Bath and Body Works Summer Haul (July)

Not sure how many items from the 60-Piece Summer Collection actually made it to our lil Kuwait, but from what I can see, there’s plenty to appeal to everyone! Aside from the usual Shower Gels and Body Lotions and Body Creams, you’ve also got Hand Creams and Hand Soaps and Body Scrubs and Fragrance Mists and Hair Perfumes and Candles to choose from. Plus, you have the option of going for either the full sizes or the cuter travel sizes! The scents are appropriately tropical and summer-y, while the packaging this time is quite fun, and the names are all simply delightful! Honestly, the Summer 2019 Collection really is worth checking out!

Like I said earlier, my niece had run out of her Havana Fragrance Mist in the travel-size (dis) and asked if I could get her another one. So when I took the kids to see Toy Story 4 at Souq Sharq (fully gory deets here), we hit up Fantasy World and MAC (dis) and Bath&Body Works before the movie, and Sultan Center after the movie (dis) .

At B&BW I got the Havana Fragrance Mist for my niece, and the Tahiti Shower Gel and Bahamas Body Cream for myself, all in the travel-size versions. As always, there was a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal, which meant the lowest priced item ended up being free.

Havana Tropical Vanilla and Cherimoya Fine Fragrance Mist retails for KD 3/250

Inspired by the vibrant coastal city of Havana, this warm, tropical fragrance is full of life.

Notes: A fresh & floral blend of Tropical Vanilla, Cherimoya Fruit, Tiare Flower, Bergamot & Ocean Driftwood

My niece (the eldest) chose Havana Fragrance Mist for herself during a previous visit to B&BW (dis), quickly blew through her travel-size bottle (which we rinsed out and now use as a Water Spray for her hair) and asked me if I could get her another one. Meanwhile, my other niece and I, have barely made it to the halfway mark of the ones we chose (and I spritz that thing on pretty liberally), which is why we didn’t repurchase ours.

Havana Tropical Vanilla and Cherimoya still smells familiar to me, but I still can’t quite place it. It’s a more mature take on Vanilla, which I find interesting! I actually enjoy the scent, but I’ve come to associate it with my niece now and feel like it’s distinctly hers (even the blue packaging matches her eyes lol) She’s constantly wearing Havana, to the extent that every time I’d catch a whiff of Havana in the air, I’d know that my niece had been in that room earlier, which would put a smile on my face. I kinda’ miss the little monsters whenever they’re not around. I mean, when they’re asleep, I’m filled with such overwhelming love for them! It’s when they’re awake (and running around like rejects from Lord of the Flies) that I have “issues” with them lol

Tahiti Pink Lily and Bamboo Shower Gel retails for KD 2/750

Get swept away to Tahiti with this lush fragrance that captures the essence of Dewy Pink Lily Petals & Tropical Rainforests.

Notes: An exotic bouquet of Wild Lily Petals, Bamboo Leaf, Pink Ginger, Fresh Fig & Sauna Wood

My other niece (the youngest), chose Tahiti Fragrance Mist for herself during a previous visit to B&BW (dis), but has barely used it (which is understandable… because she just turned 9 lol) However, during the very few times that she did use it, I found the scent to be quite appealing! Now I’m not one for florals (as a matter of fact, I hate ’em), but Pink Lily and Bamboo smelled so delicate and just all around clean! It occurred to me that it would be perfect as a Shower Gel, especially during the impossibly hot summer we were currently experiencing in Kuwait. I didn’t wanna’ splurge on the full size, only to find out that the scent was irritating or whatever, so I picked up the Shower Gel in the travel size version, and have been enjoying using it ever since! Heck, even just looking at the pretty packaging (love that shade) puts me in a good mood!

Bahamas Pink Passionfruit and Banana Flower Body Cream retails for KD 2/750

Grab a bungalow & bask in this tropical fruit fragrance, inspired by the many varieties of Bananas that grow year-round in the Bahamas.

Notes: A tropical cocktail of Passionfruit, Pineapple Leaves, Freesia Petals, Banana Flower & Amber

I picked up Bahamas Fragrance Mist during a previous visit to B&BW (dis), and have been utterly obsessed with it ever since! Heck, the only reason we even went in to B&BW that one time, was because I could’ve sworn I was smelling my beloved Pineapple Orchid from many moons ago (dis), because they both shared that same tart sweetness. Plus, I’ve been luv-ving all things Pineapple, recently (dis)! However, with frequent use, I’ve learned to detect faint traces of Banana Flower and Freesia Petal, which I find equally delightful!

Based on how much enjoyment I got from using the Fragrance Mist, I figured I might as well get the Shower Gel in the same scent. Sadly, when I gave the travel size Shower Gel a sniff in-store, it smelled like death (definitely the Banana, which tends to be tricky as a fragrance), so I quickly nixed that idea. Despite my qualms with the packaging of their Body Creams (the actual cream starts to smell like Play-Do), I was drawn to the gorgeous image depicted on the packaging of the Havana Body Cream in the travel size. As soon as I’d clocked it, I could already hear Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive playing in my head (dis) lol

Thankfully, in this form, the Banana wasn’t gnarly. Heck, it wasn’t even detectable! All I got was sweet, sweet Pineapples! I use the Body Cream mostly as a Hand Cream, but any time I’ve got this stuff on, the compliments are nonstop lol Recently, I’ve taken to layering the Fragrance Mist over the Body Cream and just reveling in the tart sweetness ♥

Havana Fragrance Mist (travel-size) retails for KD 3/250
Bahamas Body Cream (travel-size) retails for KD 2/750
Tahiti Shower Gel (travel-size) retails for KD 2/750

Since there was a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” on travel-size items, the Tahiti Shower Gel ended up being free and instead of paying KD 8/750 (I mathed) I just had to pay KD 6 (still over-priced but whatevs).

If you’re into Tropical Scents, I urge you to go to Bath&Body Works to check out the Summer 2019 Collection, before they switch it with a newer collection (and it’s gone forever), because it’s totally worth it!

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