Bath and Body Works Empties 2

Bath and Body Works Empties Part 1here

Bath and Body Works Empties Part 2 (several years later) is a going to be a really, really long post. I was actually making decent progress finishing up my Bath&Body Works products, until I started branching out into other brands. I’m finally done with these Body Scrubs and Shower Gels and Liquid Hand Soaps. I’m pretty sure that Bath & Body Works just make stuff up in the fragrance notes (lol), but I’ll be listing the notes anyway and linking each item to the post where I hauled them. As always, just click on the photos to enlarge.

Body Scrubs

– French Lavender & Honey Body Scrub
– Endless Weekend Sunset Body Scrub
– Agave Papaya Sunset Sugarcane Scrub
– Pink Cashmere Foaming Sugar Scrub
– At The Beach Sand & Sea Salt Scrub

Starting with the Body Scrubs, not all of them are completely empty, but I’ve come to the realization that I just don’t like these oily Body Scrubs.

I much prefer the other more abrasive Body Scrubs such as the Jasmine & Green Apple Clay Body Scrub (dis) and Sea-Tox Sea Mineral Body Polish (dis) and Cucumber Really Refreshing Body Scrub (dis), all of which I love! They lather up beautifully and just leave my skin feeling squeaky clean! Even the Water Mineral Body Polish (dis) which was one of those oil-based scrubs, had sufficient grit to it, unlike these. The main reason I disliked the Body Scrubs shown in the photo, was because they left a “hydrating” residue on my skin (pet peeve). That’s why I’ve decided to forego purchasing Bali Black Coconut Sands Body Scrub from the latest collection, regardless of how great it might smell or how cool it might look (the scrub is actually dark grey). Any Body Scrub with some sort of “hydrating” residue, I’m totally skipping, from now on.

French Lavender & Honey Body Scrub (French Lavender, Nectarine de Provence and Sunkissed Honey) This Honey Scrub was part of the Provence Collection (haulage here). I’ll be honest, the reason why I bought this thing, was because I kinda’ got caught up by the prettiness of the color-scheme of the Provence Collection (everything was all cute and pink/lavender)… and also by the fact that this thing was a Honey Scrub (with Sugar Crystals). It did make my skin feel soft, but it also left an annoying residue. The floral scent wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t offensive either. With use, it actually kinda’ grew on me! That said, out of all the Body Scrubs from B&BW, this one was by far the worst! It leaked all over everything in the shopping bag when I first got it, and it leaked all over my table (when I took photos for the haulage post) and it leaked all over the shower caddy in my bathroom! Just like it did on my skin, it left an oily film (dangerously slipper and not easily washed off) on the floor tiles, in my walk-in shower. I was bored with this thing by the half-way mark, but forced myself into using it, until it was completely finished (it might not look like it, but it’s totally empty now).

Endless Weekend Sunset Body Scrub (Raspberry Lychee Sorbet, Magnolia and Vanilla Sandalwood) I picked up this Body Scrub along with the matching Shower Gel and Hair Mist and Sunset Glow Body Lotion and Candle, all from the Perfect Summer Collection (haulage here). The scent differed slightly from product to product, but for the most part, it was just okay. I accidentally broke the Candle (as shown in my first B&BW Empties Post) and forced myself to finish up the Shower Gel and “Sunset Glow” Body Lotion, but I couldn’t force myself into finishing up the Body Scrub because I was so sick of the scent by then. The annoying residue left behind by the Body Scrub didn’t make me wanna’ use it either. Plus, the actual Body Scrub had glitter in it (ugh)! I gave up after using about 25% of it. If you’re interested, you can find other forms of Endless Weekend being sold at B&BW (I think they bring it out every Summer or something). I actually picked up a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in the same scent (only scent I could find), back in January of this year (dis).

Agave Papaya Sunset Sugarcane Scrub (Sugared Agave, Golden Papaya and Coconut Sands) I got this Body Scrub along with x2 of the matching Shower Gel from the Fiesta Collection (dis). The scent was sublime! The annoying “hydrating” residue, not so much. I used up as much as I could (which was quite a bit), but then I purchased other Body Scrubs from other brands… and completely forgot about this one, up until it expired. Like I said, the scent was great, but I much preferred it as a Shower Gel (shown below), as opposed to an oily “hydrating” Body Scrub.

