Saveco Haul (July)

Saveco happens to be directly on my way home from The Avenues, but usually I’ll ignore it and just keep driving (because after running around The Avenues, all I wanna’ do is just get back home). However, I had run out of some of my new-found favorite snackage from my previous visit to Saveco (dis) and needed to replenish my stock. So I made a quick stop at Saveco! Sadly, I ended up with more than a few duds this time.

Santa Maria Chips

From the Potato Chips Aisle, these caught my eye and I figured they’d go great with my Old El Paso Medium Thick’n’Chunky Salsa (dis). As much as I love my Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips (dis), I’ve seriously been craving those freshly baked Tortilla Chips, the old-school ones that Sultan Center used to make (sometimes, a girl just wants plain Tortilla Chips, ya’ know?) These seemed like they had potential, but I couldn’t decide between the two, so I got both. That said, I have yet to try either one of ’em.

Santa Maria Original Nacho Chips (185g) retails for KD /990

Santa Maria Organic Salted Tortilla Chips (125g) retails for KD /990

x2 Hinda Crispy Rings Pizza Flavored Corn Snacks (80g) retail for KD /990 each

After inhaling the whole thing in a single sitting the first time around (dis), I figured I’d get x2 this time, but the same thing happened again! Goofy packaging aside, these things were ridiculously addictive! Everything from the flavor to the texture was on point!

Honestly? Everyone needs to try these! ♥

Charles Butler Candy

I picked these up from the Candy Aisle. Based on how great those Chocolate Limes tasted, I figured I’d get the other flavors from the Charles Butler Sweet Shop Sweets to try too! Sadly, they were so not worth it.

Charles Butler Chocolate Limes (190g) retails for KD 1/300

The Chocolate Limes were pretty great! I could live without the Chocolate in the center, but not the Lime on the outside which just tasted so good! Obviously, I had to get more, which I did.

Charles Butler Barley Sugars (190g) retails for KD 1/300

The Barley Sugars were okay, I guess. Definitely not worth a repurchase though. If I’m being honest, they tasted pretty bland, almost tasteless.

Charles Butler Liquorice & Blackcurrant (190g) retails for KD 1/300

Liquorice & Blackcurrant was straight up vile! In the interest of full disclosure, I tend to despise Licorice in general. For those of you who actually enjoy noshing away on Licorice, you might actually like these. I can’t tell the difference, because to me, all Licorice is… evil!

Millenium Mousse & Lime Jam Dark Chocolate (135g) retails for KD /980

Whoops! I didn’t notice the pic was blurry, up until it was too late to do anything about it.

In the Chocolates Aisle, I clocked this huuuge thing of Chocolate… that had Lime! Conveniently, I completely disregarded the Mousse and Jam part (both of which I dislike) and focused solely on the Lime part. They had a bunch of other flavors, but I went with this one and oh man, was it bad! The Chocolate was too rich for my taste, but the Lime Jam was just horrible! It tasted sickly sweet, almost medicinal! So, sooo bad!

x4 KitKat Coconut (40g) retail for KD /275 each

Also, from the Chocolates Aisle, I had to replenish my stock of this stuff (1 for me and 1 for each of the kids). Ever since my cousins first introduced me to this stuff (dis), I’ve been repurchasing KitKat Coconut nonstop (dis)!

x2 De La Rosa Choco Marshmallow Pop (24g) retail for /200 each

I’ve been craving Moon Pies since for-ever now, but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for…

The Mardel Alfajor De Dulce De Leche Black and Negro Cakes (dis) smelled rank and the Cakers DreamCake and CloudCake although delightful (dis) just weren’t the same thing.

I spotted these Choco Marshmallow Pops in the Chocolates Aisle and grabbed two, just to try. Back home, immediately after opening the thing, I couldn’t help but notice that it smelled very, very boozy, not unlike the Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled Cookies (dis), which just turned my stomach. I nibbled on it anyway, only to find that this stuff tasted as horrible as it smelled!

