City Center Salmiya Hypermarket (June)

I was running low on my favorite Hand Soap (Nivea Lemongrass & Oil) and my favorite Makeup Remover (Clean & Clear Deep Action Make-Up Remover Milk) and Shampoo (“Deep Cleansing” Shampoo, any would do).

Since I was in Salmiya anyway (after this nonsense), I decided to hit up the City Center Hypermarket. For some inexplicable reason, I thought they’d have more interesting Hair Care stuff than my usual haunts. As it turns out, they don’t. They had the exact same products found in every branch of Sultan Center, every branch of Carrefour and every local co-operative (because… Kuwait).

I did however manage to grab a handful (ok, fine, more than a handful) of savory snacks Potato Chips! In my defense, they had several “new” flavors! More importantly, they were being sold individually, as opposed to pre-packaged threesomes (purchased previously, here), and they were available in all kinds of different sizes (everything from the mini 40g tub of Salt & Vinegar to the – according to Pringles – XXL 200g tube). Aside from the Pringle Salt & Vinegar, the rest were all duds :(

I also picked up a thing of Americana Mini Oregano Patee and Vimto Blue Raspberry (I’ve only ever found the other two flavors, at my local co-op, so this was new to me) and a bunch of personal care stuff; Nivea Soaps and Dove Deo and my beloved Clean & Clear Makeup Remover (reviewed here) and my equally beloved Cream Silk Conditioner (reviewed here). The total for this entire haulage was KD 13/210.

Lay’s Yogurt with Spices & Herbs

Years and years ago, in Lebanon, I used to binge on Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Chips dipped in freshly made (I didn’t make it, I only purchased it, from one of the local restaurants) garlic-infused labna. Nobody, but nobody, can seem to replicate that insanely good (nay, great) garlic-infused labna over here (as in, Kuwait). The ratio always seems off. It’s either too garlic-y or too something. As such, I practically dream about that stuff!

Based on the name and picture depicted, I had high hopes for this baby. Sadly, this tasted like regular Lay’s Cheese, except it had an extremely noticeable and off-putting “minty” kick. I say kick, because the cooling mint effect, was on par with that you get from chewing sugar-free spearmint chewing gum. It was very… odd. Do not like.

Lay’s Cheese Stuffed Peppers and Lay’s Chili & Lime

So, so, sooo good! I tried these out before earlier (here), but had to buy them in a pack (along with other flavors that I wasn’t as interested in). I was pretty happy when I found these being sold individually… until I got back home and opened them up. All of them were stale :(

It’s a shame because the Chili & Lime were kinda’ like the Lay’s Barbecue, except nicer and the taste of the Cheese Stuffed Peppers took me back to ’97 when I had Taco Bell for the very first time, at some food court in some mall in the States (the Taco Bell in Kuwait is a joke and tastes nothing like the one in the U.S.) to the extent that I even got a flashback lol

Hear me out, Men In Black (the original one) was just released or soon to be released or whatever, so they had a promo going on, which consisted of little square pictures of the characters from the movie, stuck to those large cups (meant to be filled with Soda/Pop or as we call them over here Pepi/Coke Sprite/7-Up etc…) and if you peeled the sticker picture back, you won something or other that related to Men In Black! lol (can’t believe I remembered) Oh, oh, and Hercules (the Disney version) had just come out, or was coming out as well, so… I wanna’ say McDonald’s had something going on in conjunction with that too!

Wow! Tangent.

Pringles Salt & Pepper (200g)

Literally as described. I took one bite and thought, “Eggs” (Sunny Side Up Eggs with a side of Flat Bread and plenty of Salt & Pepper, more specifically), because that’s the only time I’ve had nothing but Salt & Pepper for seasoning. I gotta’ be honest, the Chess Piece Salt & Pepper Shakers on the Chessboard, depicted on the packaging, was pretty cute, and was what actually got me. Taste-wise though, no bueno.

Pringles Sour Cream Fiesta Tortilla Chips (160g)

I was way too excited when I spotted these (so excited that I grabbed x4)! First of all, the corn stalk on one end and the sliced onion on the other and the little bowl of Sour Cream was all well and good, but the little tambourine was what got me (I got got)! I dunno’… I just thought it was so fun! Also, Tortilla Chips! Potential Chunky Salsa combo! Yeah, no. This stuff tasted like regular Lay’s Cheese. Very disappointing.

Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant (40g)

Dove antiperspirant gives you 48h protection and contains our unique 1/4 moisturizing cream for softer, smoother, more beautiful underarms. 0% alcohol

The Dove Go Fresh Energizing Range was one of my most favorite scents ever (Dove Go Fresh Energizing Line) and I’ve been lamenting its disappearance, ever since. It’s probably still in production and being sold abroad, but we don’t get it here, because… Kuwait. I randomly stumbled upon a Deo Duo (here), but that was pretty much it. I wish they’d start selling the “Energizing” (Grapefruit & Lemongrass) in Kuwait again. To say that it smelled amazing would be an understatement! It smelled glorious!

In the meantime, I clocked the Cucumber & Green Tea Deo from the Dove Go Fresh range and figured I’d give it a sniff. It smelled nice and more importantly clean! Not bad. Not bad at all. Das ist gut!

Americana Oregano Mini Patee (pack) retails for KD 0/620
x2 Vimto Blue Raspberry Fruit Flavored Drink retail for KD 0/160
x2 Lay’s Cheese Stuffed Peppers retail for KD 0/595 each
x2 Lay’s Chili & Lime retail for KD 0/595 each
x2 Lay’s Yogurt with Spices retails for KD 0/200 each
x4 Pringles Sour Cream Fiesta Tortilla Chips retail for KD 2/640
x2 Pringles Salt & Pepper retail for KD 0/765 each
Pringles Salt & Vinegar (200g) retails for KD 0/765
x2 Pringles Salt & Vinegar (40g) retail for 0/230 each
x2 Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Soap retail for KD 0/290 each
Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant Stick retails for KD 0/880
Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Make Up Remover Milk retails for KD 1/720
Creamsilk Conditioner retails for KD 0/800

*not shown
x2 ABC Mango Nectar (mini juice box) retail for KD 0/080 each (drank one when I first entered the place, then picked up and drank the other while still in-store).
Mentos Fruit Flavored something or other, retails for KD 0/120 (lost it)

All about that healthy livin’! ^_~

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