Pink Cashmere Foaming Sugar Scrub (Pink Jasmine Petals, White Amber and Cashmere Musk) I didn’t like the scent on this Body Scrub when I first got it, let alone after a few uses. In fact, I disliked the scent on all x3 items I got from this release (dis)! The Body Scrub smelled nauseatingly perfume-y. The Shower Gel (shown below) smelled nauseatingly floral. The Body Cream smelled like play-do (probably already expired, since B&BW tend to display products 12 months after their initial launch and market them as a “new release”). Between being distracted by the annoyingly aggressive sales assistant and getting caught up with the cuteness of the packaging (all girly and pretty) I made some bad choices. I tried using the Body Scrub a handful of times, but in addition to the irritating residue, the scent just wasn’t my cup of tea… at all. In hindsight, the packaging wasn’t even all that cute.

At The Beach Sand & Sea Salt Scrub (White Frangipani Blossoms, Toasted Coconut and Sea Salt Breeze) I picked this up on a whim, after avoiding B&BW for what felt like a year (dis). All of the B&BW Body Scrubs come with a seal that’s next to impossible to open with wet hands. I’d hop in the shower, wash my hair, wash my body, grab this thing, realize it was still sealed, attempt to open it, give up and move on to using another Body Scrub. I’d just set it back and make a mental note to open it up at a later time (with dry hands), but since I have the memory of a goldfish, I kept forgetting and the same thing kept happening and now, I’m not even interested in it (based on the poor performance of it’s predecessors). I think I’m going to pass it along to someone else. In case you’re interested, you can still find this exact same version (identical packaging) being sold at B&BW.

Shower Gels

Next up are the Shower Gels. From the moment Bath&Body Works opened up shop in Kuwait, their Shower Gels quickly become my favorite Shower Gels of life! Unlike the ones from other brands, that needed a bit of elbow grease to lather up, these lathered up beautifully and were wonderfully frothy! They just made me feel cleaner than ever! They never left any sort of “hydrating” residue on my skin. In fact, they were somewhat drying (which is what I prefer lol). Best of all, they were all scented! Some with impossibly gorgeous scents! Twilight Woods and Dark Kiss and Vanilla Bean Noel to name a few, have been my favorites for years now!

I like how there’s a sticker of an appropriately colorful image depicted on the clear packaging. It makes the Shower Gels look fun, but also, I get to see how much I’ve got left, before running out of the stuff. The Cap can be a bit problematic, but rinsing it with hot water dissolves the dried up gunk on the Dispenser and resolves that issue. If you ask me, the Caps should be on the bottom, because once the bottle is about 75% empty, I begin storing it upside down (to make the Shower Gel come out faster). Also, I wish they’d include the Fragrance Notes in the back on all of the Shower Gels. Regardless, I absolutely love this stuff!

I’ve separated these into groups by scent; with the first being the fruity ones, the second group being all the gourmands, while the very last two being a floral and an aquatic. All of these are Shower Gels, bar the aquatic one called Sea-Tox Sea Minerals which is a Body Wash.

– Sparkling Blackberry Woods
– Dark Kiss (old + new packaging)
– Agave Papaya Sunset
– Red Velvet Cheer
– Cup of Warmth Vanilla Chai & Biscotti
– Twisted Peppermint
– Sweet Cranberry Rose
– Sea-Tox Sea Mineral Body Wash

Sparkling Blackberry Woods (an irresistible blend of Juicy Blackberry, Creamy Cocoa and Warm Musk, inspired by the dazzling beauty of the woods) It was included in the Gift Set that I’d received from my ex-husband (here). On paper, the scent was very me. In reality, I found it underwhelming. I failed at pawning it off on someone else, so I tried using it a handful of times, but that never took off, and at this point, it’s definitely expired. Good riddance, I say.

Dark Kiss (A seductive blend of Black Raspberry, Burgundy Rose & Dark Vanilla Bean) The one in the older packaging was also included in the Gift Set that I’d received from my ex-husband (here). It actually came with faulty packaging (the slit in the cap just would not dispense any shower gel), so I switched it with the more colorful cap on Sparkling Blackberry Woods. The one in the newer packaging, I purchased from The Avenues (here). I’d actually heard that they were going to be discontinuing Dark Kiss all together, which was why I decided to stock up and buy x2 in the newer packaging. Dark Kiss smells so good, it’s practically sinful! I’ve been repurchasing it (in all its various forms) ever since Bath&Body Works first opened up shop in Kuwait and will continue to do so! It’s a classic!

