The Body Shop (Buy 3 Minis Get 3 Free Minis) + da’ babies movin’ in

The kids (my nieces and nephew) came over every day for futoor during Ramadan and once school let out, they moved in. They were spending the Summer with us (at our home). They were staying in the spare bedrooms that we’d furnished (courtesy of Ikea) specifically for them. The girls (8 and 12) shared a room, while the boy (10) had his own room. They shared a bathroom (with a walk-in shower and everything). All that, was down the hall from my living space, which meant that I was regularly jolted up by the girls’ screams while murdering playing with each other. Fun.

When we weren’t spending time with them, they had the outdoor pool in the basement (with a ton of floaties and pools toys) to keep them occupied. Also, as a bookworm myself (dis), I’ve taken it very personally that their reading is abysmal. As such, I’ve given each of them a book (as in, only one) to read over the Summer; I let the eldest borrow my copy of A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett since she seemed to enjoy French Class and the book had some elements of that in it. Plus, the main character was a girl so she could “relate”. I gave the boy one of the books in the Goosebumps series, with a “Choose Your Own Ending” option. Finally, I gave the youngest an Archie Comic, hoping she’d deign to read it, since it was mostly pictures.

Once their Report Cards came out, the eldest had pretty bad grades (which I suspect had more to do with the fact that she was constantly on her a mobile/cellphone, that her parents had bought for her) while the grades of the younger two were just okay, their father, saw fit to reward the younger two (for barely passable grades), with a Samsung Tablet each (sorta’ like iPads), which they are now pretty much glued to! The boy also has his PSX3 hooked up to the huge tv in the den, to play the disease that is Fortnite. When he’s not playing Fornite, he’s on YouTube watching other people play it -_- All three kids do all those stupid dances, including the most irritating one of all, “The Floss”. Between the eldest’s mobile, the boy’s PSX3 and the youngest’s tablet, what chance do books have?

Since all three were failing Arabic Class, we got them a Tutor to help them “brush up” on the basics. She’s here by 11am and spends 2 hours with them, 3 times a week. We also enrolled them in a Summer Camp that’s from 5pm to 10pm (which we drive them to, daily). They get Fridays and Saturdays off though (which is when they go back home to visit their parents, but come back to spend the night at our home). The Summer Camp takes place in a huge school that’s been permanently rented out or something (because it’s way too hot for the kids to be outside during the day). The Camp’s Instagram account is so much fun that I kinda’ wish I could join lol

Most All of my friends are married and have a half a dozen kids at this point (even my bestie got hitched and is expecting soon, she’s going to be such a cuuute mommy!), meaning I’ve got no shortage of people to organize “play dates” with, for the kids, while I get to have “grown-up time” with my friends. Also, between Magic Planet at The Avenues (where I clocked an actual The Walking Dead Arcade Game and also where I may or may not have played DDR with kids) and Sky Zone and Trampo, they seem pretty happy.

A day before their Summer Camp started, I figured I’d take them to go see Aladdin at the movies. Literally, all the theaters were fully booked! The only 4 available seats I found were at Souq Sharq and even then, it was in the area reserved for Bachelors (Movie Theater Seats in Kuwait are separated into Bachelors – for single dudes and Family Seats – for everyone else), not that it mattered.

First 5 mins into the movie, the boy decided to sit cross-legged in his seat and accidentally knocks over my nachos, upending the entire contents of the plastic container on the floor. Feeling bad for the people who have to clean up the theater after the movie-goers leave, I get on mah knees and proceed to scoop up the nachos… and all the other dirt that’s accumulated on the carpeted floor (including hair and God knows what else) back into the container, with zero visibility. I was beyond (like, way, way, waaaay beyond) disgusted! My OCD kicked into high gear! I couldn’t see it, but I could feel the cheese dip getting under my fingernails. To say I had a visceral reaction would be an understatement!

Once I was done cleaning up the floor, I got up to go wash my hands in the bathroom (I don’t believe they’ll ever be fully clean again) and hurried back. As soon as I’d reached my seat, the youngest stage whispered to me that she needed the bathroom. Back up I got, and took her to the bathroom. While waiting for her to finish, I noticed a rather large spiderweb over one of the stalls. Why? Why does Souq Sharq gotta’ to be so gross? By the time we got back, they were having a dance-off scene on-screen and I was so over the movie. So, I let my mind wander.

Once the movie was over, we headed towards the ground floor, to get to the outside parking lot, to get to my car, to get back home. We took the escalator down and directly next to it was The Body Shop. Since the kids still use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (well, other than the eldest because I’d already given her the Garnier Ultra Doux Hammam Zeit Infused Shampoo with Healing Castor & Almond Oil to use) and since there was a Buy 3, Get 3 Free deal on the Minis (basket by the check-out counter), I figured I’d take advantage of that deal.

Although darker-skinned, the younger two have super soft and fine silky hair (the youngest’s hair can’t hold a curl for nothing), while the eldest although blue-eyed and fair-skinned (as in her face gets flushed when she’s beginning to get upset and full on tomato when she’s legit upset) has afro-textured hair. My skin is… yellow (I don’t burn in the sun, I get a tan) and my hair is neither fine and silky nor afro-textured, it’s wavy/curly. Basically, I had no clue what worked best with whom (pretty much going in blind).

