Spotted at Bath and Body Works (March)

In March, Bath & Body Works released a new collection called In The Stars. It was a surprisingly delightful scent! They also came out with a bunch of newer Candles! Lastly, I noticed some more Sheet Masks (hard pass, fool me once and all) and Bath Bombs. For those confused by the signs around the store focusing on Moms, Arabs celebrate Mother’s Day slightly earlier than the rest of the world.

In The Stars

Radiant, Warm, Captivating

Notes: Radiant Amber, Sandalwood Musk, Sweet & Spicy Agarwood

Just by looking at the notes, you can sorta’ tell that In The Stars is going to be all sweet and musky and woodsy! Personally, I really, really like it!

They also had a new Candle display (click on pic to enlarge).

Back Row (L-R):
Caribbean Escape
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Party Dress
Fresh Bamboo
Boathouse Row
French Baguette
Warm Vanilla Sugar

Front Row (L-R):
White Tea & Ginger
Blue Ocean Waves
Sun-Washed Citrus
Mineral Springs
Pineapple Mango

French Baguette sounded lovely! I was definitely very, very interested! Mineral Springs smelled quite interesting as well, but the packaging was a bit lack-luster. Boathouse Row on the other hand had absolutely adorable packaging! The rest were all re-promotes and therefore much less interesting to me.

Aisle of Doom

Lastly, at the “Aisle of Doom” they had several Sheet Masks and Bath Bombs.

Mud Mask with Charcoal
Mud Musk with Coconut & Cacao
Mud Mask with Witch Hazel & Honeysuckle
Petal-Infused Hydrogel Mask with Lavender

More Sheet Masks and Bath Bombs

All in all, everything other than the new In The Stars Collection, seemed a bit… meh.

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