Agave Papaya Sunset (Sugared Agave, Golden Papaya and Coconut Sands) These were from the Fiesta Collection (dis). Despite the different name and different packaging, I was adamant that Agave Papaya Sunset smelled near identical to Peach Citrus (dis). That’s why I bought x2 and thoroughly enjoyed using both of them up! Initially, I described the scent as being all warm and cozy and yet fruity, and I still stand by that statement. It’s warm because it’s definitely got Caramel and Vanilla in there, but it’s also got something sugary sweet as well. It might sound like overkill (which it is, during the hotter months lol), but together they just… work. The fruity, somewhat citrus-y element makes it smell deelish! I’d definitely repurchase this thing if they ever brought it back!

Red Velvet Cheer (Indulge in a treat full of Christmas Cheer with a blend of Festive Apple, Hot Cocoa & Winter Woods) I believe I purchased this baby during Winter 2016 (dis) which is around the time I started realizing that B&BW were selling old products (Holiday 2015) and passing them off as new (Holiday 2016). The Holiday 2016 Collection did not have the cartoon-y bear depicted on the packaging. The Holiday 2015 Collection was the Collection that had the cartoon-y bear. However, the Holiday 2015 Collection was only released and displayed in stores during Winter 2016, under the banner of “New Collection”. I’ve been keeping an eye out and have noticed the same issue happening over and over again with Bath&Body Works. Last year during Winter 2018, they did the same thing, by releasing the Holiday 2017 Collection on December 2018 (so shady). I even took photos of it as proof (dis). Anyways, back to Red Velvet Cheer, I gave away the Body Lotion to our driver (dis) and kept the other for myself and have completely finished up the Shower Gel. Red Velvet Cheer was a delectable chocolate-y indulgence and I absolutely loved using it during Winter!

Cup of Warmth – Vanilla Chai & Biscotti (Vanilla Chai, Toasted Biscotti, A Sprinkle of Nutmeg) I picked these up for KD 1 each during the Semi-Annual Sale back in early 2017 (dis). Honestly, the packaging and the name drew me in, but the scent sealed the deal. Initially, I also likened the scent to my beloved Peach Citrus (dis) and by extension Agave Papaya Sunset. That’s why I also picked up x2 of Cup of Warmth. Despite the discrepancies in the notes of all 3 scents, I’ve narrowed the resemblance down to the “cozy” or “warmth” factor. All 3 have that delicious syrupy sweetness! That’s why I thoroughly enjoyed using all three “different” scents and I’d probably repurchase every one of them again!

Twisted Peppermint (Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, and Fresh Balsam) I picked this up during that same Semi-Annual Sale in early 2017 for only KD 1 (dis). I only got this on a whim, but man, was I blown away by the scent! In fact, I’ve been wanting to repurchase it, ever since. Supposedly, they bring it out every Winter, but just my luck, they didn’t bring it out last year (as shown here) which is why I had to make do with those funky Room Sprays and Foaming Hand Soap instead (dis). That said, if Bath&Body Works continue their shady behavior of putting out the previous year’s Holiday Collection and marketing it as the current year’s Holiday Collection, it’s safe to assume that I’ll be seeing this in stores within the next few months, because Twisted Peppermint was in fact included in the Holiday 2018 Collection. Question is, do I really want to purchase a 12 month old Shower Gel that’s been rotting away in storage under suspect conditions?

Sweet Cranberry Rose (Fresh Cranberry, Rose Petals and Soft Autumn Musk) There was a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” on this release (back in early 2017), so I chose the Sweet Cranberry Rose Body Cream and Pink Cashmere Foaming Scrub and got the Sweet Cranberry Rose Shower Gel for free (dis). Unlike the other two products from this release, I wasn’t really interested in the Shower Gel, but you couldn’t mix and match stuff from other Collections. Also, the seriously annoying SA was distracting me. Since I really had my heart set on the other two, I just grabbed this thing on account that it was free. As I stated earlier, everything that I got from this release, ended up being a fail! The Body Cream smelled like Play-Do in under a month or so (due to the packaging). The Body Scrub left a residue on my skin and didn’t even smell that nice. The Shower Gel did the job, but the scent brought me no joy. It smelled like “old lady perfume” with barely a hint of fruitiness. Fails all around.

