Sultan Center Pretty Big Haul (July)

When I took the kids to see Toy Story 4 at Souq Sharq (fully gory deets here), we hit up Fantasy World and Bath&Body Works (dis) and MAC (dis) before the movie, and Sultan Center after the movie. As you can see, we mostly got a bunch of snackage from Sultan Center.

I thought for sure that I’d gotten everything in the photo, but apparently not. I had to put everything away, because I prefer to wait until there’s nobody else in the kitchen before I take the photos (it feels weird having people watch lol) and the first time around, I forgot some stuff in the freezer. So I had to get everything out again and take pics all over again… only to find out that I’d forgotten the Pop-Tarts and Cheerios this time. Rather than lay everything out for the millionth time, I just took a photo of them separately and included them below.

Pop-Tarts Frosted S’Mores Toaster Pastries (8 pieces) retail for KD 1/590

Can you believe the kids had never had Pop-Tarts before? Obviously, I had to fix that. I picked some up in one of my favorite flavors, Frosted S’mores. As expected, the kids loved this stuff (natch)!

Honey Cheerios (375g) retail for KD 1/210

This stuff was purely for me, because the kids have their own “go to” Cereal. It’s actually one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen! They’ll have Nesquik Chocolate Covered Balls… with KDD Chocolate Milk! That’s Chocolate on Chocolate, people! They’ll even involve me in this… monstrosity! One of them will wake up super early and knock on my door (since I rarely sleep, I’m always up) and ask for “breakfast”, which means I’ll have to take part in the making of this… abomination.

Meanwhile, I’ll have a bowl of Honey Cheerios with a thing of KDD Milk (like a normal person) to start my day. Unlike with other Cereals though, I don’t like this stuff soggy (I won’t let it soak). I like it crunchy, because it tastes sweeter that way. I’ve already gone through x4 Honey Cheerios (large boxes) since this haul! It just really hits the spot!

Americana Gourmet Smoked Beef Strips (200g) retails for KD 1/380

I tend to enjoy having these Smoked Beef Strips from time to time. I don’t like them with sauces or any other condiments. I don’t like them chopped up into little pieces. I like ’em as is and plain.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t like frying up anything (because the stench clings to my hair), so I’ll ask our live-in Cook to kindly fry some up for me. However, our Cook enters the Kitchen at 11am and I’d already be at work by then. So I can only have this stuff for brekkie on the weekends.

Still, as with anything smoked, I kinda’ get sick of the whole overly salty taste and avoid the stuff, for months on end (sometimes years). Case in point, the last time I picked this stuff up was about 5 months ago (back in February).

Al Kabeer BBQ Chicken Wings (9-11 pieces) (400g) retail for KD 1/710

I’ve never heard of Al Kabeer prior to this haul, but I was so down for some BBQ Chicken Wings from any brand! They were aight.

Al Kabeer Jalapeno & Cheese Sticks (9-10 pieces) (250g) retail for KD 1/100

One of the first things I learned to make, from scratch, was Jalapeno Poppers (super simple and easy), but I don’t always have the time to be making stuff from scratch and if I do, I might not necessarily be in the mood. Like I said, I’ve never heard of Al Kabeer prior to this haul, but this stuff (which I shared with the youngest, who loves all things spicy) was surprisingly great! I’m definitely gonna’ repurchase!

Popsicle Red Classics Ice Pops (Cherry + Raspberry + Strawberry) (18 pieces) retail for KD 2/250

I’ve had Popsicles on my mind, ever since I mistook the Twist and Drink Wildberry Soft Drinks for them earlier (dis). So when I spotted this stuff, I just had to get it. I figured it’d make a nice treat for the kids, whenever they were running around outdoors in the unforgiving heat, or as a nice snack whenever they go swimming in the pool or whatever.

x3 Danette Cotton Candy Pudding Dessert (pink)
Danette Mahalabia Pudding Dessert (white)
Danette Strawberry Pudding Dessert (red)
x2 Activia Pineapple Yogurt
retail for KD /140 each

