Forever 21 Huge Haulage (February)

As you can see, I went hard at Forever 21!

I was only cutting through Forever 21 to get to the rest of the mall (It’s just more convenient to park my car right outside the store), but as soon as I set foot in there, I clocked the cutest Tulle Mesh Tutu Skirt (which I tried on in every single size), but sadly didn’t end up getting. Undeterred, I practically tried on the entire store (or at least several pieces from each section)… Everything at Forever 21 looked mad appealing to me, ergo this haulage! I never even made it out of the store (to the rest of The Avenues) lol

Black Tie-Waist Drawstring Jumpsuit retails for KD 14/000

A woven jumpsuit featuring a notched collar, button front, darting at the bust, single chest patch pocket, long sleeves with button cuffs, self-tie drawstring at the partially elasticized waist, and on-seam pockets. 100% rayon

Talk about love at first sight! Everything about this Jumpsuit was absolutely perfect! The size X-Small fit like a dream! The length was great on my 5’1 frame (I could get away with wearing this thing with both flats and heels)! The fabric was light and breathable, but not see-thru! It had drawstrings that I could tie at the waist to customize the fit (whether I wanted a tight fit to accentuate my waist or a more casual and comfy loose fit)! It was long-sleeved (which meant I didn’t have to worry about wearing a shirt underneath, while out and about in our conservative little Kuwait)! It had pockets (+100 cool points)! Best of all, it was Black (my fave)! Such a sexy little number!

Black Contrast-Stitch Wide-Leg Jumpsuit retails for KD 12/000

A woven jumpsuit featuring contrast topstitching, a square neckline, wide shoulder straps, a wide leg, concealed back zip closure, optional self-tie belt, and wide banded hem. 75% polyester, 18% rayon, 7% spandex

So stinkin’ cute! This Jumpsuit didn’t come in an X-Small so I tried it on a Small which turned out to be great! It didn’t have any pockets (-10 points). However, it was Wide-Leg (+10) and the hem was banded (+10). Also, I have a “thing” for contrast stitch detailing, apparently (I just think it looks so cool)! The self-tie belt was a nice touch! I only spotted this baby in Black, which jumpsuited me just fine! All in all, I was utterly smitten with this Jumpsuit! Supah, supah cute!

Navy Cuffed Palazzo Pants retails for KD 12/000

A pair of beautifully tailored woven pants featuring a flattering high rise, button accents on the front, a palazzo-cut leg, side-seam pockets, a notable wide cuffed hem, and a concealed back zip closure. 100% polyester

I tried these on in a size Small, but wasn’t comfortable with how they were extremely cinched in at the waist, and ballooned outwards at the hips. I could already predict that finding a Top to wear with these Pants would prove to be… difficult, unless I was to tuck the Top in (as shown on the model).

I tried them on in a size Medium, but the the darn things just wouldn’t stay up (too loose in the waist area) which was sorta’ the same problem I experienced with a near identical pair (down to the Navy color lol) from H&M (haulage here), as even those Navy Suit Trousers were high-waisted and refused to stay up (which looked all kinds of awkward on my height).

My only viable option was to get these Navy Cuffed Palazzo Pants in a size Small. I mean, they were Palazzo-Cut Leg and had a cuffed hem and had pockets, all of which, I find very, very cool! Also, hullooo there, hourglass-figure! Now, I just had to muster up the courage (because they just seemed so “try-hard”) to actually wear them out in public lol

Burgundy Striped Sleeve Windbreaker Jacket retails for KD 12/000

A comfortable nylon jacket with mesh lining, zip-up front closure, dual side pockets, adjustable self-tie straps to hem, high-neck with adjustable draw cords and zip-around closure with hidden hoodie. Shell: 100% nylon Lining: 100% polyester

Available in Burgundy (as shown) and Black. I only stumbled upon the Burgundy and even then, only in a size Small. I would’ve liked to try on the Medium, but apparently this was the very last piece. Due to the fact that my weight yo-yo’s so much, it’s kinda’ hard for me to adjust (When I’m bigger, I believe I’m smaller than I actually am, and when I’m smaller, I believe I’m bigger than I actually am).