Sea-Tox Sea Mineral (A Mermaid-Approved blend of Soft Sea Breeze, Salty Ocean Waves & Crisp Aquatic Florals) This baby was from the Mermaid Approved Sea-Tox Collection which I stumbled on at Mishref Co-Op towards the end of August 2018 (dis) and hauled because of the mer-mazing deal they had (everything was reduced KD 2/750 each). Initially, I only picked up the one (dis), but enjoyed the scent so much that I picked up x2 more of the Body Wash during the Semi-Annual Sale back in January 2019 (dis). As much as I love my gourmands, recently I’ve been finding them quite… annoying, especially the extra sweet ones and especially during the hotter months. Once the temperature begins to rise, I find myself gravitating more towards zesty, uplifting and unisex scents. This one fit the bill perfectly! Plus, looking at the cute lil mermaid on the packaging makes me smile because it puts me in the mindset of my old-school JRPGs (I used to stan Playstation back in the day, but now I’m all about Xbox)!

Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps

I’m absolutely devastated by the fact that I can no longer find Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps at Bath&Body Works (bring them back)! Sure, they’re absolute murder on your hands, but no other Liquid Hand Soaps make me feels as clean! I simply adore the names and images on the packaging, and more importantly the scents, and the fact that they even include the fragrance notes on the side. My only issue is that sometimes the Dispenser doesn’t pop up, so it has to be returned… except they don’t accept returns/exchanges (based on my experience). Regardless, I love them and I miss them and I really hope I start seeing them in stores again, because I need them! Bring them back! Bring them back! Bring them back!

I’ve separated these into groups by scent; with the first being the refreshing aquatic and uplifting lemon-y ones, the next group being all the fruity ones and the last group consisting of all the sweet gourmands. All of these are Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, except for Mediterranean Blue Waters which was a Creamy Luxe Hand Soap (iridescent-y liquid) and Pumpkin Cupcake and Caramel Pumpkin Cupcake which were Nourishing Hand Soaps.

– Endless Weekend
– Turquoise Waters
– Mediterranean Blue Waters
– Sea Salt Citrus
– Lovely Lemon Meringue
– Island Margarita

Endless Weekend (White Hydrangea, Violet Blossoms, Sparkling Citrus) (haulage here) I picked this up at Semi-Annual Sale the beginning of this year (January 2019). With this one, it wasn’t so much about the smell, as much as it was about the fact that I actually found a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (with the exfoliating beads and all) after having to go without them for so long! The Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps seem to have disappeared from B&BW. The scent wasn’t amazing, but it was sufficiently fruity, thanks to the “sparkling citrus”. I’ve actually purchased Endless Weekend as a Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Self-Tanning Lotion, Hair Mist and Candle previously as part of The Perfect Summer Collection (haulage here) and wasn’t impressed by the scent back then either. Regardless, I was so excited to randomly find a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (any scent would’ve sufficed) that I started using it right away and finished it all up in under a week!

Turquoise Waters (Bergamot, Day Lily & Sea Spray) (haulage here) After consciously avoiding Bath&Body Works for what felt like a year, I picked this up towards the end of August 2017. I tried and failed at finding a substitute for their Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (from other brands) and was going through withdrawal symptoms, so I was extra thankful for this thing! Pleasant name, pleasant packaging, pleasant scent! Just all around pleasant! I enjoyed using up this baby, mainly because it smelled wonderfully “oceanic” and unisex! I’m definitely going to repurchase this again (I’m pretty sure they re-release it pretty regularly in other forms too).

