My First ASOS Haul

Fila Disruptor Trainers in White retail for £80

The only reason I placed an order with ASOS was to get my hands on these Fila Disruptor Trainers in White!

It took some time, but I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon, and now think Chunky White Trainers are the coolest!

I ordered them in a size EU 37.5 (UK 4) because the size EU 38 (UK 5) was sold out.

They ended up being too tight so I had to send them back (something I’ve never done before) and got them exchanged for a size 38.5 (UK 5/ US 7.5) that fit way better.

That said, they were well worth the hassle, because these babies are insanely cool!

Fila Disruptors are available in Black and White (as shown) and Luxe Off White and Luxe Cream (Beige). ASOS also sell the Fila Disruptors II and Fila Disruptors 3 in several colors.

ASOS Dominic Chunky Trainers in White retail for £35 

I was so obsessed with the look of White Trainers, that I actually purchased another pair from the in-house brand, ASOS.

I don’t wanna’ get my Fila Disruptors dirty (it’s inevitable, but I’d like to avoid that, for as long as possible) so I figured, if I really wanted to wear White Trainers, but knew that I was going somewhere that could potentially scruff them up, I could just wear the ASOS Dominic Trainers instead.

I ordered them in a size EU 37 (UK 4) but had to get them exchanged for a size EU 38 (UK 5).

Dominic Chunky Trainers are available in White (as shown) and Beige and Beige/Multi and Baby Pink and Neon Yellow.

ASOS Jayme Espadrille Sandals (Wide) in Natural retail for £14

Woven everything (hats, bags, shoes) was/is currently having a “moment”. I thought these Sandals from ASOS would be a nice and subtle way to indulge in the trend.

Unfortunately, some trends just don’t transition all that well over here. As such, people (my family) keep mistaking these for at-home bathroom slippers (the kind you reserve solely for wearing in the bathroom) My dad was saying, “Did you really have to order those online?” lol

My feet are neither too wide nor too narrow, so I suppose I’ve got “regular” feet. However, I was curious about the “Wide” option and figured it might come in handy as a reference for future orders with ASOS.

I ordered them in a size EU 37 Wide (UK 4) and although the length was fine, the width was not. I could walk in them just fine, but going down any steps/stairs was a nightmare lol That said, I didn’t believe they were worth the hassle of exchanging them. Also, they weren’t that bad.

Jayme Espadrille Sandals are available in Natural (as shown) and Gem Embellished Natural and Multicolored and Dark Pink and Lilac and Black.

Boohoo Kimono (Petite) in Yellow Floral retails for £25 (sold out)

As soon as I clocked this Kimono, I was instantly smitten!

It was all long and flow-y and float-y and airy and just sooo pretty!

Also, for whatever reason, the print and color just spoke to me!

For once, I even loved the way it was styled on the model!

Plus, I’ve never owned anything from Boohoo before, and more importantly, this was actually geared towards shorter people like me!

I got it in a size UK 6/ EU 34/ US 2 and it fit great!

Unfortunately, I accidentally ordered x2 (because I kept switching countries on the website… ugh). I kept one for myself and gave the other one away.

Boohoo Strappy Thigh Split Midi Dress (Petite) in Berry reduced from £8 to £4.50 (sold out)

Honestly, I just picked this up because I wanted to see (for future reference) what other “petite” clothes would look like on my 5’1 body.

Plus, it was on sale. It was already pretty inexpensive to begin with, but it was now 50% off. I figured, why not?

I couldn’t find it in my size, so I sized up… and it still looked way too tight (I mean, it’s made out of stretchy jersey fabric, but still). The way the thigh split was designed, further enhanced that. To top it all off, the whole thing was quite sheer, making it unwearable.

I ordered it in a size UK 10/ EU 38/ US 6 but had to exchange it for a UK 12/ EU 40/ US 8

ASOS Long Sleeve Shirt (Petite) in White retails for £18.00

I’ve always had a thing for crisp white button-down shirts!

However, none of them ever fit me! I was either too fat or too short, making button-downs look all kinds of awkward on me.

That’s why I decided to try out yet another item from ASOS’s Petite range.

I ordered it in a size UK 10/ EU 38/ US 6 and it fit!

It’s a bit transparent and the fabric is a bit itchy, but I’ll live.

Luxe Palm Triangle Bikini Top in Blue Snake Print reduced from £22 to £8

I wasn’t even on the hunt for a new bikini… but just look at that!

It was Snake Print and in a gorgeous Blue shade!

Also, it was on sale! Basically, it was meant to be!

