Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, & Mason Ramsey – Old Town Road (Area 51 Video)

I watched Bob Lazar (doesn’t he kinda’, sorta’ look like Stephen King?) on Joe Rogan’s Podcast, so I feel invested in the story now. That said, when someone created the Storm Area 51 event on Facebook, I personally thought it was hilarious! Now, there’s even an Area 51 version of Old Town Road! LOL The Naruto-run never fails to crack me up! Also, why Keanu? LOLOLOL

Incidentally, while I was listening to the song, all three of my sister’s kids, knew all the words by heart (and yet somehow can’t memorize basic Arabic tsk tsk), so I’m assuming they’ve either watched this version… or any of the billion other versions floating around lol

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