberto Giannini Beach Wash Coconut Oil Shampoo, I decided to go for the Soap & Glory Junk The Gunk Deep Cleansing Shampoo. I just prefer Deep Cleansing Shampoos in general (they make my hair feel so clean)! Plus, this stuff had Charcoal in it (complete with the dark tint which I find pretty cool)!

That said, I love, love, love my Living proof Perfect hair Day™ Triple Detox Shampoo (dis)! It’s everything I’d hoped for and more! However, it’s neither cheap (the travel size cost as much as these full size products) nor easily accessible (gotta’ order it online, which isn’t the most convenient). So if I could find a budget-friendly alternative that’s more readily available (locally), why not?

I’ll tell you why. The Triple Detox Shampoo was far superior to the Junk The Gunk Shampoo, in every way possible! Worse still, the scent on Junk The Gunk Shampoo reminded me of the smell on that Peaches & Clean Shower Gel from way back when (dis). I mean, that one had Peaches and this one had Apricots (totally should’ve read the thing more thoroughly before purchasing it), but to my nose, they both smelled the same, horrible!

Then again, it could’ve been the Grapefruit (or their version of it) that was stinking up the place. Whatever it was, it smelled offensive! I mean I’m still going to use the stuff, since I payed for it and everything, but solemnly vow to never to smile again, whilst in the process of using it (there, that’ll show it who’s boss around here). Thankfully, the offensive scent doesn’t last that long.

To be fair, this stuff lathered up beautifully! The tiniest bit amounted to lots and lots of froth! Even cooler was how it transformed from a black liquid-gel in the tube to turning completely clear on your hands (once you start scrubbing)! Witchcraft, I say!

More importantly, the Apricot Seed Exfoliators were quite scrubby and very thorough at it too! Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to get this stuff to actually reach my scalp, before completely dissolving in my wet hair. I used a lot, but it made no difference. Therefore, while this stuff might make a nice Face Scrub or Body Scrub, it was effectively useless as a “Deep Cleansing” Shampoo for long hair.

Soap&Glory “Control Sleek” Heat-Activated Smoothing Cream (100mL)

Frizz Control for 8 Washes
– Scented with notes of Lemon and Grapefruit and Jasmine
– Formulated with Marula and Moringa Seed Oil, this Heat-Activated Smoothing Cream transforms unruly hair into frizz-free tresses for 8 Washes! Say hello to sleek, manageable, luscious locks!

How To Use:
– Apply a small amount to freshly washed towel dried hair and comb through to ends.
– Blow dry hair until completely dry.
– To activate, use Hair Irons to straighten your hair in small sections, going over the same section 3-5 times.

This product does not need to be used after each wash. The effect will get better the more times you heat activate the hair.

I just can’t help myself lol I just love a good gimmick! Obviously, I had to get this thing. Now I’ve only used it once (because I’ve been very, very attached to the DevaCurl Wave Maker) but I really liked what I saw!

Let me contradict myself by saying that I don’t like scent, which has been my experience with the majority of Soap&Glory products. This stuff smells like some form of obnoxiously pungent, bitter Herbal Tea (read: stinky). Thankfully, the scent doesn’t stick around for too long. The product itself was white and had a nice lightweight consistency. It was surprisingly neither sticky nor greasy.

I know you’re supposed to use it with a Straightening Iron, but after spending .2 seconds on my hair (Shower – DevaCurl Wave Maker – Air Dry) for the past however long, I was too lazy to go through with the whole ordeal of straightening my hair. So I just used Control Sleek in conjunction with my National Hair Styler (dis) ‘cuz it was faster and easier.

The ends were a bit pouffier than I’d like (which is always a risk when using the National Hair Styler, as opposed to using an actual Straightening Iron), but other than that, my hair was straightened with sufficient texture and lots of volume… minus the frizz! In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not sure if it’s just a result of having product in my hair (to weigh the frizz down) or if it’s because this stuff had worked its magic. Like I said, I’ve only used it once.

However, I happened to pass by the beach (which usually tends to frizz my hair up, thanks to the humidity in the air) and I happened to spend a significant amount of time there and it happened to be on a particularly humid day (this was very, very recent), but my hairstyle survived!

Typically, my hair would revert back to being wavy/curly if I’ve spent a significant amount of time (more than 5 minutes) in humidity. The one time it didn’t do that, was the one time that one hairstylist in Lebanon used that one TRESemme (Anti-Humidity) Hair Spray on my hair (similar to dis). Otherwise, it’s Frizz City Central!

Personally, I don’t mind the frizz as much, when I’ve applied Mousse, or more recently DevaCurl Wave Maker, or anything similar to that. I don’t mind it when I’m letting my hair air dry naturally, either. I don’t mind my hair being slight frizzy while wavy/curly. However, when I’ve taken the time and made the effort to actually style my hair using any sort of Hot Tool (including my trusty National Hair Styler)… only to have it frizz up, drives me absolutely bonkers!

This stuff prevented that. On a humid day. By the beach. That’s double the humidity (science, bro). So for now, I like. I like a lot!

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Express Blow Dry Primer (150mL)

Help speed up blow dry time with this Multi-Tasker.

Add luxurious volume, enjoy high-shine and control frizz while protecting hair with 235°C degree thermal protection.

Ever since Boots first opened up shop in Kuwait, I’ve always enjoyed trying out Charles Worthington products… mostly because the name, Charles Worthington sounded so British (I get a kick out of the most random things lol) I also liked the names of their products and the packaging and the fact that they had mini sizes (dis). Most of all, unlike the other Hair Care Brands with nice packaging, I liked that Charles Worthington products were actually practical (dis).

I spotted the newer ranges from Charles Worthington around November 2018 (dis). Moisture Seal (orange packaging) and Everyday Gentle (blue packaging) and Volume & Bounce (berry packaging) and the Instant Root Concealers (haulage here) to name a few. I wish they’d brought over every single range though. ColourPlex specifically, which had Purple Violet Shampoo and Conditioner and Toning Ultra Violet Shampoo and Blue Toning Shampoo and Blonde Enhancing Shampoo and Brunette Enhancing Shampoo and more!

In any case, from the Volume & Bounce range, I picked up the Express Blow Dry Primer, mainly because of the claims to speed up blow drying time, but also because the trigger spray head looked fun lol The colors on the packaging were completely different from the one shown on the official website (I sure hope that doesn’t mean I got an expired ancient one, but that’s always a possibility, because… Kuwait). As per usual, there’s no expiration date anywhere on this thing (because… Kuwait).

I’ve yet to use this thing though, because I’ve been utterly obsessed with my DevaCurl Wave Maker recently (dis) and the one time I did blow dry my hair recently, I used the Soap&Glory Control Sleek Heat-Activated Smoothing Cream and didn’t wanna’ use anything else in conjunction with it (so it’d be easier to pin-point which product actually made a difference).

Everything was somewhere around the KD 4/500 mark, but I only had to pay for x3 items and got the other x3 for free (score)! If you ask me, Boots should totally have more of these promos (Buy 2, Get 2 Free and Buy 3, Get 3 Free, Buy 4, 5, 6, etc…)

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