I was already lusting after this baby because of the gorgeous color, but once I tried it on, I fell in lurrrve! It was all zippers and drawstrings and really cool stripes on the side, all in a palatable Black! Plus, it had pockets! Without a doubt though, the hidden hoodie (which I have yet to unzip, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to stuff it back in as seamlessly) was hands down the coolest! Bonus: it makes that swish-swish sound, every time I move! I’ve already gotten so much use out of this Burgundy Striped Sleeve Windbreaker Jacket and I’m so thankful I stumbled on this thing when I did, because it’s such a great find! Love!

Black Active Zip-Front Jacket retails for KD 12/000

A knit athletic jacket crafted from wicking fabric, featuring a funnel neck, seamed details, long sleeves with banded cuffs, front zip pockets, and a front zip closure. 90% nylon, 10% spandex

Ugh, I don’t quite know what I was thinking! I grabbed this from the Active Wear section, on a whim. Despite trying it on and noticing that it highlighted every single roll/fold on my upper body, I still bought it… in a skin-tight size Small no less. The Jacket wasn’t even long enough to cover my behind (and I’m barely 5’1)! The funnel neck did me no favors. Also, I don’t wear things that come with thumb-holes. Worst of all, the Black Active Zip-Front Jacket wasn’t even that cheap (apparently most of the Active Wear line was on the pricier side, well, expensive for Forever 21 at least).

Plum Faux Leather-Panel Leggings retail for KD 6/000

Style Deals – A pair of knit leggings featuring a high-rise, faux leather side panels, and an elasticized waist. 68% polyester, 28% rayon, 4% spandex

Available in Plum (as shown) and Charcoal. I found these in the Active Wear section as well. These babies were so well-hidden that I totally walked past them, the first time around. Both colors were available in all sizes! I tried on the Small and Medium, but ended up going with the size Small. The fit was great! More importantly, they were not see-thru! The faux leather side panels were mainly what attracted me to these Leggings and they looked equally flattering when worn! All in all, these Plum Faux Leather-Panel Leggings were such good quality! I’m totally gonna’ wear them to Shaheed Park and not work out with my friends lol

Black Forever 21 Graphic Sweatshirt retails for KD 6/000

A fleece-back knit sweatshirt featuring a crew neckline, banded ribbed trim, long raglan sleeves, single chest “Forever 21®” text graphic, and a relaxed silhouette. 55% cotton, 45% polyester

I’ve already got a ton of plain Black Sweatshirts (mostly from H&M) so I’m not quite sure what possessed me to get this one. Maybe it was because it had “Forever 21” printed on it? Truth be told, this Sweatshirt was very loose and quite comfy, despite being a size Small. However, the neckline looked so awkward with my hair up and the whole thing was bit too short for my liking (my tummy would show, whenever I’d lift my arm to tie my hair up or whatever). I tried it on in a size Medium, which was much too loose and yet equally short, so I ended up buying it in a size Small. I’m not in love with it, but I suppose it’ll come in handy during Winter.

Camel Active Vented Sweatshirt retails for KD 7/000

This lightweight athletic sweatshirt, cut from a fleece-backed knit fabric, features a crew neck, dropped shoulders, long sleeves with thumb-holes, and a vented hem. 70% polyester, 30% rayon

Available in Camel (as shown) and Black. Also found in the Active Wear section. Also had those silly thumb-holes. I’m not a fan of the dropped shoulder either (in fact, I hated it) because it forced me into buying this thing true to size (Medium looked so wrong on me which is why I ended up getting it in a Small). However, the color just really appealed to me (I love me some Neutrals)! Plus, this Sweatshirt was unbelievably soft!

Tan Ribbed Long Sleeve Top retails for KD 6/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Style Deals – A horizontal ribbed knit defines this relaxed top with dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and a crew neck. 55% polyester, 41% rayon, 4% spandex

Available in Tan (as shown) and Rust. I grabbed this thing at the last minute (in a size Small) because I qualified for a “Free” item (promo), except this Top cost more than the other item, so I ended up paying full price for this thing lol I liked the color (like I said, Neutrals kick, baby!), but the ribbed detailing wasn’t the most flattering in the world. Also, I hated the dropped shoulders! Lastly, it was a bit too short for what I wanted, which was to pair it with Bershka Dark Orange Ribbed Flare Pants (haulage here). First chance I got, I went back to return this thing and got something else instead.

