Sultan Center Haul (June)

I was out with the kids again and the youngest was misbehaving. I was already dead tired, but I’ve kinda’ made it a point to dole out swift, if not immediate punishment, when it comes to the kids (so they remember). As such, I dropped her off at home and went right back outside, taking the other two along with me. The youngest was visibly upset at being left out, as intended.

Anywho, I’ve been meaning to get the older two started on wearing antiperspirant/deodorant regularly. They participate in all sorts of water-related activities at Summer Camp, from “Swimming Day” to “Foam Football” (Soccer for the Americans) to regular “Sports Day” all of which involved them showering afterwards over there, and then I get them to shower again back at home, before bed (well, except the eldest, who only washes her body regularly, but her hair every other day, because I don’t think her hair can handle daily washing). Despite the constant showers, the kids can smell a bit… ripe. Also, it’s shaping up to be an exceptionally hot Summer in Kuwait.

So I took them to Sultan Center (Salmiya) where they each got to pick out their own Deodorant. We also stocked up on some snackage (some healthy, but mostly not) and on our way back home, despite being way past their bedtime, decided to made a quick stop at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru on Gulf Road and treat each of them to an Oreo McFlurry (knowing full well that they were going to go back and gloat about it to their younger sister). It was around 2:30am at this point, and yet the beach was packed with families just hanging out! Even the McDonald’s Kiddie Playground (outside) was crowded with kids (of all ages) running around, as happy as you please.

Back home, the youngest was so upset at being left out (most definitely imagining that her brother and sister were out having all kinds of fun, while she was stuck at home) that she chose to stay up and wait for us. As soon as we walked in with bags of groceries snackage, her eyes widened like saucers and she proceeded to grill her siblings about where they’d gone, what they’d done, etc… The eldest did not miss this opportunity to answer with great relish. It’s been weeks, but the youngest hasn’t misbehaved since!

Lady Speed Stick Fresh & Essence Orchard Blossom Deodorant retails for KD 1/160
Speed Stick Fresh Rush Deodorant retails for KD 1/040

The eldest chose Lady Speed Stick in the scent Orchard Blossom. I thought for sure that she’d like one of the Teen Spirit ones, possibly Sweet Strawberry, but she insisted that she wanted something that smelled “fresh”. As for the boy, he wasn’t particular about which scent he received. I also ended up going with Speed Stick for him, in the scent Fresh Rush.

I feel like it was their parents’ job to get the kids their very first antiperspirants/deodorants, but I wasn’t about to put up with stank… all Summer. I’ve instructed the kids to apply this stuff to their pits, straight out of the shower (once they’ve patted the area dry with their towel) and even watched them do it themselves, a handful of times, until I was sure they were doing it correctly. I haven’t gotten the occasional whiff of B.O. from them since!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-in Conditioner retails for KD 2/890
John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon® Touch-Up Crème retails for KD 2/890
L’Oreal Studio Line Style Rework Cream Out Of Bed Fibre Cream retails for KD 1/620

Also from the Personal Care Aisle (they pretty much just lump everything in together at the Salmiya branch), I couldn’t resist picking up a few Hair Care items, namely from my long-time favorite John Frieda Frizz Ease range (one of my very first posts on this blog)!

L’Oreal Studio Line Style Rework Cream Out Of Bed Fibre Cream retails for KD 1/620

Workable texture, great for creating a messy “out of bed” look. Ideal for short or medium hair it leaves it looked casual and defined.

I repurchase this stuff constantly. Not sure if the one I usually get is 6 (as shown) or 7, but after curling my hair with a curling iron or curling wand, I’ll just run a little bit of this stuff on the end of my hair, to make the curls look more polished (glossy, defined and less frizzy).

Since Gel tends to be flake-y, I figured I’d use this stuff, which had a Cream consistency, to play around with the boy’s hair. It seems I got the wrong one (should’ve gone with another… number?), because this stuff has no hold, at least not with my nephew’s hair.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-in Conditioner retails for KD 2/890

Moisturize unmanageable, frizzy hair. Instantly detangle and lightly condition.

Help reduce the risk of breakage and split ends. Leave-In Conditioner Spray strengthens and protects against heat. Specially formulated with an infusion of essential Vitamins A, E, and C along with green tea extract and hydrating moisture agents. Experience vibrant, healthy-looking hair.

Suitable for all levels of frizz. Safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair.

Directions: Apply to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning.
Spray on liberally, concentrating on end sections where hair is driest. DO NOT RINSE OUT.