The youngest, who’d been watching me like hawk, asked if she could “try some”, despite the fact that she’d literally just seen my negative reaction. She took a bite and almost quizzically said that it was nice, so I let her polish it off and have the other one too (for later).

x2 Walker’s Banana Split Eclairs Toffee retail for KD /200 each

I looove this stuff! It’s one of the main reasons I’d been wanting to go back to Saveco!

Initially, the Halloween-esque packaging was what caught my eye, so I picked up the one, just to try (dis), but now, I’m a fully fledged convert! I snatched up these two at the check-out counter (can’t find them anywhere else in-store) and promptly tore through the bag and popped one in my mouth right away. Personally, I love ’em because they’re a nice contrast in taste (after I’d polished off a thing of Pringles Salt & Vinegar and could no longer feel my tongue lol).

Tesco Sweet Shop Lemon Sherbets (200g) retails for KD /560

I picked these up from the check-out counter as well. I figured since I’d been on the hunt for the Marks&Spencers ones (dis) and these ones were from Tescos (both of which were UK-based brands), they’d probably taste just as good (logic!)

These Tesco ones were nice and had a somewhat fizzy center and everything, but the Maynard Bassetts Lemon Sherbets which I get from Sultan Center (dis and dis and dis) are way better. It might be my imagination, but I feel like the Maynard Bassetts have more flavor to them and are bit more tart and sour, whereas these Tesco ones are bit sweeter and also blander.

Katjes Lucky Moments Mix Fruit (160g) retails for KD /495

I love all Gummy Candy (namely Haribo Worms) so I could not resist picking these up from the check-out counter as well. I could definitely taste some Licorice in there, which was disappointing.

I think I’ve finally found the one thing that Germans aren’t amazing at (it’s been my experience that everything they manufacture is just far superior… until now). Ok, scratch that. Apparently my beloved Haribo is German too LOL I would’ve bet money that Haribo was Japanese. I mean does it not sound Japanese? Ya’ learn something new every day lol

Cocoaland LOT 100 Mango (150g) retails for /660

Wow! It’s like a U.N. Assembly at Saveco… except with Candy lol They’ve got Candy from all over the world! This stuff was “Made in Malaysia”. I think I might have picked it up at the check-out counter or I might’ve picked it up from the Candy Aisle (don’t remember).

In any case, this stuff tasted… heavenly! It tasted so very close to the real thing! In fact, the taste reminded me of when you slice a Mango too close to its skin (it wasn’t overly sweet). Even the scent was less like artificial Mango and more like the smell you get from the Mango Skin once you peel it off the Mango itself. I really liked the texture too, which was thick and chewy yet quite soft. Basically, I love this stuff!

Mentos Mango Chewing Gum retails for KD /995

This was definitely from the check-out counter. I got the Mango Chewing Gum to match with the Mango Gummy Candy (…issues). Seriously though, I’d spotted Mentos Chewing Gum all over the country in a variety of flavors, but don’t recall ever seeing it in Mango. It tasted whatever, but the scent was great! Everyone keeps telling me I smell delicious and I keep telling them that it’s this stuff!

Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum (5pc) retails for KD /065

Despite both smelling and tasting blatantly artificial (I actually kinda’ like that about it), I picked this stuff up at the check-out counter. It’s the stickiest Chewing Gum ever (as in, beware of jaw cramping), which is why it’s a constant repurchase lol

I really like the layout of their receipts over at Saveco. It’s very easy to understand read, unlike some of the more confusing chaotic ones from other places. I only spent KD 13/515 this time, which is pretty good in comparison to last time (dis), I think. Shame about there being so many duds this time though.

2 thoughts on “Saveco Haul (July)

  1. Hi cutie! If you click on the photo of those Choco Pops, there’s a small yellow square logo that has a rose in the middle of it and says De La Rosa. If that sounds familiar, then maybe those ARE your childhood ones. Sadly, I didn’t like them, but that’s cuz I don’t chocolate-y chocolates in general (hope that makes sense lol). My niece really enjoyed them though! Also, those Mango Gummies are so good! I wish I could share them with you so you could see what I mean for yourself! Also, also, also, I love your hair! I saw pics on your blog and your current color is beautiful!


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