Saveco Haul

I accidentally spent KD 75 (almost $250) at Saveco! lol

The first time I visited the Al Rai branch, was years ago, with me bestie. As soon as I’d entered the place, my immediate thought was “too cold, must leave NOW“. Apparently, Saveco shared Sultan Center’s philosophy of setting the temperature to “arctic” (which was understandable, on account of all the perishables and whatnot… and Kuwait being, you know, a desert country and all). Anyways, I peaced out.

The second time I went to Saveco was much later (either late February or early March of this year), I made sure to bring a jacket with me. Since I wasn’t on the verge of getting frostbite this time, I took a somewhat leisurely stroll around the place. I spotted everything from Essence Cosmetics and Catrice Cosmetics to SheaMoisture Hair Care and a whole bunch of other things that I was very, very interested in! I made a mental note to come back at a later time (when I wasn’t on a mission to find missing recipe ingredients). Eventually, I stumbled upon the Spice Aisle (Spices Aisle? Spice Aisle? I dunno’), grabbed what I needed for the recipe (well, substituted rather) and bounced.

This was only my third visit to the Al Rai branch of Saveco. Unfortunately, both the Essence and Catrice shelves, had their shutters down (closed). I did however, manage to snag some SheaMoisture Hair Care (for one of my nieces) and PureDerm Skincare (for mahself), some Sun Protection stuff (for the kids), some snackage, and some other random bits and bobs (including some “dupes”)! When the dude at the cash register (super friendly older Filipino dude) announced the amount I had to pay, I was legit stunned!

x2 Nivea Fresh Comfort Deodorant retail for KD 1/510

As soon as I walked in, pushing my shopping cart ahead of me, I spotted this Deo Duo nestled among the stack of Value Sets. Generally, I found the rounded packaging of these little Nivea Roll-On Deodorants quite cute and the actual scent Fresh Comfort very pleasant! The first time I purchased it was in 2017 (here) and then again in 2018 (here) and again in 2019 (here). My current one was nowhere near finished (especially since I was alternating between using it and using other deos), but it seemed like a good deal, so I tossed the Deo Duo in my shopping cart.

Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer in the scent Clean & Fresh retails for KD 3/670

Spongeables Foot Buffer was one of the products I alluded to in my Foot Care post (dis). I used to purchase both the Body Wash version and the Pedi-Scrub version in all kinds of different scents and in bulk, from (back before it closed down). I don’t recall them being this expensive though. I decided to get just the one, for old time’s sake.

Baby Foot Moisture Shea Butter Extra Rich Foot Cream retails for KD 4/290

Still in the Foot Care aisle, I came across those ubiquitous Baby Foot Peeling Masks (literally every other brand makes those now), but what sold me on this stuff, was the fact that it was made by the same brand. It read “Made In Japan” on the back and everything! Based on the fact that I believe Japanese and Korean products are far superior, I had to give this stuff a try! Between the Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub (haulage here) and the Spongeables Pedi-Scrub (above) and the Baby Foot Shea Butter Foot Cream, my tootsies were in for a treat!

Silky Shower Loofah Towel (without strap) retails for KD 1/055

In the Personal Care aisle, they had a wide variety of Bath & Shower Accessories; Shower Puffs and Shower Gloves and Exfoliating Cloths/Towels and all kinds of Loofahs. They even had the Mistiq Super Exfoliating Bath & Shower Towel (spotted earlier here and previously purchased here) in all the colors (different levels of grit)! Side-by-side with them, was the Silky Shower Loofah Towel (Made In Japan) which seemed to be nearly identical to the Mistiq Super Exfoliating Bath & Shower Towel. I decided to go for Silky instead (to compare the performance of the two). Basically, this stuff was a dupe of a dupe lol

Tesco Zesty and Zingy Lemon & Mexican Lime Shower Cream (250mL/8.4 oz.) retails for KD /500

Another dupe (a dupe of a dupe, rather) that I found, was this stuff. From the insanely yummy scent of skittles, to the bright green packaging, this stuff was nearly identical to the Boots Zingy Lime Fizz Shower Gel (here)! Also, the one from Tesco cost KD /500 ($1.64) less than the one from Boots!

