Bath and Body Works Summer Sale Mini Haul

As I mentioned earlier (dis) I got a text that the “Big Sale” was on. It’d started ages ago, but I only got the text when it was halfway over (about a week or so left, from today).

As per usual, the newer (cooler) stuff was not included in the sale, and the stuff that was on sale was mostly unpleasant scents (eucalyptus candles, floral-y fragrance mists, rancid smelling shower gels and foaming hand soaps, etc…). Everything looked and felt, all gross and sticky (from being played around with by people). Nothing interested me, so I decided to bounce.

Honestly, I thought Bath&Body Works were totally done with those Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps (had phased them out and stopped making them, in favor of focusing solely on Foaming Hand Soaps… which saddened me), but on my way out, I clocked a few! I was pretty excited because those Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps were my favorites!

They had them in the scents Honolulu Sun and Sun-Washed Citrus and Rainforest Gardenia (all in the correlating watercolor-y packaging) and oddly enough, Endless Weekend (same packaging as the one I got 6 months ago). That said, the scents didn’t blow my mind. I searched high and low for any other scents, but apparently they had rows and rows of only those 4.

Since the scent of Endless Weekend was meh (dis) and I was quite wary of Rainforest Gardenia (because… floral), I made do with Sun-Washed Citrus and Honolulu Sun.

Sun-Washed Citrus Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Sweet & Sassy Blend of Sugared Lemons, Juicy Pineapple & Mandarin

Gotta’ be honest, the color (or lack thereof) was what initially attracted me to Sun-Washed Citrus. The liquid was completely transparent. As soon as I’d spotted it, I thought, “That was different”. The way it looked reminded me of Sprite or 7 up, while the scent reminded me of orange-flavored Fanta or Mirinda. Normally, I’d enjoy the citrus-y scent, but for some reason (the heat?), I found it a bit irritating at times. For the most part though, I liked it.

Honolulu Sun Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Dreamy Blend of Fresh Island Coconut, Pacific Palm & Driftwood

I picked up Honolulu Sun earlier (here) and again (here) and again now. I’ll enjoy the way it smells in-store (all sweet and coconut-y), but back home, I’ll get annoyed by how “perfume-y” it smells (because of the Pacific Palm), especially if the water was really hot. Honolulu Sun is not my first choice, but I got it anyway, because… lack of options. That said, I’m about halfway done with the one I got lol

These Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps were reduced from KD 3/750 each to KD 1/250 a pop (still overpriced), but instead of spending KD 7/500 for both, I just had to pay KD 2/500, which was kind of an okay deal, especially since I was pretty grateful to even find the Deep Cleansing ones at all.

I wonder if Bath&Body Works will ever go back to stocking their shelves with Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps permanently (as opposed to randomly, during their sales) like the good ol’ days…

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