Badshah – Paagal

I don’t particularly care for Arab Music because it all sounds the same to me. Rarely, if ever, am I moved by Arabic Music and don’t even get me started on the Music Videos that go along with those Arabic Songs. They’re just so… cheesy. The same goes for Indian Music. Worst of all, they blatantly steal copy popular Western Songs (from the actual Music down to the plot-line of the Music Video). I’m well aware of the reason behind this specific formula, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. As such, I don’t watch/listen to Arabic/Indian Music.

With that being said, after decades of avoiding both, I was quite curious to see/hear if the Record-Breaking Song (75 Million Views within the first 24 Hours of its debut on YouTube) was worth the hype…

The song in question was called Paagal (which from my minimal understanding of Hindi meant “crazy”) and was by the Indian Rapper who goes by Badshah.

Right off the bat, the music sounded very different from the stereotypical Indian Love Songs in Indian Movies (think Orchestral Instruments with Female Vocals) or the more upbeat and festive drum-oriented Bhangra Music. The beat, while not necessarily unique, did sound more modern. In fact, it sounded like something out of any given song by Pitbull.

There was some rapping by Badshah and some singing also by Badshah and some of it was in English, and there was even some auto-tune involved too. Since I couldn’t understand what was being said, none of it resonated with me. The chorus was pretty catchy, though! I’ll give it that.

As for the Music Video, it had the stereotypical dancing troupe (there’s always a large group of dancers in every single Indian Music Video), but the dancers were neither mainly locals nor Caucasian Blondes (which was pretty much the only dancers I’d ever see in Bollywood Movies). From what I could tell, it seemed like they had dancers from all over! I was particularly blown away by the stun-ning woman strutting in front of the car in slow-mo at the start! Turns out, she’s a Playboy Model who goes by Rose Romero (can’t seem to find anything else on her online) who has previously worked with Daddy Yankee and J Balvin. In any case, it appeared to be an eclectic mix of dancers (good job, very inclusive), which was something I hadn’t seen before in Indian Music Videos.

Although I find heavily choreographed dancing in Indian Music Videos quite outdated (especially the gender-segregated ones, where it cuts from the lady dancers to the gentlemen dancers and so on), in this instance, they seemed to be having some sort of dance-off… or something (I dunno’). Aside from the obligatory hip thrusts from the boys (again, every Indian Music Video male dance troupe has that “move”) and the side-to-side twisting of the slightly raised foot in the forefront with the back foot firmly planted on the ground “move” for the girls, the rest of the “moves” were way more modern than what I was expecting. They seemed to be heavily influenced by Jamaican Dance aka Dancehall, which always seems effortlessly cool, but in this case, sometimes came across as flat out cheesy. Heck, even the all-black color-coordinated outfits in one scene and rainbow vomit aesthetic in the next, was a bit too “matchy-matchy” for me. Aside from what model Rose Romero was wearing (love, love, loved her outfit at the start), everyone else seemed to be stuck in 1999 (no joke, one girl was straight up sporting Bantu Knots).

With that being said, both the Music and accompanying Video were way better and somewhat more modern than I was expecting (as I said, I don’t watch/listen to Arabic Music/Indian Music, so for all I know, they could all be like this nowadays)! There was nothing particularly original or unique about any of it, but all in all, I could see myself enjoying listening to the Song in my car or whatever, while the Music Video on the other hand, just grated on my nerves (which is exactly the same way I feel about Arabic Music Videos) and I don’t think I’ll be watching it again… ever (not my cup of tea).

Was the song enjoyable? Sure! Pretty catchy!

Was it worth the hype? Definitely not!

Now speaking as someone who doesn’t understand the lyrics of either song, this seemed mighty familiar…

Kamal Raja came out with this song called Trouble back in 2017. The chorus sounded suspiciously similar to the 2019 Paagal by Badshah lol

Just sayin’

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