Cosmo Place + Toy Story 4

I was going for a “candid photo” and ended up with dis lol Just roll with it.

Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton Aviators
Top: Mango Dark Heather Grey Printed Message T-Shirt (haulage here)
Jeans: H&M Light Grey Denim Super Skinny Low Jeans (haulage here)
Socks: Next Grey Leopard Print Socks
Shoes: Adidas Kanadia Trail Running Shoes in Dark Shale/Silver/Rave Pink (purchased from via in 2010)

Despite the fact that I was still traumatized from the time I took them to see Aladdin (full gory details here), I’d promised the kids that I’d take them to the movies to see Toy Story 4. We’d already watched 1-3 on Netflix like I’ve mentioned earlier (Popcorn Paragraph), so everything was still fresh for us. Plus, “Summer Camp” was over and the poor devils were getting restless.

Brows: MAC Eyeshadow in the shade Copperplate
Eyeshadow: ColourPop Brown Sugar Palette, the shade Saute all over the lid and the shade Sorrel smoking out the outer third of lower lashline (haulage here)
Liner: Bourjois Contour Clubbing Pencil Liner in the shade Black Party (review here)
Mascara: Yves Saint Laurent The Curler Mascara (haulage here)
Foundation: ELF Flawless Finish Foundation in the shade Buttercup (haulage here)
Concealer: ELF Flawless Concealer in the shade Fair Warm (haulage here)
Cheeks: Luminous Blush in Radiant Peach and Glowy Rose (haulage here)
Bronzer: Colourpop Pressed Powder Bronzer in the shade Private Party (haulage here) and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Give Me Sun
Highlight: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the shade Whisper of Gilt (haulage here)
Lips: ColourPop Lippie Stix in the shade With The Band (haulage here)

Since I wasn’t doing anything that important, I had the freedom to “experiment” and play around with my new E.L.F. stuff (haulage here). I figured if it turned out badly, I was going to be in a dark theater anyway, and if it turned out okay, I could make a mental note to build on the same “look” at a later time.

Adidas Kanadia Trail Running Shoes in Dark Shale/Silver/Rave Pink

I loved my Light Blue Nikes (similar to dis), but once they died on me, they were replaced by deez Dark Shale Adidaseseses.

Because this is how you properly model shoes lol




Toy Story 4

We hit up a few stores before the movie; Bath & Body Works (dis) because the eldest had run out of her Havana Mist and asked me if she could get another one, and MAC (dis), and Fantasy World, so we could pick up a Birthday Gift for my younger brother’s daughter who was turning 1 year old lol and Sultan Center after the movie (dis).

As soon as we set foot in Fantasy World, I clocked the most perfect gift for my baby niece, but unfortunately, my sister’s daughter who was shadowing me, spotted it immediately after… and called dibs (-_-) so I let her have it (rules are rules lol). It was the Rainbow Colors Giant Piano Mat, which we knew the baby would love, based on her affinity for banging on the Electric Keyboard in the den.

The “logistics” didn’t occur to me until we were already waiting in line at the Concession Stand. How were we going to carry the food, in addition to all this stuff? The Birthday Gift came in a huge box, but it was sorta’ light, so I let the eldest carry it, which she wasn’t too happy about. The boy carried the B&BW stuff, while the youngest carried the MAC Shopping Bag, which she kept whacking other people in line with, because she wouldn’t stop fidgeting (up until I told her that I’d take the bag away from her). The youngest believed it a “privilege” to be given any responsibility, while the eldest felt it was a punishment. The boy didn’t care either way.

It took about a year or so, for them to decide what to eat, but eventually everyone got what they wanted. After I payed for our food, the eldest refused to carry the Nachos (because they “smell”), but also refused to carry the Drinks (because they’re too cold and hurt her hands). So, I stuffed all the smaller shopping bags into the larger one that had the Birthday Gift in it and handed it to the eldest (which made her pout some more). The youngest got to carry the plastic bag with the Snacks and Napkins, because it was the lightest. The boy carried the Nachos and I carried the Drinks. I was pretty proud of myself for solving the issue. As we were leaving the Concession Stand, the cashier even told me that he thought my top looked cool!