Black Ribbed Knit Flare Pants retails for KD 5/000

Style Deals – A pair of ribbed knit pants featuring an elasticized waist and flare leg. 59% polyester, 31% rayon, 10% spandex

Available in Black (as shown) and Burgundy and Rose (light pink) and Charcoal. I found all the other colors in all sizes, except for Black (which I only spotted in a size Large). Eventually, with the help of one of the sales assistants, I found what was apparently the last one in a size Small.

Unfortunately, it had one too many threads sticking out (the kind that get caught on other things and cause the fabric to bunch up all weird when you pull on them). Like I said earlier, all the high-street brands had their own version of these Black Ribbed Knit Flare Pants, in all kinds of colors too (case in point, Bershka Dark Orange Rubbed Flare Pants), except in every store I’ve checked out, Black is always sold out. Since I didn’t wanna’ risk missing out on them, for good, I went ahead and bought these anyway.

Black Ribbed Midi Dress retails for KD 6/000

Style Deals – A ribbed knit midi dress featuring a mock neck, sleeveless cut, and bodycon silhouette. 70% polyester, 28% rayon, 2% spandex

Available in Black (as shown) and Amber (orange). I saw this Dress hanging on the rack and decided to try it on in both a size Small and Medium. First of all, it took forever to squeeze my head through the tiny neck-hole, while getting both in and out of this thing… in both sizes! It did emphasize my shoulders – which was nice – but I wasn’t “busty” enough for this Dress.

The Small looked so unflattering on me (particularly from the profile or side-view) as it did on the model (third pic from the left), whereas the Medium look straight up sloppy. I went home with the size Small, but eventually conceded that I just had to return this Black Ribbed Midi Dress. Other than the fact that it was nowhere near my comfort zone nor my favored style, I wasn’t quite sure where and when I’d actually wear this Dress, if ever.

Champagne Metallic Pleated Skirt retails for KD 10/000

A metallic knit skirt featuring an allover pleated design, contrast elasticized waistband, and stretch-knit shorts lining. Shell: 97% polyester, 3% spandex Lining: 100% polyester

Available in Champagne (as shown) and Peacock and Gunmetal. I spotted these Skirts and the other “festive” pieces displayed by the entrance (from the the parking lot). I just really, really liked the color of this one in particular! Unfortunately, it was semi-sheer, but when trying it on, I was delighted to find that it came with built-in shorts (or should I say lined with short?) which solved that issue! The pleats added a little bit of bulk but whatevs, my mind was made up. I bought this lil cutie in a size Small. Off the top of my head, I’m thinkin’ it’ll look pretty sweet paired with several of my more Neutral T-shirts!

Peacock Metallic Pleated Skirt retails for KD 10/000

A metallic knit skirt featuring an allover pleated design, contrast elasticized waistband, and stretch-knit shorts lining. Shell: 97% polyester, 3% spandex Lining: 100% polyester

Available in Champagne and Peacock (as shown) and Gunmetal. I picked this one up in a size Small as well. I figured that color-wise, whatever didn’t work with the Champagne Skirt, would probably work with the Peacock Skirt! Also, these Pleated Skirts were versatile in the sense that I could dress them down with Trainers (as shown in the photo) or dress them up with Heels or Boots or whatever. Also, Pleated Skirts were currently having a moment! Also, like I said earlier, I just thought these Metallic Pleated Skirts looked quite cute!

Royal Blue Velvet Striped Joggers retail for KD 7/000

A velvet knit pair of joggers featuring a side-striped design, drawstring waistband, front slant pockets, and an elasticized trim. 95% polyester, 5% spandex

Available in Royal Blue Velvet (as shown) and Gold Velvet. These Joggers were totally not my style (they seemed so… extra) and yet I was inexplicably drawn to them! For starters, I can’t stand velvet (very high-maintenance… the velvet, I mean, not me, well, also me, but in this case we’re focusing on the velvet). Worst still, they gave me the dreaded diaper-butt effect.

