Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum Haul

Dolce Garden is a delicious new flower blossoming in a Sicilian garden. A joyful, solar aura blending citrus and cream. With Dolce Garden, the frangipani blossom joins the delightful bouquet of the Dolce family.

Did they actually put any thought into the ad for Dolce Garden? The ad seems quite… cheesy, like something you would’ve seen on tv in the late 80’s or early 90’s lol Heck, even the name and packaging seem like a such mismatch for the undeniably tropical scent.

I actually got a sample of Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum earlier from Nordstrom with a previous order (here), and instantly fell in love, to the extent that I vowed to purchase the full size (first chance I got), which was exactly what I did! Plus, I got a very sweet discount to boot!

Note to local stores: This is how to properly utilize samples. People sample the samples, and end up actually purchasing the product! See how that works?

To express the playful femininity of Dolce Garden, the fragrance and flower cap take on a pastel pink portraying the innate delicatessen of flowers in bloom.

The bottle is completed with a thin black grosgrain ribbon presented in an elegant bow, the signature of the Dolce line.

In contrast, the green “Garden” signature underlines the fresh, natural facets of the new fragrance.

So stinkin’ cute! I simply adore the packaging! The bottle is all rounded and cute, and more importantly, not too heavy. The flower cap is the cutest lil thing, ever! I mean look at that itty bitty flower in the very middle (stigma…?) within the larger flower. The whole thing looks like a clay charm you might buy on Etsy (I mean that as a compliment)! It’s just sooo cute! It even comes with an adorable little black bow (I mean… come on), just like all the other Dolce fragrances! However, the original Dolce came in a Green Bottle with a White Flower Cap, while Dolce Rosa Excelsa was Red, and Dolce Peony was Lavender, and Dolce Garden was Pink. Basically, cuteness overload ♥

That said, the flower cap never wants to stay on the bottle, and keeps getting lost in my handbag (which is pretty annoying). Consequentially, the little bow has slipped off and is now lost. I’m just letting you know, it’s not ideal for stuffing in your handbag and lugging around, because at some point, the cap will come off. That’s my only issue with the packaging.

Top Notes: In the sun-kissed top notes, juicy Mandarin, bright Neroli and airy Magnolia express its radiance.

Heart Notes: The Coconut Essence, a unique natural extract of the fruit’s white flesh, accents the creamy freshness of the Frangipani blossoming petals.

Base Notes: A silky almond milk accord evokes the traditional sweets of Sicily. Enriched with Vanilla Absolute and Sandalwood, it extends the exquisite sensuality of the Frangipani note into the drydown.

So. Much. Yes.

Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum is exactly what I wanted Harajuku Lovers Li’l Angel Eau de Toilette (haulage here) and Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau de Parfum (haulage here) to be! The lasting power and sillage was abysmal on Li’l Angel whereas Pink Friday sometimes had a cloying musky undertone. Dolce Garden had none of those issue! It smelled absolutely delicious, from the onset and throughout!

All the notes blended together to create the most perfect Pina Colada scent, ever! That said, once again, Pineapple was not actually listed in the notes. The top notes consisted of Mandarin and some Floral Notes, while the heart note was Coconut and lastly, the base notes were Almond Milk, Vanilla Absolute and Sandalwood. Together, they created a sweet, tropical scent, with a smooth milky quality, that lasted forever (especially on clothes)!

It does seem like a scent you might find at Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret, but it’s not, because Dolce Garden is far superior. It smells unbelievably delicious, on skin, on clothes and in the air (when you re-enter a room where you’ve previously sprayed it on)! Plus, it lasts for a good long while and doesn’t disappear like most cheap-y alcohol-based scents. I’d spray Dolce Garden before I’d leave the house for work, and all my coworkers would ooh and aah over the scent! On my way back home from work (it’s too hot to go anywhere right after work), I’d still be able to smell the delicious smell on myself! I’ve even taken to spraying it on right after a hot shower and right before bed (so I can smell it while I sleep) as well! The smell of Dolce Garden is a thing of sweet, sweet dreams! Needless to say, I’m completely in love with the insanely delicious fragrance and would wholeheartedly recommend it to all gourmand lovers!

The original Dolce was released in 2014 (also sampled with a previous Nordstrom order, here). Dolce Floral Drops was released in 2015. Dolce Rosa Excelsa was released in 2016. Dolce Garden (as shown) was released in 2018. Dolce Peony was released in 2019.

Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum is still available for purchase at our local Sephora. The 50mL retails for KD 32 while the 75mL retails for KD 44. As you can see, I purchased the 75mL for only KD 20 which was just another one of the many “perks” of buying products during the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition!

That concludes my Perfume & Makeup Exhibition haulage during the month of April! If you’re interested, the next one will take place during October 24 through November 2 at Mishref Fair Grounds (Hall 5, Hall 6, Hall 8).

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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