Aldo Mini Haul (February)

I make it a point to check out Aldo every time I happen to be at Souq Sharq, because I never know when they start stocking the newer stuff (from shoes to handbags and accessories, everything I like is usually sold out by the time I eventually get there) and also, because I never know when they’re having a sale or a promotion going on (which are seemingly random). This visit was no different. They were having a “KD 5 off every KD 20” promo going on at the time.

Our live-in chauffeur was constantly complimenting me on my Aldo Oversized Black/Gold Watch (photos here and here). So, I figured I’d get him off my back by letting him purchase two Watches from the Men’s Section at Aldo (he seemed pretty happy with what he chose) for himself. Meanwhile, since we were there anyway, I decided to pick a handful of bling-y Bracelets for his wife, in addition to the Perfumes which he had asked for earlier (Perfume Declutter Post) to round everything out. I was told she loved the Bracelets because of the way they sparkled (as expected ‘cuz I pride myself on knowing what people would like). Lastly, I picked up a few very plain pieces (it’s just my style, bruh) for myself.

Gold Agrirelle Delicate Bracelet retails for KD 3

Available in Gold (as shown) and Silver. I thought this Bracelet just looked so delicate and dainty and feminine! The fact that you could adjust the length using the toggle fastening was a major plus! I actually asked the sales assistant if it was available in Silver, but was told that they had already sold out. That’s why I settled for the Gold (as shown), but I’m pretty happy with it, regardless! This Gold Agrirelle Delicate Bracelet was oh-so-cute!

Silver Mealonna Necklace retails for KD 4/500

Available in Silver Chain (as shown) and Gold Chain. In-store, this Necklace, and the “Diamond” in particular, looked absolutely beautiful! Back home, once I ripped off the packaging and tried the Necklace on, it was a completely different story. Basically, the “Diamond” refused to stay centered! When worn, it would just tilt to the side and lay against my skin, which was not what I’d envisioned when purchasing this Necklace lol Basically, this Silver Mealonna Necklace was a complete waste of money, unfortunately.

Silver Jerilivia Bracelet retails for KD 5/500

Available in Silver (as shown) and Gold, in the sizes Small/Medium (as shown) and Medium/Large. I’ve always loved Cuff Bracelets because they just came across as insanely cool (to me)! So, as soon as I clocked this Bracelet (which if I’m being honest, strongly resembled Cuff Bracelets that I so love), I tried it on and naturally, fell in love! It practically looked like Chainmail! This is why I just adore Aldo, because every so often, I’ll come across a unique and really cool piece, like this Silver Jerilivia Bracelet!

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