That said, I thought the color was absolutely gorgeous! It was a beautiful dark blue that changed color (as velvet tends to do) whenever I’d move! Plus, it sparkled so beautifully (not even sure why it sparkled like that, but I’m not even gonna’ question it) which reminded me of a star-speckled midnight sky! I only found the one, and it was in a size Small (ergo kismet) so I snatched that sucka’ up!

Black Textured Metallic Track Pants retails for KD 9/000

A pair of textured woven track pants featuring a knit lining, elasticized waist, contrast side panels with piping details, and a wide leg. Shell: 69% polyester, 31% metallic yarn, Other contents: 96% polyester, 4% spandex

The photos don’t even begin to do this baby justice! IRL the fabric looked all shiny and and sparkly and metallic and just… magical! I just had to try them on! Sadly, both the Small and X-Small fit all weird on me, but I ended up purchasing the latter. Back home, I tried these Track Pants on, paired with the Bershka Platform Trainers (haulage here) which I was so sure would fix the problem, but they didn’t.

These Track Pants were blatantly too long on me! The waist on these things rested much, much, much higher on me than my natural waistline. Since I’ve got wider hip-bones, pulling them down was out of the question, especially since they were already too long, as is. Worst of all, these Track Pants added a considerable amount of bulk to my body! Since the fabric was sorta’ structured, it made my body look so… chunky! I suppose they’d look more flattering on someone who was taller or had a longer torso. I loved the look of these Black Textured Metallic Track Pants (so cool!), but sadly they were just too awkward on me. As such, I had to return them.

Navy/Rust Striped Velvet Pants reduced to KD 8/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

A pair of high-rise velvet pants featuring an allover striped print, wide leg, and an elasticized waist. 96% polyester, 4% spandex

A corner of the store had several racks of clothing that were on Sale and had a Promo on them (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)! I found these on one of those racks. I thought they were… hideous. They were velvet (so finicky), a bit too long and made the wearer look like they had a protruding gut. Heck, even the model (in the photos above) looked like she had a little gut going on (front view). However, I have a “thing” for Stripes and I thought this particular color combination was quite interesting! I could only find it in a Medium, so that’s the size I purchased. These Navy/Rust Striped Velvet Pants were just too bizarre for me to not purchase them! lol

Navy Ornate Floral Palazzo Pants retail for KD 5/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) Free

An allover ornate floral print adorns these woven palazzo pants, featuring a smocked elasticized waistband, ornate striped trim at the hem, and pull-on styling. 100% rayon

Also in the promo section, I found these Palazzo Pants. Immediately I started fantasizing about strutting around in them, paired with a Bikini Top and some flat Thong Sandals, somewhere beachy! I’m not in love with the print, but it did give me very strong “Tropical Island Vibes”! The size Small felt more like an X-Large, if not an XX-Large! As such, they felt so comfy and roomy! The fabric was nice and breathable too!

I tried them on again, back home, and came to terms with the fact that they were just way too long on me (meaning: pairing them with flat sandals, which was the main reason I got them, was not an option). Rather than deal with the hassle of getting them shortened (which would inevitably ruin the over-all design because… look at those hems), I figured I’d just return them, and get something else instead.

Black High-Rise Flared Floral Pants reduced from KD 7/000 to KD 3/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

A pair of unlined woven pants with an allover floral print, elasticized smocked waistband, flared leg, and a high-waisted cut. 100% rayon

Also included in the promo section, I spotted these Flared Pants. Again, despite trying them on in a size Small, they fit like an XX-Large and were therefore quite comfy and roomy! I wasn’t obsessed with Floral Print, but I’ve got a soft spot for any sort of Multi-Colored Print against a Black or just any darker background. I didn’t realize just how much use I’d actually get out of them! I’ve already worn them out and about now, on several occasion, always paired with the H&M Dark Yellow T-Shirt (haulage here) and Bershka Mustard Platform Trainers (haulage here)! Towards the end of Winter, I’d throw on my H&M Black Faux Leather Biker Jacket (haulage here) to top off the look! Basically, these Black High-Rise Flared Floral Pants were the dark horse of this entire haul!