Out of nowhere, the eldest claimed that she felt dizzy and just dumped the large Fantasy World Shopping Bag on the floor and ran to the bathroom (which was not that far away and only a few steps away from the Concessions Stand and literally in my direct line of vision). I couldn’t follow her because I was carrying the Drinks (it’s Taboo/Haram to enter any Bathroom with Food/Drinks in hand and also, it’s gross). I couldn’t hand the Drinks to the other two, because they already had their hands full. I couldn’t even grab the Birthday Gift because I had my hands full. Thankfully, they had two sets of Chaise Lounges in both corners of the waiting area. I led the kids to one of them, sat them down, gathered all our stuff around them and hoped they’d sit tight, while I went to check in on the eldest. She was fine, but she asked for some privacy (… in a public bathroom), so I left her alone.

15 minutes later, she leaves the bathroom all smiles, as happy as you please, picks up the large Shopping Bag and practically skips ahead of us towards the entrance to the Auditorium. Our seats were in the corner aisle (far left), but not quite next to the wall (those seats were already reserved). We plop down in our seats and I divide the snackage between them. Unfortunately, since the Birthday Gift was too big, it was pretty much blocking the aisle and had to be lifted onto my lap, every single time someone got up to leave or came back to sit down. A group of impossibly skinny brunettes took their seats right next to us, but the last and tallest one, ended up sprawled all over the floor, knocking my niece’s nachos (the youngest) on her way down. The young woman had tripped over my nephew’s feet (his fault), but she apologized to him, and to his sister and to me! I. Was. Mortified. I kept apologizing to her and she kept apologizing back. Sooo embarrassing, but she was such a sweetheart about the whole thing!

After that, whenever one of their group got up to leave, I’d immediately grab the Shopping Bag and dump it on the lap of my niece (the eldest), while swatting the feet of the other two, to see if they’d moved them out of the way, for people to pass. Since the eldest had already downed her Mountain Dew/Shani Slushie and inhaled her x2 Chocolate Chip Cookies, she was feeling hungry about 15 minutes into the movie. She asked if she could go out and grab a Hotdog and Nachos for herself. The Boy asked for more Water and another Hotdog. The youngest who’d gotten her Nachos upended all over her seat, asked if she could get Nachos too. I agreed to let the girls go together, because it would take two people to carry all that stuff back. Plus, there was safety in numbers (not that anyone would kidnap the youngest… and even if they did, they’d probably return her immediately after, and feel so bad for me that instead of me paying them the ransom money, they would actually pay me for what I have to endure when dealing with her).

My girls made it to the Concession Stand, place their order, payed for it and everything, and were told by the same dude from earlier (that said my top was cool) that their Hotdogs would take 10-15 minutes to be ready. He told them they could go back to their seats and he’d deliver the food once it was ready. The eldest declines his offer. He told them they could go back to their seats and come back in 10-15 mins. The eldest said “We can wait”, and wait they did, to the extent that they showed up towards the very end of the movie… the movie that we’d specifically gone to see for them.

I’m pretty sure that the eldest had decided to wait outside because she liked the idea of “being on her own”, whilst also having the assurance that I was not far away (in case she needed me). She felt like a “grown up”, and to her, that was more important than watching the movie. To make matters worse, the youngest had completely forgotten about the rather large Birthday Gift that we’d bought for her cousin and just stomped her way back to her seat, tripping over it, smacking my Large 7 Up Drink on her way down, and having it spill all over my Light Grey Jeans… without even so much as a sorry. At that point, I’d had enough of all 3 kids, so I didn’t even acknowledge what had just happened. I just placed as many napkins as I could on my jeans (usin’ way too many napkins) and hoped they’d be dry by the time we left.

I’ve suggested to their parents that they should send the eldest to a boarding school abroad, the boy to a military school and the youngest to a zoo, but my older sister and her husband didn’t seem to appreciate my suggestion.

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