Mediterranean Blue Waters Creamy Luxe Hand Soap (Ocean Breeze, Sparkling Lemon & White Peony) (haulage here) Also picked this up during that same haul towards the end of August 2017. Dontcha’ just love the packaging? Even the liquid housed inside was all iridescenty and stunning! Other than looking absolutely gorgeous, it also smelled equally gorgeous! Despite not being a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, I actually loved Mediterranean Blue Waters, because the scent was simply sublime! It actually reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (reviewed here)! It was all aquatic and uplifting and just… gorgeous! I would’ve loved to have found the same scent as a Shower Gel and Candle and heck even a Hair Mist! In fact, much later (during one of the semi-annual sales), I randomly stumbled upon the Body Lotion (in equally stunning limited edition square packaging), but sadly it mostly smelled like play-do (probably already expired), which is why I didn’t purchase it on the spot. With that being said, if Bath & Body Works ever re-release Mediterranean Blue Waters, I’d probably purchase the entire collection! It’s definitely one of my all-time favorite scents from B&BW! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Sea Salt Citrus (Be captivated by this fresh coastal blend of Seaside Lemon, Sea Salt and Olive Blossom) (haulage here) I snagged this baby during the Semi-Annual Sale for only KD 1 a pop! Wow! Wow! WOW! I only bought this ‘cuz it was on Sale and listed Lemon and Sea Salt in the notes, both of which I tend to enjoy in a scent. I even sniffed it in-store and thought it smelled pleasant. However, with use, it totally reminded me of another gorgeous combo of Olive and Lemon, which was the Nivea/Labello Lip Balm in the scent Olive Oil & Lemon (here). It’s hard to explain, but it’s just such an unexpectedly beautiful scent! I wish they’d release it in other forms (Candle, Fine Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Lotion), because I’d be so down for buying the entire range! Heck, I wish they’d re-release this baby already! Sea Salt Citrus is without a doubt, my all-time favorite Hand Soap scent from B&BW! If I had to pick my #1, this would be it! In fact, I’m still holding on to my last one… because I don’t want to use it… because then I’d really be out (… issues).

Lovely Lemon Meringue (The perfect blend of sweet and tart with Meyer Lemon, Fluffy Marshmallow and Vanilla Extract) (haulage here) I picked this up during that same Semi-Annual Sale for only KD 1 per pop as well. As expected, this smelled mouthwateringly delicious and very similar if not identical to Lemon Meringue Cheer (dis)! Every time I’d wash my hands with this stuff, I’d have the biggest smile on my face! It smelled impossibly delicious! Lovely indeed! Obviously, I’d repurchase this baby in a heartbeat!

Island Margarita (Kick back and relax with freshly squeezed Lime kissed with Sea Salt) (haulage here) I picked up x4 of Island Margarita during the Semi-Annual Sale as well. Based on the packaging, it seemed like it was from the Fiesta Collection (dis), which was already pretty old, at that point. I was so sure I’d love Island Margarita based on my experience with previous versions of the same scent, that I quite optimistically stocked up. Sadly, these didn’t smell delicious in any way (maybe because they were old). In fact, they just smelled… grassy. So disappointing.

– Honolulu Sun
– Cactus Flower & Coconut
– Strawberry Picnic
– Poolside Punch

Honolulu Sun (Fresh Island Coconut & Pacific Palm) (haulage here) I picked this up towards the end of August 2017, after experiencing withdrawal symptoms from being away from my beloved Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps lol This smelled like straight up Sweet Coconuts! Way better than the more perfume-y earlier versions (they re-release Honolulu Sun every Summer in several forms). Yumm!

Cactus Flower & Coconut (Beautiful blend of Cactus Flower, Iced Coconut and Lemon Sugar) (haulage here and a lot more here) Despite the picture depicted, this was surprisingly lemon-y! It wasn’t my most favorite scent in the world, due to the floral notes and whatever else, but it wasn’t bad either. It did the job. I wouldn’t repurchase though, as I find “perfume-y” scents (anything that smells floral lol) quite annoying, after some time.

Strawberry Picnic (Sugared Strawberry, Sparkling Lemon & Summer Breeze) (haulage here) Yuck. No wonder I got this on sale for only KD /750. It smelled like rotten fruit. Ugh!

Poolside Punch (Sweet Mango, Chilled Raspberries, Juicy Blood Orange) (haulage here) Double Yuck. No wonder I got this on sale for only KD /750. It smelled like rotten fruit too. Ugh! Maybe it did smell nice one upon a time (when it was first released), but after rotting away in storage for God only knows how long, it smelled rank! The lesson here being, if it’s too good to be true (relatively cheap price point), it probably is (rancid scent). There’s always a catch (because… Kuwait) lol

– Boardwalk Vanilla Cone
– Pumpkin Cupcake
– Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
– Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla
– Pumpkin Frost

Boardwalk Vanilla Cone (Marshmallow Fluff, Vanilla Bean & Creamy Caramel) (haulage here and a lot more here) My #1 worst-smelling Hand Soap from B&BW lol Total blind-buy (purely based on the notes) and total regret! So sure that I would love the scent, I even stocked up on it, without even giving it a sniff lol Ugh, Boardwalk Vanilla Cone was the worst! Something about this particular version of Vanilla just turns my stomach. Hate it! Even though I got them during the Semi-Annual Sale for KD 1 each (back in early 2017), I still feel like it was such a waste of money!