I got it in a size UK 10/ EU 38/ US 6

I accidentally ordered x2 (from switching countries over and over and over and over again on their website) and when I exchanged the other stuff, I returned one of the Bikini Tops and got a refund.

Luxe Palm Triangle Bikini Top was available in many different prints, but the Blue Snake Print was so very me!

The Blue Snake Print was also available in different styles of Bikini Tops but Triangle Bikini Tops are my personal preference.

Luxe Palm Tie Side Bikini Bottom in Blue Snake Print reduced from £22 to £8

I had to get the matching Bikini Bottom, obvi.

I got it in a size UK 8/ EU 36/ US 4

Luxe Palm Tie Side Bikini Bottom was available in different prints, but the Blue Snake Print was just so me!

The Blue Snake Print was also available in different styles of Bikini Bottoms but the Tie Side Bikini Bottoms are my personal preference.

South Beach Bikini Bottoms in Black reduced from £16 to £6

I thought the color on these looked really cool!

Plus, I figured I could alternate between these and the Blue Snake Print Bikini Bottoms, since these also sorta’ matched the Blue Snake Print Bikini Top.

Mostly though, I got them to wear when I knew that I was going to be swimming in a public place or in a mixed group setting and such. Typically, in those situations, I’d swim in shorts and a sleeveless tank.

However, rather than ruin my underthings with chlorine or salt-water, I prefered to wear a swimsuit or bikini underneath the shorts and tank top.

I could wear my Tie Side Bikinis underneath the shorts, but those tend to create lumps and bumps, which is annoying. That’s why I prefer to go with something a little more… seamless.

I got these in a size Large and they fit pretty great!

ASOS Basic Legging Shorts (Petite) in Black retails for £6

It’s not uncommon to find females in Arab Word (regardless of age, some even as young as 5 years old), swimming in something like these Black Biker Shorts underneath their swimming suits. Basically, they’ll slip these on and then wear their swimming suits. The concept behind that is… modesty.

Honestly, it’s a total eyesore. Why not just go with a wet-suit which looks much cooler and sleeker?

When I was a kid, my mom got me one of those Black Biker Shorts and instructed me to wear it underneath my swimming suit lol Instead, I wore shorts (that were not black and not skin-tight) over my swimming suit. I felt that was way more inconspicuous yet still modest enough for Arab World.

Anyways, Kim K made Biker Shorts a “thing” again. Personally, growing up in the 90’s (born in ’84), I’ve always found the combo of Black Biker Shorts and Combat Boots aesthetically appealing so I’m happy about the resurgence of Black Biker Shorts… just not for swimming lol

I got these in a size UK 8/ EU 36/ US 4 also from the Petite range and they fit great!

ASOS Double Circle Belt in Black retails for £12

I can’t wear belts. I mean I can. They just look awful on me. That doesn’t stop me from trying though (every now and again).

The infamous Gucci Double G Belt has become somewhat of permanent fixture in fashion (or so it seems). Rather than splurging on the real thing, I figured I’d go for a “dupe” and see how that goes first.

ASOS (and a lot of local and online stores) had many, many, many different Double Circle Belts in all kinds of different styles.

I went for the one in plain black faux leather and gold circles, in a size Medium.

South Beach Black/Green Drop Earrings retail for £12

I thought these Drop Earrings were pretty cute!

I liked the color combination of the vivid green against the black backdrop.

Also, they kinda’ reminded me of the Bershka Maxi Fringe Earrings (haulage here).

Not that I knew where I was ever going to wear them, or more importantly, with what?

Sadly, these arrived damaged (the gold fringe was completely detached from the rest of the earring) so I had to return them for a refund.


ASOS White Thread Faux Shell Earrings retail for £8

Not unlike the Puka Trend of the late 90’s, seashells are trending hardcore… again.

As I’ve stated several times before, I’m not one for trends. If I like it, I like it. If I don’t, I don’t.

I thought the “thread” detailing (rope?) that kinda’ gave it that nautical feel was particularly interesting!

Also, seashell accessories tended to be more on the delicate side (read: smaller side). However, these babies were huge!  I thought that was different and had to get them for that reason alone!

Thankfully they arrived intact!

ASOS Silver Open Palm and Eye Earrings retail for £4 (Sold Out)

Honestly, these Earrings look like something you might find at I Am (haulage here).

So cute! Kinda’ creepy! Very quirky!

Ergo, must-have!


DesignB Large Faux Pearl Hair Clips (2pc) retail for £8

Hair Clips are a thing… again. I used to purchase mine in bulk from Daiso lol

My favorite cousin always gave me a hard time for being 30+ (she’s a year younger lol) and still rockin’ Hair Clips. It’s just that I’ve watched Anime since forever, so I’ve been conditioned to find Hair Clips quite cute!

