ELF Summer Haulage

ELF were having a 50% off Sale, but only on select items (mostly Tools and Brushes and some of their less expensive products).

As usual, none of the newer items were included. So, I used up my Beauty Reward Points (every $1 spent at ELF = 1 Beauty Point) to activate the “Choose Your Own Sale Day” (15% – 25% off) option. That way, I could purchase the other items I wanted (that had not been included in the 50% off Sale) at a discounted price too! I also used up my Beauty Reward Points to redeem several items (got them for free).

I listed both the original price and the reduced price, next to each item and in parenthesis listed whether the item was part of the 50% off Sale or if I had used “Beauty Points” (ELF’s Loyalty Program). Instead of being $175 the total was $100.75 (well, $109.69 with tax) which was KD 30 (about KD 33 with tax).

Shortly after I placed this order, ELF released a whole slew of new products. So, it’s safe to assume that every time they had a 50% Sale, they were most probably going to be releasing new stuff, soon after.

Flawless Finish Foundation in the shades Buttercup and Linen reduced from $6.00 to $4.50 (points) (new shades)

After I’d finally gone ahead and purchased a whole bunch of different shades (dis) ELF released even more new shades (couldn’t they have done that before I’d gotten the older shades? Annoying).

Their Flawless Finish Foundation now had forty (40) different shades in total! The shades were divided into Fair and Light and Medium and Tan and Deep and Rich, with the undertones divided into Cool and Neutral and Warm. Good job, ELF (very inclusive)!

That said, the weather was way too hot (they might not survive the trip) to risk getting more than two, especially considering the fact that I kinda’ don’t wear Foundation. Eventually, I settled on the shade Buttercup (light with peachy undertones) and the shade Linen (medium with golden undertones).

Flawless Concealer in the shades Fair Warm and Light Sand and Medium Peach and Medium Sand reduced from $5.00 to $3.75 (points) (new product)

As I’d mentioned earlier, ELF also released 2 different Concealers; 16Hr Camo Concealer (the one everyone was raving about) and the Flawless Concealer. They shades were also divided into Fair and Light and Medium and Tan and Deep and Rich, with the undertones divided into Cool and Neutral and Warm. They both had 18 different shades each.

Despite the fact that everyone loved the 16Hr Camo Concealer, I knew it wouldn’t work for me. As opposed to the rest of the world – who happen to have oily skin – my skin is Sahara-level dry, meaning thicker Concealers with a matte finish just do not work for me. That’s why I actually prefer a more light-weight, illuminating Concealer with some slip to it. So, I decided to skip the 16Hr Camo Concealer and instead set my sights on the Flawless Concealer.

I kinda’ wanted them all, but settled for just these four… for now. I went with the shades Fair Warm (fair with yellow undertones) and Light Sand (light with warm undertones) and Medium Peach (medium with peach undertones) and Medium Sand (medium with neutral undertones).

Sheer Blurring Under Eye Primer reduced from $5.00 to $3.75 (points) (new product)

Personally, I feel that having dark circles under my eyes while I’m trying to rock a beautifully iridescent Eye Look is extremely irritating! My Eyeshadow would be all light-reflecting and glowy, while my under-eye area would be all dark and bruise-y lookin’, which I feel, really detracts from my pretty Eyeshadow!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind having dark circles, especially since I kinda’ earned them (not enough sleep/water/care). I don’t mind them when I leave the house without a stitch of makeup on, and I don’t mind them when I’ve got full makeup on (otherwise known as a beat face). I do however, mind them (very, very much) when I’m going for a “Glowy” Eye Look.

That’s why – no matter how gimmicky – I keep snatching up things like this Sheer Blurring Under Eye Primer. It was out of stock the first few times I wanted it (along with the Poreless Putty Primer which was still out of stock at the time of this order). Now that this thing was finally back in stock, I snatched it up immediately. With that being said, every time I go for one of my “Glowy” Eye Looks, I’ll set this baby aside to use, but totally chicken out, because I don’t want it to potentially ruin all my hard work lol I’m sure I’ll get around to using it… eventually.

Brow Gels

I also snatched up these two behbehs, one was a repurchase, while the other was newly released. Sadly, they just don’t play well together, but apart, they do the job and they do it well!