Green Leaf Print Kimono reduced from KD 7/000 to KD 3/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) Free

A textured woven kimono in a leaf print, with 3/4 sleeves, and an open front. 100% rayon

Also in the promo section, I spotted this extremely aesthetically appealing Kimono! Be it on Cushions or Curtains or Clothes or whatever else, Leaf Print has always looked just so delightful to me! I tried it on in a Medium and a Small but ended up going with the latter, because both of them were pretty short, regardless. I figured that other than being a cute cover-up over a Swimsuit or Bikini or whatever else, it would also look equally cute paired with one of those Tank Tops or Vests or Camisoles or any other sort of Sleeveless Top. Practical and cute!

Black Tie-Knot High-Low Tunic retails for KD 5/000

A knit tunic featuring a round neck, short sleeves, tie-knot front, and a high-low hem. 100% rayon

Available in Black (as shown) and Rust. These High-Low Tunics were identical to the Zara White T-Shirt with Knot (haulage here). They were in the process of hanging these babies up (so it’s safe to assume that they were new-new) when I pounced on them! Honestly? Living for the high-low hem! Arguably the coolest thing in this entire haul, I purchased the Black in both a size X-Small and Small! Love!

Black Thanks Graphic Tee retails for KD 4/000

A knit tee featuring a metallic chest graphic that reads, “Thanks”, short sleeves, and a crew neck. 100% cotton

Just another Graphic Black Tee, nothing special. This one had the word “Thanks” in Holographic Print on it. I bought it in a size Small. Clearly, there’s no such thing as having too many Black Tops in your wardrobe (at least, not in my book).

Black Amour Graphic Ringer Tee retails for KD 3/500

A soft slub knit ringer tee with an “Amour” chest graphic, contrast trim, a crew neckline, short sleeves, and a relaxed silhouette. 96% rayon, 4% spandex

Available in Black (as shown) and Red and Yellow. None of the other ones in different color combinations appealed to me as much as this one. Also, it was so lightweight and fitted, that I figured I might possibly be able to pair it with the Black Contrast-Stitch Wide-Leg Jumpsuit (at the top of this post), without it bunching up all weird and creating unseemly lumps and bumps. That said, the Small and Medium were a bit too tight. So, I ended up purchasing it in a size Large! Unfortunately, due to the flimsy nature of this Top, I don’t foresee this thing lasting for more than several washes, before it visibly starts to disintegrate lol

White Tomboy Graphic Tee retails for KD 3/000

A knit tee featuring a crew neckline, short sleeves, and front “Tomboy” text graphic. 100% cotton

I figured I’d switch it up and get something in White. This thing had the word “Tomboy” (me!) sprawled across the chest, which appropriately enough, seemed to include some sort of chest-flattening effect (it had something to do with the lining on the inside… decals or whatever tend to do that, because they have no give or stretch to them). I tried this thing on in all the sizes but the effect was the same, regardless. So, I ended up purchasing it in a size Small. I think it’d be pretty funny to pair the White Tomboy Graphic Tee with an extremely frou-frou and extra girly skirt (like a pink tutu or summat’) lol More realistically, I’d probably pair it with the Royal Blue Velvet Striped Joggers and possibly tucked into either of those Metallic Pleated Skirts. I mean, it’s a White T-Shirt so the possibilities were endless!

Black NASA Graphic Tee (Male) retails for KD 4/500

A knit graphic tee with a front printed NASA logo, short sleeves, and a crew neck. 100% cotton
– Officially licensed product

I snatched this sucka’ up from the Men’s section in a size Small. Like I said before, almost all the high-street brands were seemingly collaborating with NASA, because every other store had their own variation on (on? of?) this thing (haulage here). I thought this one in particular, looked pretty cool! Initially, I got this thing to sleep in, but now that I’m lookin at it, I’m thinkin’ I could wear it out and about, possibly tucked into one of those Zara Asymmetric Pleated Skirts (haulage here)! That said, had I found a similar top that had Space X sprawled across it, I totally would’ve chosen that one over this one!