Nivea SUN Kids Moisturizing Colored Sun Spray SPF50+ (200mL) retails for KD 4/875

I was pretty stoked when I found this stuff! Obviously, I got this stuff for the kids. I’ll spray some on them, not only when they’re going swimming, but also, anytime they were going to be outdoors during the day (in Kuwait’s unforgiving sun). Basically, this stuff applies with a colored tint to it (pastel blue), making it easier to see any spots that you might have missed! Also, it smelled kinda’ nice (like what you’d expect)!

Banana Boat Ultra Protect Faces Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 retails for KD 2/900

I got this stuff for the kids as well, mostly because it was meant to be used on the face specifically. Unfortunately, if you sweat, it can seep into the corners of your eyes and start to sting.

Banana Boat SunComfort Clear UltraMist Sunscreen SP50+ retails for KD 2/230

I got this stuff mainly because… marketing. First of all, it was named SunComfort. Second, on the packaging, it said, “Sand Easily Brushes Off”. Not that I was taking the kids anywhere near the potentially toxic beaches of Kuwait anytime soon, but okay, sold! Haven’t had a chance to use it yet though.

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray (50mL/1.7 oz.) retails for KD 1/400

Awww memories~

Evian was the O.G. Facial Spray! Back before I was ever into makeup-y stuff (early teenage years), I used to purchase this stuff and mist my face as a quick lil pick-me-up and sometimes even in my mouth! That said, I actually purchased those while in Europe (meaning they probably didn’t sit out in the sun or collect dust on shelves for months on end) so I was less worried about ingesting the ones from there. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the ones purchased locally. Still, as a refreshing Face Mist, in this unbearable heat, it’s pretty effective!

I picked up a can of the stuff for old time’s sake, but mainly because of the heat. That said, our live-in Driver saw me spritzing this stuff on my face and asked me what it was. When I explained to him the purpose of it, he kept remarking how it was an ingenious idea (heavily hinting that he was interested in it) so I gave him mine, since he spends more time actually outdoors in the heat.

PureDerm Spot Reducer Gel Patches (30 patches) retail for KD 1/270

PureDerm Dark Circle Eye Reducer Gel Patches w/ sunflower seed oil (6 treatments) retail for KD 1/650

PureDerm Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches w/ ginko extract (6 treatments) retail for KD 1/650

I stumbled on these boxed PureDerm products locally, about 3 or so years ago, at the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition (haulage here). Since then, they’ve slowly been trickling into all the stores, and now you can find them almost anywhere. I even purchased the Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches from Sultan Center (haulage here) way back in February. So I was pretty excited when I noticed that Saveco had a bunch of them too!

I picked up the Dark Circle Reducer and another thing of Eye Puffiness Minimizing, which were pretty self-explanatory. I also snatched up the Spot Reducer, because my near-perfect skin had been acting up for months now. I kept getting spots in exactly the same erm… spots; a spot on my forehead (which other than looking ugly, didn’t really bug me) and a spot my chin (which was deeper down under the skin, but somehow incredibly painful and jarring, almost like being electrocuted. I believe the deeper ones are called Cystic Acne). You could kinda’ see both my babies in the Side… Braid post (dis).

Back home, the Spot Reducer Patch was actually too small for my behemoth of a spot! I had to get the patch to somehow balance on top of the spot, without falling off, all while I slept. I woke up to find that the patch was still on there (good job, Purederm)! I removed it to discover that the base and middle of the spot were still very angry (all rounded and inflamed), while the very top part had flattened out completely. If anything, the spot looked even more ridiculous than before! To be fair, the Spot Reducer Patch had worked, but my zit was just too big lol

Enough was enough. I got out my “tools” (tissues, water and soap lol) and tried to extract the spot (read: I popped it). The pain was excruciating! To the extent that I had to take quick lil pauses, to psyche myself up for the next bout of pain. Eventually, it was over. I disinfected the area, etc… Few days later, a new spot was born, in exactly the same area where it’s predecessor had been (kill me) lol I know spots in certain areas mean certain things, but I don’t feel like looking into it. I’m just going to pretend that this one is hormonal and if I ignore it, will realize that it’s unwelcome and go away on its own (despite the fact that it’s been 2-3 months and it keeps reappearing in exactly the same spot).