“Beautifully Bare” Sheer Tint Brow Gel in the shade Dark reduced from $5.00 to $2.50 (50% off) (repurchase)

Available in Clear and Light and Medium and Dark. I’ve purchased this Brow Gel in the shade Dark earlier (here). Even though it’s in the shade Dark, I didn’t notice it imparting much color to my brows (maybe because of the skinny brush, which was more like a Spoolie) hence the name Sheer Tint. The tint was slightly more noticeable when my brows were completely bare though.

I still haven’t finished up the one I have, but since these usually go for $5 each (bit much for ELF), and happened to be on sale (50% off), I figured I’d go ahead and get a back-up. I really like it, because it’s basically Hairspray for my brows. I’ll comb a little bit of it on, and for the rest of the day, my brows will not budge! I especially like it for combing the front part of my brows. That said, if you fill in your brows with powder (like me), be careful when using this stuff, because it’s kinda’ wet and can kinda’ wipe off the powder lol

Wow Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in the shade Neutral Brown reduced from $4 to $3 (points) (new product)

Available in Taupe and Neutral Brown and Brunette and Deep Brown and Black. Now this itty-bitty thing actually imparted way more color to your brows, because the tiny brush wasn’t as skinny. In fact, it was next to impossible to get a precise application on the front part of my brows. I’d always have to go back in with Concealer or Makeup Remover for some “clean-up” work (which was annoying). Also, the tiny fibers kinda’ grossed me out…

However, since the brush was so short yet thick, it was ideal for styling (manipulating) your brows in smaller sections. You could do everything from faking an arch to coaxing errant hairs in the direction you wanted. I really like using this stuff both with makeup and without. Basically, this stuff was a dupe for the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set (dis) for a fraction of the price!

Ultra Precise Brow Pencil in the shades Neutral Brown (x2) and Cool Brown (x2) reduced from $5.00 each to $2.50 each (50% off) (repurchase)

More often than not, I’ll use a MAC Eyeshadow to fill in my brows (faster, easier, simpler). However, when I’m going for more defined brows, I’ll take the time to draw them on with a Brow Pencil, fill them in, brush them through with a Spoolie (usually on the other end) and all that.

However, the sad truth was that if you use these things (from any brand) on the daily, they’ll barely last a month. I’d have something important to go to (which would call for a more “polished” look), so I’d reach for my favorite Brow Pencil at the time, and twist it up, only to find that it had run out (at the worst possible time)! I’ve experienced this time and time again. That’s why I’ve sorta’ developed a complex when it comes to brow products and have since learned to buy more than one, at a time.

I picked up one of each during the previous 50% Sale (here), but still couldn’t decide which shade I liked more. So, I just got x2 more of each since they were 50% off again.

Prismatic Highlighting Holographic Duo in the shade Siren’s Call retails for $6 but I got it for Free (points)

Available in the shades Blue Lagoon and Mermaid’s Tail and Siren’s Call. I purchased the shade Blue Lagoon earlier (here) and despite all the negative reviews, kinda’ wanted them all!

Regardless of how crazy the colors might look in-pan, these babies actually go on beautifully! Don’t just swatch them on the back of your hand and dismiss them based on that (they swatch terribly). Channel your inner mermaid and actually wear them on your cheekbones! They look especially pretty as toppers over Blush! I really don’t understand all the hate. Super stoked that I got this baby, and for free too!

Metallic Flare Highlighter in the shade White Gold reduced from $6.00 to $4.50 (points) (new product)

Like I said, ELF released a whole slew of new products, including Luminous Blushes and Metallic Flare Highlighters and Jelly Highlighters and an entire ELF+ range! I had my eye on at least one shade from each of them. However, they all retailed for $6 a pop. So, I waited for the 50% Sale (which came and and went and came again and went), but none of the newer stuff was ever included. Deciding that I could wait no longer, I used up my points and got this baby at a reduced price.

Available in the shades White Gold and Rose Gold and 24K Gold and Bronze Gold. From the moment it was released, I’d been lusting after the shade White Gold. From the beautiful pale yellow shade, to the gorgeous embossed design, this baby had my heart! Also, I don’t do flare (sounds extra), but I figured it’d be fun for photos and stuff.