Side Note: The model looks so foine!

Navy Polar Bear Fair Isle Leggings (Girls) retails for KD 7/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) Free

Forever 21 Girls – A pair of medium weight leggings featuring a polar bear Fair Isle pattern, elasticized waist, and ribbed trim. 100% acrylic

Also in the promo section, I found these adorable Leggings! However, the info and photo is the for the “Girls” version, because I couldn’t find the “Women” version. The Small fit okay, but I had to yank them on and I didn’t wanna’ deal with all that, every single time, up until they finally stretched out. So, I just went ahead and got the Medium instead. For whatever reason, I simply adore Fair Isle Print, especially on Pajamas and Leggings! That’s why this purchase was such a no-brainer! This was the final item I got during this visit.

The total for everything mentioned above was KD 185/000 but thanks to the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo, ended up being KD 170/000 lol

Exchange Haulage

So I had to return the Black Textured Metallic Track Pants (KD 9/000) and Black Ribbed Midi Dress (KD 6/000) and Tan Ribbed Long Sleeve Top (KD 6/000) (BOGO) and Navy Ornate Floral Palazzo Pants (KD 5/000) (BOGO). Since the Navy Palazzo Pants ended up being free (due to the BOGO promo) it obviously didn’t count. After returning the stuff, I had KD 21/000 in store credit. I picked up a little more than that and ended up paying an additional KD 45/000 bumping up the total for this entire haul to KD 215/000.

Burgundy/Navy Slub Knit Ringer Tee retails for KD 5/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

A slub knit ringer tee featuring a contrast trim, crew neck, chest patch pocket, and short sleeves. 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Also from the promo section, I found this lil thang. Available in Burgundy/Navy (as shown) and Cream/Charcoal and Charcoal/Light Blue. All of them were somewhat sheer. Again, I liked this particular color combination the most, out of all of them. Again, it was impossibly flimsy and quite tight so I decided to size up and get this thing in a Medium.

Side Note: Doesn’t the model look like what’s her face, from the show Pretty Little Liars?

Heather Grey Draped-Front Cardigan reduced from KD 5/000 to KD3/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Style Deals – A knit cardigan featuring a draped open front, long sleeves, and a handkerchief hem. 95% rayon, 5% spandex

Also in the promo section, I found this Cardigan. Available in Heather Grey (as shown) and Mauve and Taupe and Black. It was quite flimsy (probably wouldn’t last more than a few washes either) and consequentially quite sheer (as evident by the official photos shown above), but this particular color just spoke to me! I can’t resist Greyany Grey! I snagged this baby in a Small. I’m thinking it’ll look pretty cute paired with a Sleeveless Dress, no?

Navy Button-Down Corduroy Shirt retails for KD 10/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

A corduroy shirt featuring a basic collar, a snap button-down front, buttoned chest flap pockets, long button-cuff sleeves, a stitched yoke, and rounded hem. 100% cotton

Also in the promo section, I found this Corduroy Shirt. Available in Navy (as shown) and Pink. The Pink was hideous, but the Navy was so cool (I mean, just look at that collar)! I actually had trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I found this thing in the promo section, just because it so well-made (as opposed to the flimsy stuff mentioned above)! If you like the look of a Denim Jacket, think of this Corduroy Shirt as the Denim Jacket’s older second cousin (twice removed) lol It had that same vibe, only less… preppy. I thought this thing was actually pretty versatile, in the sense that I could wear it over other stuff, or on its own! I ended up purchasing it in a size Small, which fit true-to-size. It just looked so smart!

Black Sculpted High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans reduced from KD 14/000 to KD 10/000 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) Free

A pair of high-rise super skinny jeans featuring five-pocket construction, contrast topstitching, and a zip fly. 91% cotton, 7% polyester, 2% spandex

The last article of clothing from the promo section, but equally mind-blowing as the previous article, were these Jeans! These babies were so well-made! More importantly, they were crazy flattering (particularly the backside area)! They sorta’ had that contrast-stitch detailing that I love as well! Naturally, I had to snatch them up (got them in Size 26)! I’m so, so, so thankful I managed to spot these the second time around, because they were just so insanely cool!

