The Body Shop Haul (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)

Buff your feet beautiful with our fresh and cooling peppermint essential oil foot scrub. With exfoliating volcanic rock granules, use this foot scrub to slough away hard skin, revealing silky-smooth results.

Oh man, I’ve missed this stuff! I’d run out ages ago and had been meaning to replenish my stock for a minute now, but for whatever reason, could never seem to find it anywhere, other than the Souq Sharq branch of The Body Shop. So once I was done with Bath&Body Works (dis), I made my way to The Body Shop (which was a hop, skip and a jump awaaay)! Come to find out, they had a Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal, on select items.

I love this stuff! For whatever reason, I’ve only blogged about it twice (first here and later here), but I can assure you, I’ve purchased it much earlier and much more often than that. I used to repurchase this stuff constantly as a mid-to-late teen all the way into my twenties, and now, my mid-thirties (I turn 35 in December) and I’ve even seen it go through several packaging updates. I might stray, from time to time, but I’ll always come back to this stuff because it’s just that great!

It’s gritty enough to exfoliate my tootsies, yet somehow is also surprisingly gentle! It’s got a squishy consistency (so fun!) and foams up seemingly magically (like, how is such a small amount creating this much foam?) upon contact with water. The peppermint-y scent is neither obnoxious nor offensive. In fact, not unlike Bath&Body Works Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel (haulage here), I find the scent absolutely delightful!

The main reason why I love this particular Foot Scrub is because it feels insanely soothing on the soles of mah tired feet! Whether I’ve been hoofing it in sandals all day, or back-breaking heels all night, or if my poor tootsies had been shoved in boots for a significant amount of time, I’d hop in the shower, scoop a small amount in my cupped hand, run it under water and rub it on my feet (focusing on the soles) and honest-to-God I could actually feel the tension melt away! Seriously, instant relief! It feels amazing! Oh and as an added bonus, it also has a slight cooling effect to boot! Like I said, love this stuff!

The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub retails for KD 3/500 each, but since they had a Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal on select items, instead of paying KD 14 I only had to pay KD 7. Score!

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