Pumpkin Cupcake Nourishing Hand Soap (Baked Pumpkin, Whipped Vanilla Frosting & Golden Honey) (haulage here) One of my more recent purchases (November 2018), this contained the same form of Vanilla found in Boardwalk Vanilla Cone, which I found so offensive! Hate it!

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Nourishing Hand Soap (Luscious Caramel, Brown Sugar & Creamy Vanilla) (haulage here) Another one of my more recent purchases (Sparkling Limoncello went to the outdoor-sink in the roof-top BBQ area at my uncle’s home and Ocean went to my older brother). Caramel Pumpkin Swirl was obnoxiously sweet, but substantially less offensive than Boardwalk Vanilla Cone and Pumpkin Cupcake. Do not like.

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla (Rich Vanilla Beans sprinkled with Sugar Crystals and freshly ground Mexican Cinnamon) (haulage here) I suppose even our appreciation for scents is relative, because right after finishing up one of the Cactus Flower & Coconut ones, I started using Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla and loved it so much that I decided to give the other away to friends (they’d just moved into a new apartment, so it was among the “care package”), and saved the last one for myself (to be used much later) in an attempt to savor it. However, after months of using Foaming Hand Soaps, the Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps seemed so abrasive in comparison! Also, the scent was incredibly cloying! I couldn’t smell any Vanilla! All I got was tons and tons of Cinnamon. Ugh, it was horrible! I don’t know if I’d ever repurchase this again.

Pumpkin Frost (Creamy Pumpkin wrapped in Spiced Vanilla) (haulage here) I enjoyed using up the two that I got! They looked cute (the pumpkins had glitter on them) and smelled so yummy that they made me seriously crave a slice of Pumpkin Pie! I’d definitely repurchase if I ever spotted it again.

Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps

I much prefer the Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps over the Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps, but for whatever reason, Bath&Body Works seem to have stopped selling Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps in Kuwait. That’s why I’ll cave, from time to time, and pick up a Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. They’re not my favorite, but whatevs.

Snowflakes & Lemons – Rose Water & Ivy – Twisted Peppermint – Toasted Vanilla Chai

Snowflakes & Lemons (deliciously fresh blend of Icy Lemons, Grapefruit Peel and Nectarines) (haulage here) I picked this up towards the end of 2017 when I took my niece to Bath&Body Works and got her a matching one in Vanilla Bean Noel. Honestly, the bell-shaped packaging looked too cute and festive to pass up! With that being said, although slightly larger than the average Foaming Hand Soap, it felt like it took for-ever to use this thing all up. As much as I adore anything and everything lemon-scented, I was quickly becoming bored with Snowflakes & Lemons and was glad to finally see it go.

Rose Water & Ivy (Soft Rose Petals, Rainkissed Ivy, Spring Musk) (haulage here) I got Rose Water & Ivy because of a promo they were having back in November 2018. This thing literally smelled like Beer! Yuck!

Twisted Peppermint (Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Fresh Balsam) (haulage here) I got Twisted Peppermint because of a promo they were having back in December 2018. This thing literally tried to kill me. Every. Single. Time. The fumes from this thing were practically noxious! Honestly, the only reason I picked it up as a Foaming Hand Soap was because I couldn’t find it as a Shower Gel (which I’m sure would’ve been less inclined to, y’know, murder me). I suppose the fact that it was already 12 months old (sold under the pretense of being “new”) had something to do with it smelling so… toxic.

Toasted Vanilla Chai (Whipped Vanilla, Spun Sugar, Winter Spice) (haulage here) I picked this up during a random sale they were having (right before the Semi-Annual Sale) during January 2019. Despite the juvenile packaging, the scent on Toasted Vanilla Chai was a very, very welcome respite, after all that unpleasant from the previous horrible scents. I would’ve loved it if it was in a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap instead though. Would I repurchase this thing as a Gentle Foaming Hand Soap again? 50/50

Phew! This was a really long post and took a lot of cross-referencing, but it’s finally over lol Hope you enjoy this post!

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