Sultan Center Haulage (April)

I stopped by Sultan Center (Souq Sharq) because I’d run out of my new favorite psuedo-coffee drink (Torabika) and neither I nor any of my friends or family could seem to find it anywhere. I was just as unsuccessful at Sultan Center, which was why I ended up getting x2 sachets of Nescafe Gold Cappuccino and x2 sachets of Nescafe Gold Double Chocolate Mocha to tide me over.

Since I was there anyway, I stocked up on some snackage (which was why I’ve been regaining weight lol)! Most of this stuff was “spotted” earlier in my previous Sultan Center post (here) and some of it was hauled earlier as well (here).

– x2 Lay’s Assorted Packs (x3 bags per pack) retail for KD 1/500 each

Betty Crocker Pancake Mix (because I’ve been in the mood for Pancakes… drizzled drowned in Maple Syrup) retails for KD 1/600

Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix (because I was in the mood to make Brownies) retails for KD 1/100

Oreo Thins (I love all the Thins!) retail for KD 1/550

Chips Ahoy! S’mores (my new faves!) retail for KD 3/000

– x2 Mikado Chocolate Coated Sticks (old-school Pocky dupe) retail for KD 1 each

– x6 KitKat Coconut (my latest addiction thanks to my cousin) retail for KD 0/250 each

Haribo Worms (old-school fave) retails for KD 0/300

Mentos Strawberry (because it was in my direct line of vision so… why not?) retails for KD 0/085

– x2 Nescafe Gold Cappuccino retails for KD 0/150 each

– x2 Nescafe Gold Double Choc Mocha retail for KD 0/200 each

Colgate Natural Extracts Lemon Oil and Aloe Toothpaste (new-new) retails for KD 1/500

Clean & Clear Makeup Remover (holy grail status) retails for KD 1/500

Whatever, maaan. Totti (whom I worship) was in Kuwait earlier this month and I got a chance to not only meet him (at an event), but also take a picture with him (and he was legit smiling in our photo)! #dreamsdocometrue

Lay’s Assorted Pack (x3 per pack) x Champions League

Get a chance to Win Tickets for the final game
Buy 3 packs of Lays 160g at 20% off and get a scratch card to Win Tickets to the Champions League final in Madrid

Like I said, whatever, maaan. I only bought these because I wanted the Blue Bag (Chili + Lime?) from one pack and the Purple Bag (Jalapeno Cheese Dip?) from the other, but they weren’t available for individual purchase. So, I had to buy them in these packs. I don’t remember what the newer flavors were actually called, because I ate inhaled them almost instantly lol That said, the other two flavors in each pack were “classics” and not too bad, actually.

In case you’re interested, I didn’t win any tickets lol I “won” a 160g bag of Lay’s Potato Chips (unspecified flavor) and 1.25L Bottle of Pepsi to wash it all down.

Colgate Natural Extracts Lemon Oil and Aloe Toothpaste

The Natural Extracts range seemed to be new to Sultan Center. I spotted several interesting “flavors”, but decided to go with Lemon Oil and Aloe. The consistency of this stuff was… vile! It reminded me of the equally horrible, thick, chalky, hot pink syrup (I wanna’ say Pepto Bismol) that I used to take whenever I’d get sick as a kid. Every time I’d brush my teeth with this stuff, it’d trigger my gag reflex and I’d stand there dry-heaving for a minute or two :/

Just… awful!

You may have noticed discrepancies in pricing on most of the receipts I’ve shared with you guys. I’m not quite sure why. The items will be listed at a certain price in-store, but on the receipt it’ll be marginally higher or lower (by a few fils), but the total always seems to be correct. I’ve noticed it happening on the receipt from all the stores, everything from Bath&Body Works to H&M. Peculiar, to say the least. Anyways, the total for all this stuff was KD 19

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