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Twist-Defining Custard w/ African Rock Fig & Baobab Oil (354mL/12 oz.) retails for KD 7/190

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner w/ Silk Protein & Neem Oil (384mL/13 oz.) retails for KD 6/085

SheaMoisture Raw Shea & Cupuacu Frizz Defense Conditioner w/ Passiflora & Pistachio Oils (384mL/13 oz.) retails for KD 6/085

SheaMoisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Conditioner w/ Marshmallow Root Extract & Cherimoya (384mL/13 oz.) retails for KD 6/085

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Detangler w/ Sea Kelp & Argan Oil (237mL/8 oz.) retails for KD 7/190

Even before the kids moved in with us, I had been looking into the “Curly Girl Method”. I love rocking my natural curls/waves, especially during the Summer! However, once the kids moved in, and I noticed what my eldest niece had to go through with her hair (dis), I looked a bit deeper into it. One brand that kept popping up during my “research” was SheaMoisture. Apparently, it was ideal for her afro-textured hair. I remembered that I’d glimpsed SheaMoisture in passing, somewhere in Kuwait. Luckily, Saveco had a corner shelf dedicated entirely to SheaMoisture!

Everything was Oil this and Raw Shea Butter that, which sounded perfect! I grabbed three huge things of Conditioner and the Raw Shea Butter Detangler, all from SheaMoisture, for my niece. I couldn’t resist grabbing the Twist-Defining Custard for myself though. Not entirely sure how to use it, but apparently it was touted as a must-have, when it comes to rocking natural curls/waves. I would’ve liked to have used it on my niece, except her mom wants the kid’s hair to be braided into two pigtails indefinitely, only allowing her to let it down and wear it loose during special occasions (like Eid or weddings or whatever).

Brite Coffee Hair Masque (100mL) retails for KD 8/000

Babe, who doesn’t love a treat?

I’m a specially formulated hair treatment packed with loads of nourishing ingredients to get your hair back to awesome in no time.

Not too heavy, not too light. I’ll leave your stressed hair looking just right!

I’m super easy to use. Just apply me to freshly washed damp hair. Comb me through from roots to ends and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

While I am super gentle, please discontinue use if irritation occurs. I don’t like things too hot (apart from you) so please store me out of sunlight, somewhere that is between 5 and 28 Celsius.

I’m a vegan PETA-certified product, just like all Brite products. At Brite, we never have – and never will – test on animals.

Saveco had several shelves of these Hair Masques by the brand Brite. The packaging was cute and the blather on the back of the packaging was pretty funny too! Naturally, I grabbed the one in Coffee. It didn’t occur to me to check the price, so at the check-out counter, I was shocked to find that this thing actually cost KD 8 (these expensive)!

Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume Conditioner (100ml) retails for KD 1/220

On a corner shelf, where they sold all the “minis” I clocked this lil cutie! In the past, I’ve purchased the full size of the Sheer Volume Shampoo (dis) so I was down to give the mini version of the Sheer Volume Conditioner a try. Once again, at the check-out counter, I was surprised to find that this itty-bitty thing actually cost more than KD 1! I thought for sure it would cost several hundred fils, at most.

Bayara Cayenne Chilli Powder retails for KD /460
Bayara Paprika Powder retails for KD /350

I had to replenish my stock of spices (mostly because I take them with me, when I get invited to wherever, and wanna’ prepare a certain “snack” which calls for the spices to be added later on, and everyone ends up legit begging me for the recipe, so I do them one better and leave the spices behind for them too). It was becoming a costly habit, so now I’ve started going for the cheaper alternatives (since I knew I was going to be leaving them behind anyway) lol

You can pretty much find Paprika Power everywhere but Cayenne Chilli Powder is a bit trickier to find (at least for me).

Heinz Hot Sauce (88mL) retails for KD /115

I didn’t know that Heinz even made Hot Sauce! Typically, I’d go for Red Rooster Hot Sauce, but figured I’d give this thing a try. I’ll go through these phases, where I’ll want everything I eat to be drowning in Hot Sauce, from my Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast to my Sandwich for Dinner and everything in-between! Then, I’ll go off Hot Sauce and avoid it for months and months, as even the sight of it would irritate me.

Heinz Chipotle Mayonnaise (400g) retails for KD 1/050

Picked this stuff up, out of curiosity too. I didn’t like it.

Banana Joe Sea Salt Banana Chips retail for KD /675
Banana Joe Thai Sweet Chili Chips retail for KD /675

Like most Kuwaiti households in Kuwait, I had a rotation of nannies while growing up. It wasn’t by choice and I had absolutely zero say in the matter. One of my nannies who hailed from the Philippines, would go on vacation back to her home country, and bring back a pack of dried Mango Slices and a pack of dried Banana Chips for me! They were both equally yummy!