Now that they’re trending, my cousin keeps asking me where I’ve purchased mine (I keep telling her it’s the same spot, Daiso the one in City Center, Salmiya).

That said, I can never find those Over-Sized Faux Pearl Hair Clips (as shown) for a reasonable price. I spotted these in the “New In” section over on ASOS.

They were sufficiently over-sized and sufficiently priced.


ASOS Gold Snake Hair Clips (3pc) retails for £6 (Sold Out)

Ever since I could first remember, I’ve always hated snakes. It was because I watched that one movie where a guy got bit by a snake… and then another snake grew from his hand or something (80’s movies lol). Anyways, I watched that movie as a kid (because… Kuwait) and it scarred me (nightmares and everything).

However, over the years, I grew to find Snake Print aesthetically appealing! After typing up that whole post on Kilian Fragrances (here), I kinda’ find snake accessories… dare I say it… beautiful!

I spotted these 3pc Gold Tone Snake Hair Clips also in the “New In” section and quickly snatched them up!

Sass & Belle “Dad You’re The Best” Father’s Day Mug (2pc) retails for £9 (Sold Out)

Obviously, I got these Mugs for my dad.

They’re sold as an identical pair.

That way, when one is being washed/dried, he can still drink from the other.

I got him a Red/Yellow Mug that said World’s Greatest Dad, but he accidentally broke it (or so he says).

So, I got him these to replace that one. These look way cooler too!



My things arrived in x2 rather large shapeless plastic bags, which resulted in most of my stuff being smushed (like the shoe boxes) and in some cases, completely damaged (like the Earrings).

The smaller accessories were stuffed in the cardboard packaging (which apparently wasn’t properly sealed, both at the top and bottom) which resulted in the earrings falling out and getting destroyed.

Thankfully,  some of the other smaller accessories were packaged in bubble wrap.

Basically, ASOS’s packaging was quite flimsy…


Both bags came with a Returns Form, which I usually toss out (because I’ve never, ever, returned an online order before), but for some reason, held on to them, this time.

The main reason for this entire order was to get my hands on the Fila Disruptors… which ended up being too small, as were the other pair of White Trainers. The Dress was too tight and the Earrings arrived damaged and somehow I’d ended up ordering doubles of the Kimono and Bikini Top (from switching countries on the website, back and forth).

I gave the double of the Kimono away to a friend and figured I’d keep the extra Bikini Top (everyone else in my life is “top heavy”) and toss the damaged Earrings. I tried to give both White Trainers away as well, but because they were White (meaning they’d get dirty easily), nobody was interested lol Both were too small on the only other person that was interested.

I really had my heart set on the Fila Disruptors, and was planning on placing another order just to get them in the “correct” size, this time. However, since I couldn’t get rid of them, I figured I might as well just exchange the ones I had, instead. Now that I was going to be returning/exchanging stuff anyway, I figured I could lump in the additional Bikini Top and the damaged Earrings, along with both White Trainers.

Like I keep reiterating, I’ve never ever returned anything from an online order before, so I had no clue where to start! For starters, my order arrived in plastic bags, as opposed to boxes. I’d already torn open both ASOS plastic bags so I couldn’t stuff the Shoe Boxes back in there and ship the stuff back. I was hoping whatever shipping service I ended up using, would provide a box or something I could use to ship the stuff back.

Next was the Returns Form (both of which had their own separate sticker, with the return address on them). The stuff I was returning/exchanging included items from both packages. Did I have to return them in separate packages (each package with its correlating sticker) or could I just lump them all in one package and just use either sticker?

Also, all the items I’d ordered were divided between both Return Forms. There was a checklist with options (whether you wanted to exchange the item and what size did you receive and what size did you want to exchange it for and whether you wanted a refund and what was the reason i.e. damaged item, etc…). It felt like I was taking a test lol In the end, I settled on filling out only one Returns Form (that included both White Trainers and the Dress). I wanted to exchange the Earrings as well, but they, along with the Bikini Top were listed on the other Returns Form. I figured I’d just toss everything in together (with only a single Returns Form) and hoped they’d contact me or better yet, understand what I wanted, telepathically lol

I went to DHL and waited in line and all that (this was during Ramadan, mind you). Then when my turn finally came, explained the situation to the dude. He noticed that I was Kuwaiti and immediately started speaking to me in Arabic (and my Arabic is abysmal, at best, let alone Arabic with his thick Egyptian Accent). I barely understood what he was trying to say. I asked him to speak slower and he started talking in a condescendingly slow way (typical). Basically, he said I was in luck, because they had a really great deal going on right now. I could ship all those items for the very low price of only KD 99 ($325)! lol Basically, it would’ve been cheaper for me to order another pair of Fila Disruptors (in the proper size this time) and pay tax fees, and pay for them to be shipped to me, rather than returning them, to get them exchanged for the proper size. I thanked him and left. No thanks!

