Al Battash Luxury Al Jalila Eau de Parfum Haul

Also at Mishref Fair Grounds, while paying for Black Feather Eau de Parfum (haulage here) by the local brand Al Mudaires, the guy manning the cash register spritzed Al Jalila Eau de Parfum by the brand Al Battash Luxury on the fragrance-tester (strip of paper) and handed it to me in the hopes of enticing me into purchasing it. Spoiler Alert: it worked.

In case you were wondering, many of the booths at Mishref Fair Grounds didn’t have their own cash register (for whatever reason), which was why certain cash registers were designated for use with several booths (very chaotic ergo very Kuwaity).

While paying for my Al Mudaires purchase at one of those cash registers, I ended up actually liking the scent on the fragrance-tester that the guy had given me! The bottle was gaudy AF, but the scent was nice and fruity! The gentleman further enticed me, by saying it had been reduced from KD20+ to now only KD5! I’ve never heard of Al Battash Luxury before either, but since the Perfume was so inexpensive, I figured why not? He even tossed in a handful of perfume samples!

Apparently, Al Battash Luxury was a U.A.E. brand (well hullo there, neighbors) that had released 3 Perfumes for Women (Al Jalila and Amaryllis and La Vie En Rose) with Red/Gold Bottles and 3 Perfumes for Men (Hamdan and Le Sage and Sapphire) with Black/Silver Bottles. According to the gentleman at the cash register, they were selling them at a very discounted price now, because Al Battash Luxury was going to be revamping their entire brand, which kinda’ made sense to me. I mean… look at that packaging.

For starters, the thing came in an excessively large box! It had a novel on the back and everything lol Inside the box was another box, a Keepsake Box this time (all White Leather with the Red Logo in the middle), to safely store the Perfume. Once I pulled the tab, the Keepsake Box slid open to reveal the Perfume.

On my life, I’ve never, ever seen an uglier Perfume Bottle! The packaging was excessive in size, color, everything… which come to think of it, was quite apt for us Arabs lol I could see naive foreigners thinking it was appropriately “oriental” (kinda’ like something out of Aladdin lol), but as an Arab myself, I found it extremely gaudy and tacky! All that reflective Gold was bad enough (ugh, Gold), but the thing had way too much color (Gold/Red/Blue) and way too much bling (Faux Gems, Charm, Tassels, etc…) going on for my taste. It felt like everything on the Bottle was vying for your attention (blech). Basically, I found it tasteless.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Ginger
Heart Notes: Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Orris Root, Musk
Base Notes: Leather, Styrax

Initially, Al Jalila smelled quite pleasant! It was all fruity and lovely! Shortly after, it turned into that awful “burn tire” smell, not unlike Proenza Schouler Arizona Eau de Parfum (sampled here). Since both Perfumes included the note Orris, I’m going to attribute the “burnt tires” smell to that.

Back home, I made the mistake of spritzing Al Jalila no less than four times (twice each side) on my person. Not five minutes later, I was practically gasping for air! I was being suffocated by the Orris! lol It got so bad that I had to excuse myself from watching Survivor (which is sacred in our home lol) and go change out of my shirt!

With that being said, I kinda’ don’t hate Al Jalila, not unlike Arizona (here). There was just something about it that I found quite compelling, possibly an unlisted “Woodsy Note”. I feel like if I used Al Jalila more sparingly (hours before, so it’ll have enough time to quiet down and only one spritz max.) it might even be more tolerable. Plus, it seemed similar enough to Proenza Schouler Arizona Eau de Parfum (sampled here) and only for a fraction of the price! It’s not a scent that I usually gravitate towards, but it was interesting enough to warrant a purchase. Also, it was only KD 5/000!

x3 Korloff Lady Korloff Eau de Parfum (sample)

Top Notes: Orange, Mandarin, Pear
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Tuberose
Base Notes: Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk

I was expecting something stuffy, but Lady Korloff was a surprisingly young scent! In fact, it was so young, it was actually headache-inducing! The Orange and Pear hit me in the face like a ton of bricks! Same with the equally obnoxious florals, which mixed together with the fruits, literally made my nose hurt! lol That said, after some time a lot of time, the scent mellowed out, which was when I began to actually enjoy it!

I’m pretty sure I’ve smelled something very similar before, but I can’t quite remember if it was an actual Perfume or one of those cheap-y scents I purchased earlier from Zara (here) or just something from Bath & Body Works. In any case, it’s nothing unique or special, but after upwards of an hour of being on my skin, I found Lady Korloff to be quite pleasant!

x2 Jean-Louis Scherrer Scherrer 2 Eau de Parfum (sample)

Top Notes: Tangerine, Rose, Jasmine, Angelica, Tuberose, Violet Leaves
Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Bourbon, Vetiver, Mysore Sandalwood, Myrhh, Cedar
Base Notes: Civet, Castor, Benzon, Patchouli, Opoponax, Musk, Oak Moss

Yuck! Scherrer 2 was all floral and medicinal mixed with baby powder and something sour. Honestly, it was just all around awful! It was so bad, it actually reminded me of Estee Lauder Youth Dew (here).

x2 Aigner Cara Mia Eau de Parfum (sample)

Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Pepper
Heart Notes: Orris, Jasmine, Peach
Base Notes: Patchouli, Cashmere, Frankincense

Initially, this smelled like man (not boy, man) which I presume was the Bergamot and Pepper. Shortly after, I could smell something delightfully citrus-y. Then it turned very medicinal and spicy, with a hint of “dirty diaper” and eventually turned to “man” again (coming full circle lol). The longer it stayed on my skin, the louder it got, until it made me feel like I was choking (which would be the Orris). Even after I washed scrubbed it off, I could still smell the delightful Sandalwood on me! All together, Cara Mia came across as quite spicy and masculine.

I only spent KD5 on Al Battash Luxury Al Jalila Eau de Parfum which to me smelled quite similar to Proenza Schouler Arizona Eau de Parfum (sampled here) except for a fraction of the price! Plus, I got a whole bunch of samples to play around with, granted they were mostly “retro” scents (read: not my style). Nothing in this haul was what I would call a “hidden gem”, but at only KD5 I’m not complaining.

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