Obviously, the Pineapple Yogurt was for me (like I said, I was having a moment with all things Pineapple), which was deelish! Activia is just awesome, in general! The rest were all Pudding Cups from Danette for the kids. I did try the Cotton Candy flavor (I mean, how could I not?), but it was… vile! It tasted nothing like Cotton Candy and more like sugar on sugar… on sugar. As expected, the youngest loved it lol The eldest chose the flavor Mahalabia (which is a traditonal Arabic Pudding Dessert), which I kinda’ dislike, while the boy chose the Strawberry flavor.

x6 Yummy Choco Snack (8g) retail for KD /50 each

I thought these were stupid cute! They might not look like it in the photo, but these things were tiny!

My mom used to get something similar (in the normal size) for my younger brother and I as kids, waaay before I ever even heard of Pocky. I’m not sure if it’s the same brand or whatever (the colors on the packaging seem sorta’ similar), but I couldn’t resist getting these for the kids!

Look at how tiny the Chock Snack was in comparison with the Mentos Chewing Gum!

Mentos Blackberry retails for KD 1/000
Mentos Strawberry retails for KD /995

The eldest chose Strawberry and the boy chose Blackberry.

Maltesers Buttons retail for KD /490

The youngest promised she’d share these with her siblings, so I let her add it to our shopping cart (almost typed online shopping cart lol).

x3 Nerds (Melon/Cherry) retail for KD /490 each

Nerds! Memories~! I used to binge on this stuff, along with my cousins, as kids, at the Chalet, waaay back when. That said, I’m pretty sure the ones I used to get were in actually yummy flavors like Blueberry/Raspberry or summat. I mean Melon/Cherry does not sound appealing… at all. Heck, I don’t do Cherry in general (can’t stand the stuff, as even the scent turns my stomach), but the kids picked these out for themselves and they seemed to like them well enough, so whatevs. I wonder how much of the youngest’s actually made it to her mouth, because literally most of hers was littering the floor in our den (good times).

Haribo Twin Snakes
Haribo Smurfs
retail for KD /300 each

The eldest liked the Twin Snakes that I’d shared with the kids earlier (dis) so much, that she wanted one of her own (promising to share with her siblings, which come to find out later, that she only gave each of them a single piece -_-) The Smurfs were for me. They tasted just okay.

x5 Hershey’s Gold Peanuts & Pretezels Caramelized Creme retail for KD /300 each

Ah-mah-zing! I only picked up the one earlier in the month (dis), but subsequently fell in love and had to get more! I love these! The kids love these! My friends love these! Everybody loves these! So, so, sooo good!

Americana Mini Chocolate Croissants retail for KD /575

My nephew is a very picky eater (he refused to order anything at Dampa Feast because he said he didn’t like Seafood… bearing in mind that he’d had Shrimpy earlier in the week) and rarely asks for anything (unlike his sisters), so when he does ask, I tend to give in. He asked for this stuff, so I got it for him.

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Triangles retail for KD 1/490 each

Wow! This stuff was ridiculously good and insanely addictive!

I picked up just the one to try, earlier in the month, and blew through the entire thing in a single sitting (dis)! This time, I figured I’d go for x5 boxes of the stuff, so I wouldn’t run out as fast, but they barely lasted a week lol

I ran into my younger brother in the kitchen (as I was putting this stuff away for the final time). He’d noticed that I’d hoarded these Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Triangles, took a bite out of one of the Triangles, wrinkled his nose at me and spit it out into the garbage immediately. My nephew wasn’t a fan of this stuff either. Meanwhile, the girls and I loved this stuff!

Fico Nacho Cheese Crispy Corn Snacks retails for KD /100
x2 Flamin Hot Cheetos retails for KD /200 each

The eldest picked out the Nacho Cheese Ficos while the younger two went for Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Old El Paso Medium Thick’n’Chunky Salsa retails for KD 1/590

Score! I was pretty stoked to find the Thick’n’Chunky Salsa in Medium, from my favorite brand, Old El Paso, in this particular packaging! Other than being larger (therefore lasting longer), it’s also much easier to twist open!

