Sultan Center Small Haul (June)

Realizing that I’d forgotten to pick up Shampoo (which was one of the main reasons I’d gone to City Center, in the first place), I headed towards Sultan Center.

I needed some sort of “Deep Cleansing” Shampoo (I don’t feel that my hair is clean unless it squeaks, and all these “no poo” and “low sulfate” shampoos just don’t make mah herr squeak) and at this point, any would do! Since I was still in Salmiya, I made my way towards that branch (the one across from Al Bustan Mall and Fanar Mall and whatever else).

Basically, I was literally right next to Sultan Center Salmiya (during this nonsense) and then drove all the way to City Center Salmiya (dis) and then drove all the way back to Sultan Center Salmiya. Smart! The total for this entire haulage was KD 10/700.


Purely based on how much I’ve both loved and enjoyed the Vitalizing Shampoo (5 Plants) from the Garnier Ultra Doux range in the past (reviewed here and repurchased here and several other times after, that went undocumented unblogged), I decided to go with the Extreme Nutrition Shampoo (Olive), also from the Garnier Ultra Doux range.

Truth be told, I would’ve loved to have purchased the Vitalizing Shampoo (5 Plants) again instead, but as soon as I fell in love with it (I’m talkin’ instantly), of course they stopped selling it in Kuwait, immediately afterwards. I haven’t seen it seen it locally since.

My mind was already made up and I was going to purchase the Garnier Ultra Doux Extreme Nutrition Shampoo but I was quite curious about the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Deep Nourishing Oil Shampoo (Did you get that? I believe they want us to know that it has Oil in it. Also, I don’t think the name is long enough). I couldn’t decide between the two, so I just went ahead and got both Shampoos (Shampoos? Shampooi? Shampi?… kidding).

That said, bring back, bring back, bring back my Vitalizing Shampoo to me, to meee!

Clean & Clear Makeup Remover (repurchase)

Then, because I’m a genius, I totally forgot that I’d just purchased my beloved Clean & Clear Makeup Remover (from City Center), and went ahead and purchased another one. No big, right? You might have noticed that I go through these like water, so there was no harm in getting a back-up. Wrong!

I’ve purchased x2 in a single go before (anticipating that I’d run out of this stuff pretty quickly, like I usually do), but I ended up not wearing Makeup (at all) for about a year or so (I wanna’ say 2014). My superstitions-radar went off the charts! That’s why I force myself to now only purchase just one of these at a time (insane? moi? naaaah). So, yeah. This stuff is bomb!

Snyder’s Chunky Salsa (Medium) (repurchase)

I wanted to try the Pringles Sour Cream Fiesta Tortilla Chips (previously purchased, here) with dis. My “go to” is the Old El Paso (previously purchased, here and before that here, and before that, here and before that, early 2000’s while watching Survivor lol), but I can never find it anymore. It’s fine though, because these Snyder’s are just as good!

Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips (repurchase)

In case the Pringles Sour Cream Fiesta Tortilla Chips don’t work with the Snyder’s Chunk Salsa (which they didn’t), I grabbed a bag of this stuff (mah fave)!

Snackgold Caviar Gourmet Potato Chips

Y u do dis to me Sultan Center? I saw “Made in Spain” and thought this stuff was legit. The bag was hard to open. Once I finally managed to open it… it smelled like death! After I mustered up enough courage to take a bite… it tasted like death too! I tend to enjoy Caviar (dis), but this stuff was horrible.

KitKat Coconut (repurchase)

So good that I’ve dedicated an entire post to them (dis)! I’m not even a chocolate-lover (except when it’s “that time of the month”, because biology, bruh), but these are aarghsome!

Haribo Worms (repurchase) and Haribo Twin Snakes

Sssnakuuu! Solid Snakuuu! Yeah, like I said in my ASOS Haulage post (dis), I’m kinda’ diggin’ all things Snake, at the mo’. Also, I stan Haribo. Also, these were new to me. They were just okay.

Worms are a forever favorites! I mean I go through phases where I get sick of ’em, but I’ll always go back to them. Same with Skittles, labu-labu ♥

Since this receipt is easier to read than the others, I won’t be typing out the prices.

I will however point out that my beloved Clean & Clear Makeup Remover is a wee bit cheaper at Sultan Center (Salmiya), in case anyone is interested. Also, I hope I don’t have to stop wearing makeup for the next year for whatever reason (read: The Curse) just because I accidentally got a back-up of this stuff (fingers crossed).

Lastly, the Black Island/Counter in the Kitchen actually starts off being clean. However, once I get my grubby hands on it (trying to “arrange” the stuff to take pics for my blog), that’s when things start to get a little smudge-y :)

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