Sunkist Pineapple Juice + PMS (TMI Time)

I’ve tasted Pineapple Juice from most of the available brands in the country and the winner (by far) is the one from Sunkist! It’s been my favorite drink of choice, I wanna’ say… since this past March.

Honestly, I just wanted something “refreshing” to perk me up during the day, but was also a healthier alternative to my pseudo-coffee drinks (dis). Mango Juice was too rich and overly sweet for my taste. Orange Juice tasted too artificial. Fruit Punch tasted… gross. Apple Juice gave me cramps. The list goes on and on.

Finally, I settled on Pineapple Juice. I tried several brands, but they all tasted… off, somehow. I can’t remember any of the brands right now, other than KDD. The one from KDD tasted like it had other fruits in there as well, which didn’t appeal to me. On a whim, I grabbed x2 Juice Boxes of Sunkist Pineapple Nectar from the Mini-Mart in our block. It was love at first sip! It was perfectly tart and sweet, and more importantly refreshing, especially while the temperature rose outside!

I started buying Sunkist Pineapple Juice in bulk, and as an unfortunate side-effect, was forced into playing hide-and-go-seek to find this stuff, because it went out of stock (everywhere) pretty regularly. Our driver would be out on an errand and snag a six-pack or two for me, from the most obscure of places.

I picked up x2 Juice Boxes from the Mini-Mart in my neighborhood, finished them back-to-back and have been repurchasing this stuff in bulk, ever since. Brace yourself for some TMI, but as a fun side-effect, my period has been out of whack, ever since I started guzzling this stuff.

As opposed to before, where it used to show up on schedule (by the day), now it’s all like “Surprise!” a week, sometimes two weeks earlier than expected (so annoying). I finally narrowed the culprit down to Pineapple Juice and asked my girls about it, and all of them confirmed it. Unbeknownst to me, apparently Pineapple Juice sped up the cycle of your period. It’s also why pregnant women are told to avoid drinking Pineapple Juice. It was a whole “thing” and at 34 years of age, I was only just finding out about it now lol Granted I pretty much avoided Pineapple Juice for most of my life, because it was pretty much like drinking liquid fire (dis), but I did indulge in Pina Coladas (which included Coconut Water that sorta’ toned down the Pineapple and therefore made it feel less like liquid fire and more like a tiny flame lol), but never experienced any anomalies during my “cycle”.

Sadly, I gotta’ say G’bye to Sunkist Pineapple Nectar for now, because I’m back on my ineffective heartburn meds (dis) and as delicious as this stuff was, it just wasn’t worth the agita.

3 thoughts on “Sunkist Pineapple Juice + PMS (TMI Time)

  1. I havent tried this mainly coz i hate pineapple but now am intrigued. I love the sunkist orange juice that comes in a plastic cup with the foil cover on top. :)


  2. Yup, Orange Sunkist in the plastic cup w/ foil cover is a classic! My affection for it was rekindled several years back and I used to go through boxes and boxes of that stuff for months on end, but then I started noticing discrepancies in the taste. It started tasting funky to me (the taste differed from cup to cup) and I switched to Mango Sunkist, in the glass bottles for months and months, until it started tasting funky too (taste differed from bottle to bottle) lol When I love something, I wanna’ have it all the time… until I hate it lol Now, l only get the Orange Sunkist (sometimes plastic cups, sometimes juice boxes) in bulk for the kids, but will “indulge” (from time to time).

    If Pineapple Juice isn’t your thing, I suggest getting the Juice Box in a Mini-Size (just to try). If you ever do try it, lemme know how that goes :)


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