Post Malone – Wow

G-Wagen G-Wagen G-Wagen G-Wagen

Ugh. Someone broke my side-view mirror… again.

I was in my lane, minding my own business, when this huge SUV charges into my lane! I check the side-view mirror, saw that the coast was clear, and swerved to the next lane (to get out of the way). It was a split second decision. Out of nowhere, this other car shows up, speeding behind me, with no indication of slowing down. I try to get out of the way, but he manages to scrape the side of my car, taking my side-view mirror with him.

I get down from my car, as does he. We both talk at once; me to ask if he was okay, him to point the blame at me. He said he was fine. Then after a beat, asked me if I was okay. When I told him that I was okay as well, he went back to saying “your fault, your fault, your fault” (I do believe he was trying to pin the blame solely on me lol).

We inspected the damage (of which his vehicle had sustained NONE), and noted that my car had born the brunt of it and gotten pretty banged up (the driver’s side was marginally caved in and would definitely need to be painted over or something and the side-view mirror was completely broken – shattered mirror and all – and the whole thing was dangling pitifully off the car, meaning it would definitely have to be replaced).

Once he saw that his car was fine and mine wasn’t, he proceeded to tell me that he had somewhere else to be and that he was already running pretty late. Then, he told me it was my fault, one more time, for good measure. In reality, it was his fault for speeding, but clearly he wasn’t interested in exchanging info and getting the cops and insurance company involved and all that (because it was his fault). Feeling sorry for the guy, I let him off the hook.

I’d actually been on my way to get Pizza. If I’d gotten into a fender-bender over Pizza, I sure as heck wasn’t about to go back home empty-handed! I got back in my car and continued on my way, to get said Pizza (granted it was extremely slowly because I no longer had the use of my side-view mirror now)!

Imagine my surprise, when I finally make it to the Pizza place (10 years later, I was going really slow) and the same guy pulls up right next to me! “What now?”, I think to myself, because I was nice enough to let him go, but if he thought he was going to trick me into paying for something or other that was pre-damaged in his car, claiming that it had only just now gotten damaged (during our lil fender-bender), I was about to go off on him.

I wait patiently in my car and after about 5 minutes or so, he saunters up to my window and asks if we could exchange numbers and go out for coffee sometime. Wow! I don’t even answer him. I look him straight in the eye, while I tap the button that automatically rolls the window back up, and hold eye contact with him until the window is fully closed. He continues talking so I turn up the radio until he finally gets back in his car and goes away. Only then do I get down from my car and go get my delicious Pizza.

How does any of this relate to the song? I happened to be listening to Wow during the fender-bender (I’ve been in legit car crashes that were way more major than this one, so it feels wrong to call this a car crash lol) and now I can’t stop repeating G-Wagen over and over again to myself (back home, the kids were like “Our aunt is glitching”). Also, I do believe this is my first time in a long time, getting into any sort of car accident while not listening to Technologic – Daft Punk (dis) lol

Thing is, my car is 10+ years old and they don’t even have the parts to fix it anymore. Instead I have to rely on whatever can be salvaged from the scrapyard. I really hope this side-view mirror getting destroyed thing doesn’t become an annual thing for me lol

3 thoughts on “Post Malone – Wow

  1. Ok first of all, thank God you are ok.

    Lol.. I cant believe he actually followed you all the way to the Pizza place but then again this is Kuwait and i have seen all sorts guys chasing girls around and passing numbers and what not. :/


  2. It’s not the fact that he was thirsty which bugged me (because like you said, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing guys chasing girls in their cars and exchanging numbers all the time).

    It’s the fact that he didn’t ask if I was okay right away (rude) and then tried to pin the blame solely on me (rude) and then without getting anyone else involved (which would’ve made my life a bit easier, because I’ve actually got insurance) made it abundantly clear that he wanted to get out of there a.s.a.p. (rude) and then when I let him off the hook, he followed me (even though I was going super slow) which meant he had lied about having somewhere else to be (rude).

    To ask for my number after all that? The nerve of him! The gall! That’s what infuriated me lol


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