MAC Electric Wonder Collection

Switch on electric summer feels! New naturally charged lip and eye shadows serve a wonderstruck summer of bronzing.

I had to get something from the Electric Wonder Collection, if for the pretty packaging alone!

Electric Wonder included:

– x2 Eyeshadow Palettes (12 shades each)
– x1 Face Palette (6 shades)
– x2 Next to Nothing Bronzers
– x2 Iridescent Powders
– x5 Lipsticks
– x5 Lipglass
– x2 Makeup Brushes

I first noticed the MAC Electric Wonder Collection appear up on Nordstrom, when I was placing an order for my Hair Care Haul (dis). The collection was so new at the time, that even the YouTubers and Bloggers that got the collection as PR hadn’t swatched it yet. I had nothing to go by, except the official descriptions and the campaign photos (shown above), which were effectively useless lol

Initially, I was lusting after the Natural Vice Eyeshadow Palette (because it looked cool-toned) and Serenity Seeker Iridescent Powder (because… pretty) and possibly Canyon Dreamin’ Next to Nothing Bronzer (the shade description got me). However, once the swatches slowly started trickling online, I had to reassess.

I kept adding each of the Iridescent Powders and Next to Nothing Bronzers to my online shopping cart in turn… and then deleting them. I felt like I needed to swatch them, and play around with them, before making a final decision. It occurred to me, that other than not being sure of what the shades might actually look like (on my odd sallow skin), any of them I end up getting, might possibly arrived all shattered (from being jostled around in-transit).

Long story short, I didn’t end up purchasing anything from the Electric Wonder Collection through Nordstrom during my Hair Care Haulage (dis), because… too many unknown variables. I wasn’t really broken up about it though, because I’m kinda over MAC and maybe even Makeup in general (well, I don’t find myself getting as excited about it as much).

Eyeshadow Palettes (12 shades each)

I was only interested in the shades Diamond Butterfly (silver white shimmer, frost finish) in the Natural Vice Eyeshadow Palette and I was only interested in the shades Marzipan (muted plummy taupe, matte finish) in the Desert Lightning Eyeshadow Palette.

Obviously, I couldn’t get either Eyeshadow Palette, just for a single shade. The other shades could’ve been useful, but I felt like I’ve got something similar to most of them already in my collection. Heck, I even owned dupes of Diamond Butterfly and Marzipan and I actually use Cork on the regular (for my brows).

Face Palette (6 shades)

The Ignite Wonder Face Palette didn’t interest me, at all. Blech.

Next to Nothing Bronzers

I didn’t want to get both Next to Nothing Bronzers, but couldn’t decide between them. Canyon Dreamin’ (yellow brown) sounded perfect, but what if it was too light? They were named Next to Nothing after all. Then again, what if Sun-Soaked Strip (warm light red brown) was too red and ended up looking muddy on me?

Iridescent Powders

As for the Iridescent Powders, from the moment I laid eyes on them, they had my heart! Unfortunately, I faced the same issue with these Iridescent Powders that I did with the Next to Nothing Bronzers.

I was really feeling Serenity Seeker (warm gold), but what if it was too light (invisible on me) or pure shimmer, or worse, metallic? Into Eternity (rosy pink) seemed pretty, but what if it was too dark on me?


From the Lipsticks, I liked the nudes, Feelin Sedimental (light corally beige, satin finish) and The Naturalist (warm peachy nude, lustre finish), but how many nudes does a girl need?

Let’s Mesa Around (light bubblegum blue pink, lustre finish) sounded like it’d be unflattering since I don’t do blue pinks.

Life in Sepia (muted mauvey brown, matte finish) seemed interesting as did Natural Born Leader (muted red berry, matte finish), but it was a gamble (on whether I could pull them off or nah) and I wasn’t interested in getting stuck with Lipsticks that I might potentially not be able to wear.


Since they were shimmery, I wasn’t interested in any of the Lipglass shades, aside from Coral of the Wild (light corally nude), but I already own a ton of milky peachy-nude glosses.

