NBeautyStore Mutabakhira Fragrance

I never learn…

During Ramadan, while browsing for Kaftans on Instagram, I came across Mutabakira Fragrance.

In Arabic, the root word of Mutabakhira is “Bukhoor” (scented incense chips meant to be burned) so Mutabakhira roughly translates to “being scented with Bukhoor“… or something to that effect.

The premise for this Fragrance being, that instead of burning incense chips a.k.a. Bukhoor in an incense burner and waiting for it to slowly scent your clothes or hair or home or whatever else, you could get the same effect (scent-wise) with a couple of spritzes of Mutabakhira, saving you both the time and effort.

Highly intrigued, I quickly sent them a message via Whatsapp to place my order…

The Fragrance arrived the next day. The presentation was very… cheap.

NBeautyStore was only printed on one side of the pink bag while the other was blank. The invoice was stapled to the blank side (something you might expect… when ordering take-out).

Inside the pink bag was a very rough blue felt pouch… and a hair.

The Fragrance was inside the blue pouch.

As you can see, the Fragrance had leaked through the pouch (but of course) and onto the bag.

Thankfully, the Fragrance bottle was made out of glass. However, the cap and atomizer were plastic. They both looked and felt considerably flimsy. Even the sticker with the name of the Fragrance (“Mutabakhira“) wasn’t perfectly aligned, and looked like it had been haphazardly slapped on, at the last minute.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded all of that, if the scent was somewhat pleasant or anywhere near what was advertised.

Unfortunately, as it stands, Mutabakhira smelled awful.

Honestly? Serves me right for trusting anything local (lol)

Mutabakhira Fragrance retails for KD 7, according to the NBeautyStore account (on Instagram), but the “receipt” included an additional KD 2 for delivery, making it KD 9 in total for an unpleasant scent with cheap packaging and questionable origins.

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