I got the Leave-In Conditioner for the eldest. Poor thing spends upwards of an hour, just trying to detangle all the knots and tangles in her hair. Heck, between all the recent water-related activities at Summer Camp and swimming at the pool back home, she spends more time detangling her hair, than actually swimming!

Between the Tangle Teezer I’d picked up for her earlier from Boots and my beloved CreamSilk Conditioner (review here), she seems to have a handle on it in the shower, but once she gets out of the shower, her hair dries almost instantly, forming tons and tons of knots and tangles, hence dis.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon® Touch-Up Crème retails for KD 2/890

Help camouflage imperfections instantly. Sleek, polished finish.

This versatile Smoothing Cream, applied to dry strands, instantly transforms puffy, parched style. Creates a supple, shiny finish and silky touch. For use on flyaways, static frizz, and split ends.

Expertly designed Hair Smoothing Cream for all levels of frizz. Safe for colour-treated and chemically treated hair.

Directions: Start with dry hair. Rub a small amount of crème into palms and pull through styled or natural hair, concentrating on ends. Take with you to reapply on the go whenever you need a touch-up.

If you’re human and female, chance are you’ve had to deal with frizz, at some point.

I figured the youngest could get some use out of this stuff. I figured the eldest could get some use out of this stuff. I figured I could get some use out of this stuff. Basically, I got it for all of us. Also, “Secret Weapon” lolwut? I had to get it just for that alone. Who knows? Maybe it is a Secret Weapon that’ll magically defrizz our hair forevaaaa!

SoftSoap Wild Basil & Lime Liquid Hand Soap retails for KD 1/250

The packaging got me (kinda’ reminds me of the packaging on the Victoria’s Secret Disco Nights Collection actually)! I thought it was pretty cool that it looked one way from the front, and a completely different way from the back! Also, the blather on the back appealed to me. More importantly, this stuff included Lime (one of my top fave scents)!

This stuff was… awful! It was very water-y and had way too much slip! To the extent that my nails (which aren’t even that long to begin with) kept slicing tiny yet annoyingly painful cuts into my fingers! lol Also it had an unpleasant herbal scent, sorta’ like a field of dead grass.

Side Note: It seems the packaging has been updated from the one shown, but we only get the older stuff because… Kuwait.

Sprite retails for KD /085

My weakness. I so much as look at this stuff and practically balloon in weight, overnight!

I can’t help it. I just love fizzy drinks!

I’ll go through these phases and drink nothing but Cola, for months. Then, I’ll switch to Fanta. Randomly, one day, I’d just switch to Pepsi. After that I’ll go for Shani. Then, I’d move on to 7 Up and later switch it out for Mirinda Apple, and so on.

Unfortunately, it seems I’ve re-developed a full-blown addiction to Sprite, at the moment. Such a shame, because I’d lost all that weight and now I’m definitely going to gain it all back (and then some), but that’s fine, because I’d rather be fat and happy, than not fat and miserable (priorities lol).

x6 Coco Mojo Pure Coconut Water retail for KD /450 each

I don’t drink water, ever (just don’t like it). I will however drink “Coconut Water” and let me tell you, this Coco Mojo stuff is bomb!

I can only seem to find it at the Salmiya branch though (dis), which is annoying, because I mostly visit the Souq Sharq branch of Sultan Center (easier and faster for me), but whatevs.

I will say this though. I don’t like to drink this stuff (either the steel can or even the larger 1 liter, poured into a glass obvi), straight out of the fridge. I just don’t like it chilled. Instead, I prefer drinking it at room temperature. Honestly, it tastes sweeter and somehow, more refreshing to me that way!

My niece saw me stockpiling these bebes and asked if she could drink one, then and there. Once I agreed, she sipped from it until it was done, then placed it (right side up) in the shopping cart, so we could pay for it.

x4 Twist and Drink Wildberry Soft Drink retail for KD /200 each


Discover the colourful Twist and Drink family and meet each of the friends. Sally Strawberry, Orson Orange or Andi Apple – each Twist and Drink variety is refreshing not only with its fruity taste, but also with very special characteristics.

Available in the flavors Wildberry (as shown) and Raspberry (should’ve gone with that one) and Strawberry and Cherry (ugh!) and Apple (Green!) and Orange and Cola-Orange Mix.

Despite the fact that these were not placed in a freezer, were clearly liquid-y and were straight up called Twist & Drink, I thought these were Popsicles (meant to be placed in a freezer and then enjoyed frozen) lol

As you can see, the exact same flavor (in this case Wildberry) had several different variations on the face depicted on the packaging. The boy chose the pirate-y looking one, while the eldest chose the wide-eyed looking one and I got the other two sorta’ squint-y looking ones for the youngest (back home) and for myself (I didn’t wanna’ miss out lol).