Makeup Brushes

Finally the 243SES (Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush) and 126SES (Split Fibre Large Face Brush) did nothing for me, because I find most Split Fibre Brushes (not to be confused with Duo Fibre Brushes)… kinda’ ugly lol

Weeks later, while taking the kids to see Aladdin (at Souq Sharq), I clocked the Electric Wonder display at MAC and popped in for a quick peek (it really was quick, because for one, I had the kids with me and two, we had a movie to catch).

Up close, all x3 Palettes (1 Face, 2 Eyeshadow) seemed meh. I hurriedly swatched all x4 Compacts though and as expected, the Iridescent Powders just didn’t excite me as much. I was obsessed (still very much so) with my Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder from the Faerie Whispers Collection (dis) which at first, I wasn’t the least bit interested in, up until I swatched it in-store and fell in lurrrve! I was kinda’ hoping for a repeat with these Iridescents Powders, but no such luck. That said, I ended up liking the tone of Canyon Dreamin’ a wee bit more than Sun-Soaked Strip.

I swatched all x5 Lippies for the heck of it. The nudes were too light and the darker shades were too dark… and honestly, I’ve already got way too many Lipsticks that were extremely similar to them anyway. However, Let’s Mesa Around had sparked my interest! Although it was described as a blue pink, it had a glossy finish, that made it infinitely more wearable! Also, it was just so cute!

I ended up getting Canyon Dreamin’ Bronzing Powder and Let’s Mesa Around Lipstick.

Canyon Dreamin’ Next to Nothing Bronzing Powder (yellow brown) retails for KD 10/500

A creamy, lightweight bronzing powder that boasts long-lasting, high comfort wear. The silky-soft texture features micro-light boosters that guarantee the look of healthy radiance – no filters needed! The result is a soft-focused, believable glow. Offering sheer to medium buildable coverage and a natural luminous finish. Specially designed in matte pink marble packaging with flashes of metallic gold.

– Refines skin texture
– Instant radiance
– Stay-true colour
– Long-wearing
– Controls oil
– Oil-free
– Non-drying

All those Bronzers I’ve been stockpiling from ELF (dis) kinda’ go on all matte, which isn’t the most flattering on dry skin. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from MAC are neither shimmery nor matte. I mean, they look sorta’ matte, but they’ve also got this gorgeous light-reflecting quality that gives you that lit-from-within glow! I will amend that by saying it depends on the shade you choose (obvi).

For years, my “go to” has been Give Me Sun, which I typically use to warm up my face. However, it’s a tad too orange on me (I’m a bit pale at the moment). In comes Canyon Dreamin’ to the rescue! The name does nothing for me, but the shade, as you can see, is sufficiently yellow enough, to give me a more “realistic tan”.

Let’s Mesa Around Lipstick (light bubble gum blue pink, lustre finish) retails for KD 8/500

A limited-edition Lipstick in five hues and three textures. The iconic product that made M∙A∙C famous. Specially designed in matte pink marble packaging with flashes of metallic gold.

Let’s Mesa Around (Mesa meaning the landform as in a Canyon and not Mhysa as in “Mother” of Dragons) also did nothing for me name-wise (MAC running out of ideas?), but shade-wise, I quite liked it! It was nice and glossy, but also subtle enough for my taste (somewhat sheer). Basically, Let’s Mesa Around was like a Lipgloss (like, a normal gloss, not the thick and sticky Lipglass from MAC) in Lipstick form!

In hindsight, the packaging wasn’t really that pretty lol In fact, coupled with all those “flashes of gold”, I found it a bit… tacky. Also the concept of this collection and the shade names were… meh. I was however utterly smitten with both shades I got, because they were not only cute, but also highly flattering (which was next to impossible on my odd sallow skin tone lol) and that’s what counts! I tried to take a photo of the swatches in direct sunlight (well, the sun was setting) so you could get a better idea of what they looked like, hopefully.

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