Al Mansour Small Haul (April)

It wouldn’t be a “proper” visit to the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition if I didn’t make a quick stop at the Al Mansour booth, now would it?

This time, I picked up a few Nail Polishes (mostly creme shades, with the exception of a single glittery shade) for KD 1/500 a pop and some Liners in neon shades for KD 2 each and lastly, a KD 5 repurchase of my beloved Riffi Exfoliating Loofah Massage Strap (in-depth review here)! Instead of paying KD 15 I ended up paying KD 12 because of the discount during the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition.

L.A. Colors Color Craze Extreme Shine Gel Polish retail for KD 1/500 each

Wears like a polish! Shines like a gel! Available in 16 eye popping shades!

Anarchy (Black) (Creme)
Fierce (Red) (Creme)
Tempt (Teal) (Creme)
Magical (Lilac) (Glitter)

I love the look of Black Nail Polish (with a creme finish) on my fingers and toes, because to me, it looks so cool, but also sophisticated, especially when paired with open-toe shoes on the feet and a stack of midi-rings and other jewelry on the hands! Also, Black pairs well with literally everything (including both the usual Gold-Toned and Silver-Toned Jewelry and everything in-between)! That’s why I snatched up Anarchy.

As for Fierce, it seems my love affair with all things Red has made the jump from Lipsticks to Nail Polish (Sephora High Speed Nail Polish), because I can’t seem to get enough! I just find Red Nail Polish so festive cheerful, and more importantly, pretty darn handy, for many, many events (well, mostly parties lol)! I’d even pair my Lipstick to my Nail Polish, on occasion!

I seriously enjoy the look of Nail Polishes that at a glance could be mistaken for Black, but upon further inspection turn out to be a Dark Green (MAC Fatigues Nail Polish) or Deep Blue (MAC Deep Sea Nail Polish) or even a Vampy Berry! I just find them… not boring! In fact, I pretty much live in those type of shades during the cooler months! As an added bonus, they’re quite flattering on Arab skin! Tempt seemed like yet another one of those interesting shades that looked almost Black in certain lighting and more Blues-y in others! I had to get it!

They had a bunch of other beautiful glittery shades, but knowing myself, I stuck with a shade that I would actually wear. Magical (apt name) was a cute, sparkly, pretty shade that’d look lovely on its own or paired over something else (possibly even Tempt)! I tried to talk myself out of getting it, and even succeeded for half a sec, before I quickly back-tracked and snatched it up and tossed it in the little shopping basket they handed out at the side of the Al Mansour booth. As an Eyeshadow or Lip Gloss (same shade, different brand), this particular shade did absolutely nothing for me, but as a Nail Polish, it truly was Magical!

L.A. Girl Shockwave Neon Liners retail for KD 2/000 each

Vivid, neon liners formulated in a creamy, water-resistant gel. Super soft, full coverage eyeliner lasts up to 16 hrs and can also be used as kajal. High pigment anti-feathering lipliner, lines & fills lips up to 8 hrs. Available in 4 luscious lip colors and 6 bright eye colors. These liners are ready to rock!

Gotcha (Lime Green)
Outrage (Hot Orange)

Gotcha was an Eyeliner, while Outrage was a Lip Liner, but I purchased both, because I was planning on using both as Eyeliners. Speaking from experience (similar shade, different brands), Gotcha would look great in the inner corner (making the eyes look less closer together and more further apart i.e. “opening them up”), especially when paired with darker eye makeup! As for Outrage, I can’t help but think it would look pretty cute as a graphic wing, paired with stark white eyeshadow (I mean, the rest of the makeup including the foundation has to be on point for the whole “look” to work), but I have nothing to base that theory on (just my imagination lol).

Riffi Exfoliating Loofah Massage Strap (coral) retails for KD 5

This baby is a forever favorite! In fact, I don’t feel clean unless I’ve used a riffi strap! I’ve actually written up a whole love letter to this thing earlier (in-depth review, here). I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve repurchased this thing (in different colors) in the past! That said, I’ve never purchased one in Coral before and it really did look quite cute ergo sold!

As per usual, the staff at the Al Mansour booth, lumped everything together in those cheap ugly nylon pouches and handed me a few questionable “samples”. I wish they’d stop, because getting rid of the “samples” and the pouches is starting to become a hassle. As for the things I purchased, I’m pretty excited about all of them and can’t wait to start using them! Everything was pretty inexpensive to begin with, but like I said earlier, instead of paying KD 15 I only had to pay KD 12 because of the discount during the Perfume & Makeup Exhibition!

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