Since the Fuji Green Tea smelled fresh and masculine, I figured the boy would like it better than say something that smelled sweeter or fruitier (i.e. girlier). I asked him if he liked the scent, but he just shrugged (which is his response to everything), so I got them for him.

Since the youngest had super straight hair (I’d used half a bottle of the Bath&Body Works Sea-Tox Sea Wave Hair Foam and scrunched her uber-long hair and it still dried poker straight), I figured she’d get a kick out of the Strawberry Shampoo (because “it smells like candy”).

Since I had no clue what do to with the eldest’s hair, I figured the best way to go was conditioner, conditioner, conditioner. She wanted the Strawberry Conditioner and based on it’s excellent performance in the past, I also picked up the Banana Conditioner for her.

If they end up liking them, I might go back and pick up the full sizes (or just repurchase them from any other branch) for the kids.

Happy Go Lash Mascara

Love your lashes!

This everyday mascara thickens and defines while feeling gentle on lashes. The formula is easy to apply and remove and lasts all day without flaking.

Enriched with 99% ingredients of natural origin, including Community Trade beeswax and Community Trade organic virgin coconut oil, Happy Go Lash feels gentle on application and helps to protect and enrich your lashes for a fuller-looking flutter.

For myself, I snagged this sucka’ up! Happy Go Lash Mascara seemed to be new. Also, it looked pretty cute! I liked the pink tube and green palm leaves, but thought the name was a bit silly (aren’t all Mascara Names silly nowadays though?)

Although it was touted as an “everyday mascara”, it was still pretty bad, even for that. I like the wire brush with nylons protruding out of it (as shown) as opposed to plastic bristles, as I’ve mentioned several times now. However, the formula was very dry and did absolutely nothing for me. I suspect they already knew that, hence the classification of this thing as an “everyday mascara”.

At this point, I don’t know why I even bother. I keep purchasing Mascaras from all sorts of brands, hoping that they’d work, but they never do. MAC makes terrible Mascaras. The Body Shop makes terrible Mascaras. The list goes on and on and on. I should really just stick with Dior and Lancome and Maybelline from now on.

– x1 Happy Go Lash Mascara retails for KD 6/000
– x2 Refreshingly Purifying Fuji Green Tea Shampoo (mini) retail for KD 1 each (repurchase)
– x2 Clearly Glossing Strawberry Shampoo (mini) retail for KD 1 each (spotted here)
– x1 Clearly Glossing Strawberry Conditioner (mini) retails for KD 1/500 (repurchase)
– x1 Truly Nourishing Banana Conditioner (mini) retails for KD 1/250 (repurchase)

Since there was a Buy 3 Get 3 Free deal on the minis, I only had to pay for both Conditioners and a single Shampoo, and got the other 3 Shampoos for free. So instead of paying KD 6/750, I payed KD 3/750 for all x6 minis. The Mascara however was KD 6 which as you can see bumped up the total of this order to KD 9/750

6 thoughts on “The Body Shop (Buy 3 Minis Get 3 Free Minis) + da’ babies movin’ in

  1. Haha you make an amazing aunt! Reading this reminded me of my childhood days when our aunt used to spoil us with goodies :)

    Talking about Mascaras .. have you tried Benefit? I like their roller lash one. Also i have seen so many women rave about the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara. Do let me know if you have tried any of these and if so, what do you think of them.


  2. Haha you wouldn’t be saying that if you knew what I did to punish them. We don’t believe in violence at our household (my parents never spanked me as a kid) and verbal abuse can be just as destructive as physical abuse, so we don’t do that either. I even said that to the kids, I’m never going to spank you or insult you or even yell at you, but if you misbehave, you WILL be

    So, when any one of the kids is being super naughty, I’ve come up with the ultimate punishment… I’ll just leave them at home and take the other two out with me.

    The one (sometimes two) that stay at home, start imagining that the ones that got to go out, are having all kinds of fun (because that’s how their brain works lol) while they’re stuck at home… missing out.

    Here’s the kicker, I’d just be taking the other two with me while I run an errand lol but the one at home (imagines I’m taking them somewhere super fun) is absolutely devastated about getting left behind at home.

    That usually sets them straight… for a bit. I feel mean but whatever. If they’re gonna’ misbehave, they’re gonna’ get punished.

    Also, I did pick up Benefit Roller Lash at some point, but only the mini size.

    Dis –>

    I’ve been meaning to pick up the full size at some point, but I’ve been waiting for a deal or something. Also, kinda’ worried it might be all dried up. I might pick it up from Nordstrom though, once the weather allows.

    As for Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir, it wasn’t even on my radar. Looking at photos of the brush-head, it does look enticing though!

    I might rant a bit about mascaras that don’t work for me, but I’ll definitely go back to trying out new ones. Girl, mascaras are my weakness! My current go-to is the KD 2 one called Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara (purple packaging) that I purchase from Carrefour lol


  3. Yeah that is a very civil approach to disciplining kids i think :) The whole feeling of what they are missing out must really do the trick.. I am also not for yelling or hitting kids. I think that scars them for life.

    Lol yup! Even i love Mascaras.. Ooh I haven’t tried the Essence one.. Prob should give that a try when am in Carrefour next.


  4. Actually no, i didn’t. I gave it to my sister coz she only wears mascaras occasionally and the regular size just dries off and a lot of product is wasted. I think you said it was good yeah?


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