Next, I tried my luck at Aramex. When my turn came up, I was attended by a darling of a young Middle-Eastern man (I mean, he looked Arab, but he could’ve been German for all I knew). He quickly switched to English to accommodate me and assured me that they’d provided the proper packaging (the usual cardboard box) to ship my stuff. He also knew what to do with the Returns Form and the Stickers and everything. Basically, homeboy was very competent!

When I asked if the shipping was free (it said so on the sticker), he said it was free for those in the U.K. (where ASOS is based), but since my order was an international order, I would have to pay for shipping. After weighing my stuff, he declared that I’d have to pay somewhere around KD 60 ($197). However, after he heard me muttering about having to pay Aramex for shipping the stuff over, and shipping the stuff back, and the cost of shipping sometimes being more than the cost of the actual items being shipped, he asked if I had a Shop&Ship Account. I told him that I did. He asked for my account number. It took me a year to log in on my phone. After I gave it to him, he disappeared for a bit. When he came back, he said I only had to pay KD 20 ($65)!

In comparison with the KD 99 (“deal”) that DHL wanted me to pay, KD 20 for Aramex was pretty sweet! I payed and left, hoping that the items would arrive to their proper destination and that there would be no other mix-ups (be it with the Returns Form or when they shipped the items back to me or anything else).

Back home, I contacted ASOS via their Live Chat app (which was very, very well-hidden, for some reason). It took about 45 minutes for someone to finally get to me. I told them that I’d sent my stuff back, to get them exchanged. I was told that since I was an international customer, my stuff could only be refunded, not exchanged. After all that? Ugh.

The icing on the cake, there was a deadline (I wanna’ say 45 days?) and I couldn’t get a refund after that. Since it takes a week for the items to ship from ASOS to my UK Aramex Mailbox and then a week or so to reach my Kuwait Aramex Mailbox and then a week or so to get them “inspected” or “signed out” or whatever the heck they go through, and then a week for the stuff to finally reach me. Basically, it takes a little over a month, for my online orders to arrive. Which meant, that with the upcoming deadline, I was running very low on time.  The Customer Service Agent had assured me that I’d receive an e-mail once my items reached them and another once I got a refund. I checked my e-mail… hourly… for a month, straight. That e-mail never arrived.


On June 19, these big behbehs arrived! They were so huge, they almost reached all the way up to the light switch lol

I was kinda’ annoyed that they were shipped separately (as opposed to lumping everything together), because it meant I had to pay for shipping separately. Still, I was ecstatic that they even exchanged them for me in the first place (I was told no exchanges for international orders)! As promised, I was refunded for the Bikini Top and Earrings too.

The ASOS White Dominic Chunky Trainers were in one bag. The Boohoo Berry Thigh Split Midi Dress and Fila White Disruptor Trainers (finally!) were in the other bag. Everything fit me much better now!

Final Thoughts

Like I said, the only reason I placed this order with ASOS was because it was the only place I could find the Fila White Disruptor Trainers. I figured since I was going to be placing an order with ASOS anyway, might as well make the most of it and pick up a few clothing items (to get a feel for their sizes, for future reference) while I was at it. Since I was going to be ordering clothes anyway, I figured I might as well pick out a few pieces from the “Petite” range (meant for shorter people, as in me, also for future reference). Since they had a bunch of cute accessories, I figured why not pick up a handful (to see if they survive the journey or not, for future reference). Since they had a bunch of stuff on clearance, I figured why not pick up a new Bikini?

Basically, since I was paying for shipping anyway (from my UK Aramex Mailbox to my Kuwait Aramex Mailbox), I figured I’d “test out” several different categories on ASOS (clothing, swimwear, accessories, shoes, etc…) just to see how different do they look from their online photos up on the website (those ASOS White Dominic Chunk Trainers are nowhere near as chunky as they looked online), how well they fare (if they survive being shipped to Kuwait or nah), how well they look on me (sizing discrepancies), etc… for reference for possible future orders.

Their packaging is flimsy (order at your own risk). Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired (they never respond to e-mails and their live chat agents are snarky). Their website layout is a bit confusing.

I don’t understand why everyone has been so obsessed with ASOS for all these years. They’re just… okay.



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