California Garden Pineapple Slices (in light syrup) retails for KD /280

Further proof that I was having a moment with all things Pineapple lol

I asked the kids if they wanted some too, but they said that their mom (my older sister) had told them that the liquid in this thing was terrible for them. Yup, sounds like my sister and also, she’s not wrong.

Rauch Yippy Red Berries Juice retails for KD /260
Twist and Drink Wildberry Soft Drink retail for KD /200 each
Twist and Drink Apple Soft Drink retails for KD /200

I was tricked by the cuteness of the Twist and Drink Wildberry Soft Drinks the month before at the Salmiya branch (dis), but I got another one for myself anyway, in Apple this time. Since the kids liked Wildberry, I picked up x3 for each of them. The youngest also got the Rauch Yippy Red Berries Juice.

A&W Root Beer retails for KD /250
x2 Sprite (150mL) retails for /075 each

Ever since reigniting my full-blown addiction to Sprite, I’ve been steadily ballooning increasing in weight (as you can see from my most recent pics). Typically, I can eat/drink whatever I want (all the junk food in the world) and not gain a single kilogram, but I so much as look at a can of anything fizzy, and I pretty much balloon in weight almost immediately.

I can’t help it though. I love fizzy drinks (always have) and currently the object of my affection has been Sprite. In my attempt at controlling the sitch, I’ve been getting the tiny cans, as opposed to the regular sized ones, but I’ve been downing this stuff x2 mini cans at a time, which negates the whole reason for getting the smaller size lol

A&W Root Beer, I got because it pairs well with Tostitos Hint of Lime dipped in Old El Paso Medium Thick’n’Chunky Salsa. Plus, Root Beer is an old-school favorite and since I’m back on fizzy drinks, why stop at Sprite? As an added bonus, practically everyone in our household can’t stand the stuff, so I know I can leave it in the fridge for weeks and nobody (other than my older brother) would even be interested lol

Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water (300mL) retails for KD /490
x2 Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water (can) retail for KD /450 each

I’ve absolutely loved this stuff from the moment I first stumbled upon it about a year ago (dis) and have been repurchasing it ever since (dis)! Out of all the many, many, many different kinds of Coconut Waters from the many different brands, Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water is my absolute favorite!

I particularly enjoy the ones that come in a steel can. That said, I clocked this stuff being sold in new packaging (well, new to me) and decided to pick one up, just to try. It came in a glass bottle and was marginally larger. I’m not sure if I like this sort of packaging or not. I will say though, it’s nice to have the option of being able to replace the cap and pop the Coconut Water back in the fridge, as opposed to having to finish it all up in a single sitting.

Regardless of the packaging, I prefer to drink my Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water at room temperature, because it tastes sweeter that way. The handful of times I’ve had this stuff chilled, it tasted… bad (kinda’ plastic-y lol). That’s why I’ll store this stuff in the fridge, but just before I’m about to indulge, I’d let it sit out for a bit. Love!

We weren’t even shopping on an empty stomach lol but I ended up spending KD 32/870 on all this stuff (to be fair, we did get a lot of stuff), which is precisely why I usually opt out of getting a shopping cart. Then again, I didn’t feel like going back every other day just to pick up a pack of those ridiculously tasty Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Triangles, ya feel me?

3 thoughts on “Sultan Center Pretty Big Haul (July)

  1. Oh i love these Hershey’s choc too! I tried them first last year when my cousins got these from US but never saw it in Kuwait. After reading your prev post, i went to Sultan near my office and grabbed one for myself.. Gawddd.. they are so so gooddd!!

    I think you are talking about Yanyan (those biscuit sticks with choc dip)… Lol i still have them from time to time. Kinda makes me nostalgic.


  2. Yes! YanYan! Thank you, you wonderful human being you! The fact that I couldn’t remember was bugging me sooo much lol Sonia saves the day, once again haha

    Girl, those Hershey’s Gold are EVERYTHING! Those bits of pretzels makes it taste just… next level!


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