After that, any time I’d spot a pack of dehydrated Mango or Banana, I’d ask for it (I was a kid back then and didn’t do this whole grocery shopping thing unless I was dragged by an adult, either mom or dad, who was running errands at the time). However, I quickly learned (the hard way), that those packs of dried Mango Slices were the quickest way to balloon in weight lol As I got older, I’d pick up a pack of dried Banana Chips from Sultan Center from time to time, but they were no longer novel and therefore much less appealing to me.

These Banana Joe ones however, were flavored, and as such were massively appealing to me! They had them in several different flavors as well, but I went with the adventurous Thai Sweet Chili flavor and the more basic Sea Salt flavor, for now. With that being said, I have yet to try either one.

Pringles Cheesy Cheese Potato Chips (40g) retail for KD /230

At the Potato Chips Aisle (my favorite!) I picked up an x-small pack of Pringles. Now normally I don’t enjoy the Cheesy Cheese flavor, but I got this stuff because I wanted to try something. Basically, I’d open it up, drown it in Hot Sauce, pop the lid back on, shake it up and enjoy! It smelled like death, but it tasted pretty good!

Afterwards, my lips would get all swollen and painful and red (who needs lip fillers when you’ve got Hot Sauce? lol) and even the circumference felt like it was on fire… for the next few days. Also, I had a nice little painful sore underneath my tongue (which pops up anytime I eat anything acidic, but disappears by the next day) and some fun stomach cramps during a very, very important meeting at work to boot! Good times!

Hinda Crispy Rings Pizza Flavored Corn Snacks (80g) retails for KD /990

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much when I picked these up. I just read Pizza and was like “Sold!”

Back home, I finished up the whole thing… in a single sitting! They were so, so, sooo good! Aside from the yummy flavor, the texture on these things was great too! More importantly, they were neither stale nor dry! I’m definitely going back for more!

Oero Crispy & Thin Vanilla + Oreo Crispy & Thins Chocolate (2pack) retail for KD /990

In the Cookie Aisle, I clocked this 2-pack and figured it was a good deal. Like I’ve said before, I love all the thins. However, the Oreo Chocolate Thins was a bit too chocolate-y for me, so I passed them along to the kids. I mean, I shared the Originals with them, but the Chocolate Creme was reserved solely for them.

Charles Butler Chocolate Limes retail for KD 1/300

In the Candy Aisle, I was immediately drawn to the “old time-y” packaging and blather on this stuff! Also, lime = me! They had several flavors, but I was only interested in Lime.

Although individually wrapped, some of them had fallen out of their wrappers (it’d come undone) while still in the packaging, which was kinda’ annoying, but other than that, this stuff was solid! The inside was pretty chocolate-y, but unless it’s that time of the month, I generally don’t enjoy chocolate. The outside however, was insanely yummy!

Surprisingly, nobody else (friends + family) liked these as much as I did… which just means, more for me! lol I’m definitely going back, at some point, to repurchase these impossibly delicious Chocolate Limes!

Walker’s Banana Split Eclairs Toffee retails for KD /200

While emptying out my shopping cart at the check-out counter, I clocked these babies by the cash register. The Halloween-esque packaging was a bit… confusing (it had nothing to do with the brand or flavor), but it had caught my attention. Also, I happen to love and crave Chocolate Eclairs (as in the real thing), all the time! So on a whim, I tossed the pack on the conveyor belt thing-y, along with the rest of my stuff.

Back home, everyone loved these (myself included)! Thanks to the Toffee on the outside, the Banana Split on the inside, didn’t tasted overwhelmingly… chocolate-y. You got a small, yummy hit of flavor in the center. It was a perfect ratio! They’ve pretty much became my favorite treat now, especially when I’ve just woken up. I’m definitely going back for more of these too!

I’m not happy about dropping almost KD 76 on all this stuff, but they had so many brands and products that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Also, like I said, this was only my third visit to Saveco. I’m sure I’ll execute more control next time (maybe). Between those heavenly Chocolate Limes and yummy Banana Split Eclairs Toffee and delicious Pizza Flavored Crispy Corn Rings, I was definitely going to have to go back!

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