Not all the flavors made it to Kuwait. I believe we only spotted Wildberry (as shown) and Raspberry and Cherry. Back home, I realized that these were actually Soft Drinks, not Popsicles. The kids liked theirs well enough, but I didn’t. Also, now I’m seriously craving Popsicles.

Almarai Strawberry Laban retails for KD /110

My nephew was parched (his words… well, in Arabic) so I told him he could grab whatever to drink. He saw me toss one of these in the shopping cart so he asked if he could get one of his own. Once I agreed, he chugged it right then and there, but since we still hadn’t payed for it, put the empty container back in the shopping cart (face-down, so it could drip all over everything because… kids).

I asked him if he’d liked it and he said he did. So I told him to grab some more, for him to drink back home, but he declined. I told him, repeatedly, that I wasn’t going to give him mine. He still refused. The next day, he asked if could have mine (puppy eyes and all) so I let him have it. Ugh, kids.

Al Rabie Coffee Cappuccino retails for KD /230

As I’ve mentioned earlier (Pina Colada Tea Haul), Al Rabie makes my fave Pina Colada Drink (Pineapple + Coconut), virgin drink, rather. You can find it locally, being sold at Subway.

I’ve never tried this flavor from them before so I grabbed one to “test”. It was… vile (pretty much sweet, coffee-flavored phlegm). Sorry for grossing you out, but it’s the truth.

Lipton Cardamom Black Tea (25pc) retails for KD /450

I’d spotted this stuff earlier at… I wanna’ say Carrefour, but never got the chance to pick it up. I didn’t wanna’ drink Karak Tea (dis) on the daily, but I kinda’ missed that stuff. Had it been available for purchase as a single sachet, I would’ve picked one or two up, instead. As it stood, I could only find this stuff in a pack, so I snatched that sucka’ up. Sadly, the taste was no good. I might revisit this stuff, with the inclusion of sugar this time.

Jolly Time Blast Butter-Licious Light Popcorn retails for KD /970
Jolly Time Blast O Butter Popcorn retails for KD /970
Jolly Time Jalapeno Butter Popcorn retails for KD /990

My dad pays for a single Netflix subscription that he got ages ago. He created his own account (to watch Animal Documentaries or whatever). My younger brother used my dad’s log-in and created an account for himself, and when he got married, created an account for his wife. Then, I created an account for myself. The kids got their own account. None of us pay for Netflix, aside from my dad lol

My older brother was with my dad when he was logging in and noticed that we all had our own accounts and complained about not being on there with us. However, my older brother has had his own Netflix account since about 10,000 years ago and what’s more, his is based in the U.S. (he uses a VPN or whatever), and he shared his account with his buddies (not us). Basically, no ground to stand on lol

Anyways, I’ve noticed that the kids have been watching… garbage. So, I figured I’d introduce them to “The Classics”. Once they come back from Summer Camp around 10:30pm and shower, and all that, I’d gather them up in the den, and we’d settle in to watch a movie before bed. Typically (during the school year) their bedtime would be 9pm, but since it is Summer Vacation and it can get boiling hot during the day, their parents have allowed their bedtime to be pushed to 1:30am (temporarily).

We’ve already finished the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (the eldest keeps referring to Frodo as Froyo, but baby steps, I suppose) and are currently working our way through Jurassic Park with a slight detour for Toy Story to brush up on 1, 2 and 3 (I promised I’d take them to the movies this weekend to see Toy Story 4).

I’ve always found it very annoying when Olivia Pope-corn would nosh on nothing but Popcorn on Scandal. Even at the movies, I’d always opt out. Other than the occasional craving for Caramel Popcorn (which I stan) and the Extra Cheezy Popcorn (can’t remember the name but it’s also by Jolly Time), I’ve had no interest in the stuff. However, it seems that I’ve been underestimating the power of Popcorn this whole time!

Light Butter was for the eldest (she chose it). Blast-O-Butter was for the other two. Jalapeno Butter was for me (I was curious). Now I forego meals all together, in favor of Popcorn. Can’t get enough of this stuff!