Honestly, I was expecting it to be a dupe of my beloved MAC Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish (haulage here), but I could not be more wrong! It was so dry! It swatched beautifully on my hands but on my cheeks? Pretty much invisible. I had been looking forward to the Metallic Flare Highlighter the most, only to find out out it was a dud. Disappointing.

Luminous Blush in the shades Radiant Peach and Glowy Rose reduced from $6.00 each to $4.50 each (points) (new product)

Available in the shades Brilliant Mauve and Glowy Rose and Radiant Peach and Luminous Bronze. I was waiting for these to go on sale too, but they never did. So, I used my points to get them for a reduced price. I kinda’ wanted them all, but figured I should just get one (for now) to see how they perform.

I couldn’t decide between Radiant Peach and Glowy Rose, so I went ahead and got both. They’re both equally pigmented (easy to build up too) and quite shimmery… hence the Luminous in the name. I may or may not get Brilliant Mauve in the future, but I’m definitely going to skip Luminous Bronze.

Highlighter in the shade Shy retails for $2 got it for Free (points) (new product)

Available in the shades White Pearl and Shy and Glow. I actually purchased White Pearl in my previous ELF Haul (dis) since it was 50% off. This time I used up my points to get Shy for free. Unlike White Pearl which was actually kinda’ nice, Shy was pretty much invisible on my skin.

Matte Blush Duo in the shades Soft & Subtle and Rosy Flush reduced from $4 each to $2 each (50% off)

Available in the shades Soft & Subtle and Rosy Flush. I wanted to get my hands on these two Matte Blush Duos during the previous 50% Sale (dis), when I’d purchased all the shades of the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powders, but the Matte Blush Duos had been out of stock.

Thankfully, I got the chance to pick them up this time. Soft & Subtle looked somewhat similar to the official photos, but Rosy Flush was way more muted in real life (I don’t see no red). The difference was the Contouring Powders were shimmery, while the Blush Duos were matte, if you were wondering.

Blush in the shade Mellow Mauve reduced from $3.00 to $1.50 (50% off)

Available in the shades Blushing Rose and Mellow Mauve and Berry Merry and Twinkle Pink and Candid Coral. I’d gotten all of them during the previous 50% Sale (dis), but Mellow Mauve had been out of stock. So I got it during this Sale (toldja’ ELF has those pretty regularly).

Thanks to ColourPop Aphrodisiac Super Shock Cheek Blush (haulage here), I’d developed a newfound interest in Mauve-y Tones on the cheeks, and sometimes, the eyes. So I was really looking forward to Mellow Mauve, but was disappointed to find that it was quite sheer (too mellow, I’d say). I suppose I’ll have to experiment some more with Mellow Mauve, because I’m not ready to give up on it just yet.

Sheer Blurring Under Eye Primer + “Shy” Highlighter + “Radiant Peach” Luminous Blush + “Rosy Glow” Luminous Blush + “Siren’s Call” Highlighting Holographic Duo (top) + “White Gold” Flare Highlighter (bottom) + “Soft & Subtle” Matte Blush Duo + “Rosy Flush” Matte Blush Duo + “Mellow Mauve” Blush

Faux Mink Lashes in the styles Drama Queen and Trouble Maker reduced from $5.00 to $3.75 (points) (new product)

ELF had also come out with some Faux Mink Lashes (sure, sure) in the styles Social Butterfly and Drama Queen and Trouble Maker. Generally, False Lashes from ELF tend to be horrible. They barely make a difference! In fact, I get more volume and definition and curl from using just one coat of any given Mascara, as opposed to the Falsies from ELF. My last pair from ELF were the Weylie x ELF Luxe Lash Kit (haulage here) which were awful!

These newer ones seemed promising. They looked considerably thicker (which is what I prefer) and were beautifully spaced out! Also, they came with Tweezers (to apply the Lashes). I wasn’t interested in Social Butterfly (don’t like how it’s spaced out), so I only got Trouble Maker and Drama Queen. Upon arrival, Trouble Maker just looked… ridiculous and so different from the official photos (Grrr)! Thankfully, Drama Queen looked absolutely gawjus, dahling!

Luxe Lash Holder reduced from $5.00 to $2.50 (50% off)

Rather than storing my False Lashes in random places (any flat surface in my bedroom lol) once I take them off, and then having them disappear whenever I needed them, only to reappear attached to a sleeve of my Sweater later on, I figured I’d get a case for them. The one I got from Essence was adorable (dis), but since the one from ELF was 50% off, why not?

*It had arrived in pristine condition, up until I ripped it out of the impossible-to-open packaging and got my paws all over it (hence smudging).

Rose Gold Travel Travel Brush Kit (4pc) reduced from $10 to $5 (50% off)

Travel-Size Angled Blush Brush
Travel-Size Highlighting Brush
Travel-Size Flawless Concealer Brush
Travel-Size Eyeshadow “C” Brush

I thought this lil Kit was pretty cute! I had my eye on it from the moment they released it (I wanna’ say during the Holidays), but didn’t wanna’ pay $10 for x4 travel-size Makeup Brushes. Once it went on Sale, I hurriedly added it to my cart. Honestly? I haven’t opened it to use… yet. That said, the full size of these Makeup Brushes were available for individual purchase (albeit it in Black).


I also picked up a few more Makeup Brushes that were sold individually. Aside from the Blush Brush and Highlighting Brush (in the middle) which were free, the rest were 50% off. I’ll go over each of them, below.

Selfie Ready Buffing Foundation Brush reduced from $6 to $3 (50% off)
Selfie Ready Powder Blurring Brush reduced from $6 to $3 (50% off)

Foundation is not my thing, but I’m trying to make it my thing. Whenever I opt for Foundation, I’d apply it using the Beautifully Precise Swirl Foundation Brush (dis) which was excellent! However, I wanted to branch out. Now these “Selfie Ready” ones (horrible name lol) were released ages ago, but they’ve gotten consistently good reviews since. Also, they were half off.

Angled Blush Brush retails for $4 got it for free (points)
Highlighting Brush retails for $3 got it for free (points)

These two were the full size versions of the ones included in the Rose Gold Travel Brush Kit. They were listed in the redeemable gifts section, so I used my points to snatch them up for free. I figured I could use them with my many ELF Blushes and ELF Highlighters and possibly ELF Bronzers too.

x8 Small Stipple Brush reduced from $3.00 each to $1.50 each (50% off) (repurchase)

My favorite Makeup Brush from ELF! Since it was half off, I wanted to get x10, but apparently the maximum per order was x8 (ya’ learn something new every day). Mostly, I use this baby for my MAC Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish (dis), but also with the ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Blushes and so much more! I just love this thing!

However, it gets annoying when I’m trying to apply a Matte Blush after I’d already used this thing to apply a Shimmery Highlighter. I’d like to have the choice to blend my makeup, rather than being forced into it lol This way, I can use a “fresh” Small Stipple Brush for everything! It might seem crazy to get x8 more, but I’ve loved this baby for years and our love is still going strong!

Sculpting Concealer Brush reduced from $3.00 to $1.50 (50% off) (repurchase)

I like to use this thing for stamping on my Setting Powder (under-eye area). Since I alternate between Translucent Powder (I just can’t spell the word translucent lol) and Yellow Powder, I figured I should “invest” in another similar brush hence dis. Also, it just looks cool (photos here), all triangle-shaped and whatnot!

x2 Tapered Blending Brush reduced from $3.00 each to $1.50 each (50% off) (repurchase)

Excellent for detailed work on smaller eyes! I liked the one I bought before (here) sooo much, that I decided to get x2 more!

Oddly enough, I was actually looking for the Pointed Eye Pencil Brush (same haul) to repurchase a few more, because it was surprisingly excellent (despite being neither pointed nor an actual Eye Pencil Brush lol), but it seems ELF has up and discontinued it. It wasn’t out of stock. It was just… gone.


Laid out side-by-side (sorta’) so you can get a better feel for their size, in comparison with each other.

x2 Dual Pencil Sharpener reduced from $1.00 each to $0.50 each (50% off) (repurchase)

Forget the Dual Sharpener! I bought x2 more of this baby (first hauled here) because the Bonus Sharpener (on the top) was so great at sharpening my Eyeliner Pencils, that I wanted to use it with my Lip Liner Pencils and all my other Pencils! The Dual Sharpener was pretty much trash, but the smaller Bonus Sharpener was fantastic!

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