Lay’s Yogurt with Spices & Herbs Potato Chips retail for KD /600 each
Lay’s Chili & Lime Potato Chips retail for KD /200 each
Pringles Hot & Spicy Potato Chips retails for KD /630
Fico Chili Chiplets retails for KD /100
Kitco Flaming Chilli Kettle Cooked Potato Chips retails for KD /180
Kitco Nice Chicken Potato Chips retail for KD /150 each
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos retail for KD /200 each

I’d picked up the Lay’s Yogurt with Spices & Herbs (hadn’t had a chance to discover that I didn’t actually like the stuff, because I was still working my way through the other flavors (dis), but stockpiled the stuff anyway, like a true hoarder) and a few of the Lay’s Chili & Lime for mahself.

The eldest picked out Kitco Nice Chicken and Pringles Hot & Spicy for herself, while the boy picked up a few more of the spicy stuff for himself and and the really, really spicy stuff for the youngest (apparently she pops Jalapenos in her mouth like skittles… and her parents are okay with it).

Americana Oregano Mini Croissant retail for KD /565
Americana Honey Mini Croissant retail for KD /565

I got the Oregano to share with the kids and the boy asked if he could get the Honey (he never asks for anything so when he does, I usually give in).

x4 Hershey’s Dipped Snyder’s Pretzels retail for KD 2/450 each

Mine! Just kidding. I share. (dis)

However, I’ve made it a point to not feed the kids any sugar, after sun-down (because, like Gremlins, they turn into monsters, and I’m not interested in dealing with all that).

– x3 Skittles Sour retail for KD /190 each
Skittles retail for KD /180

The kids chose the Skittles Sour (which they used to hate when they were younger) and I got the regular Skittles for me.

Dolly’s Tomato Ketchup retails for KD /480

So… I’ve been craving Ketchup, that I used to have, at open-air restaurants, in one of the European Cities, that my family and I, used to vacation at (2 months per year), back when I was younger.

I grabbed this stuff to try. Not the same. Nowhere near. Not even close. Nope!

Kuehne Tzaziki Sauce retails for KD /690

I don’t do Salads. However, in Germany, several restaurants would serve Salads drizzled in what appeared to be Yogurt. One place served bite-sized Veggies (Carrot Sticks and such), with the dipping sauce (which looked like Yogurt, but wasn’t) on the side. It was sooo good!

Not quite sure what the Tzaziki business is, but I’ve come across several recipes during my very, very short stint with “cooking” (dis). The fact that it was a German brand also led me to be believe, this might be a potential win! At the very least, it might taste like the Garlic-Yogurt Infusion that I used to enjoy back in Lebanon (dis). Such high hopes…

Once I got back home, I tried to open the thing, but the lid came off way too easily and it didn’t even pop. The safety seal was broken. Now I highly doubt that the revolting Ice Cream Licker Challenge has made it to the shores of Kuwait (which in turn has spawned slight variations, meaning they’ve moved on from Ice Cream), but I wasn’t about to risk it (no ma’am!)… I mean, things are pretty lax in Kuwait, as is. I didn’t think it was worth the hassle of returning either (based on dis). Unlucky.

x4 Red Apples (USA) retail for KD /425 (by weight… or something)

As soon as we walked in to Sultan Center (which takes you the Fresh Produce Aisle), I knew we were going to be picking up an unhealthy amount of junk food, so I figured I’d get them something healthy to “balance” it out (kinda’ but not really).

Don’t worry. The kids don’t solely depend on me for sustenance. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve got a live-in Cook who prepares healthy well-balanced meals for the kids three times a day, in addition to “healthier” snacks. Also, they get break-time at 7pm at Summer Camp, where they get to eat whatever they’ve brought from home or just buy food for themselves from the Canteen (Chicken Nuggets and Fries and things along those lines). Also, they get to eat or drink whatever they’ve happened to have made that day in Cooking Class at Summer Camp (the eldest now knows how to make Spanish Lattes while the youngest knows how to “make” a Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, etc…).

x3 Fruit Cut Pomegranate Cup retail for KD /990 each

I figured they’d get a kick out of this stuff as a snack while swimming. We’ve got a really cute outdoor seating area by the pool (complete with a Dark Brown Rattan Furniture Set), where they can towel off and stuff their faces and jump back in. Personally, swimming makes me ravenous!

Wrigley’s Extra Fruit Gum retails for KD /250 (for the eldest)
Mentos Pure Fresh Chewing Gum retails for KD /990 (for the boy)

At the check-out counter, they asked if they could grab a pack of Chewing Gum each. I was busy placing the contents of the Shopping Cart on the check-out counter’s conveyor belt (???? not quite sure what it’s actually called) so I forgot to tell the kids to get Chewing Gum for their younger sister too. They obviously didn’t bring it up. In the end, I just told the eldest to share hers with the youngest.

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