Denim High-Waist Skinny Jeans retails for KD 14/000

A pair of high-waist jeans, cut from a stretch-denim, featuring a button fly, subtle whiskering, intentional fading, five-pocket styling, belt loops, and a skinny leg. 90% cotton, 7% elasterell, 3% spandex

Available in Denim (as shown) and Light Denim. These Jeans were the prettiest shade of Blue! I thought all those buttons were different and interesting, particularly in comparison with the typical zip-up fly. Plus, I’d been seeing several high-street brands displaying a similar style (button-up fly lol) so it might possibly be a micro-trend? In any case, they were really flattering on me! Obviously, I had to get them (Size 25)! Again, I cannot stress this enough, this particular shade of Blue was just gawjus! So, if you spot this thing, you gotta’ try it on! Trust.

Black Striped Button-Front Shirt retails for KD 6/000

A woven shirt featuring an allover striped pattern, basic collar, button front, long sleeves with dropped shoulders and button cuffs, single chest patch pocket, and a curved high-low hem. 100% rayon

Available in Black (as shown) and Light Blue. As we’ve already established, I’ve got a “thing” for Stripes. Also, I’ve got a “thing” for anything with a high-low hem or an asymmetric hem. As soon as I clocked this bebe, I knew it was coming home with me, but I tried it on in a size Small just to be safe. It looked goooood, but also, was appropriate enough to wear to work! Noice!

Black/Taupe Sheer Piped-Trim Shirt retails for KD 6/000

A woven semi-sheer shirt featuring a button-down front with contrast piping, basic collar with contrast piping, long sleeves with button cuffs, and a slightly curved hem. 100% polyester

Available in Black/Taupe (as shown) and Cream/Burgundy. I tried this thing on in a size Medium and Small, but ended up purchasing the latter. I’d tucked them in my Jeans to see how they’d look, and with the Small, there was less fabric to contend with, which meant less of a chance of unseemly lumps and bumps from the fabric bunching up underneath my clothes. Also, Contrast Stitch… Contrast Piping… call it whatever you wanted to, but I simply adored that look, which is what drew me to this thing in the first place! Sadly, it was undeniably sheer, but it just looked so cool and so sexy, that I was willing to overlook that, and purchased it regardless! Nothing a Vest/Tank/Cami worn underneath can’t fix anyway. For whatever reason, I just thought this Black/Taupe Sheer Piped-Trim Shirt looked quite romantic!

Black Active Fleece Leggings retail for KD 3/500

A pair of athletic fleece leggings with an elasticized waist. 96% polyester, 4% spandex

I spotted these Leggings in the Active Wear section. They had many, many, many, many, many different kinds of Leggings. You name the style and color, and they most probably already had it, or something near identical to it at Forever 21! For obvious reasons (mostly ‘cuz they were Black), I chose these to try on in a Small and Medium. The Small was too tight and the Medium was too loose, and both of them were semi-transparent (even the sale assistant urged me not to get them, because they were quite sheer and my undies were totally visible while I was waddling around the Changing Room Area)… and yet I purchased both anyway (figuring they were only KD 3.5 a pop). In hindsight, I should’ve listened, because these Leggings looked so cheap due to the fact that they were so sheer!

Black High Waist Leggings retail for KD 3/500

Style Deals – A pair of stretch-knit leggings with an elasticized high-waist. 95% cotton, 5% spandex

Available in Black (as shown) and Navy and Olive and Pink. I spotted these in the Active Wear section. Unlike the previous pair, these were actually well-made! They weren’t sheer and the banded waist was super flattering as well! I picked up the Black in a size Small, but I’m definitely open to going back for the other colors in the same exact style! Such a good find! I’m probably going to sport these as well when I’m not working out with my friends! lol

Black Studded Faux Leather Crossbody retails for KD 12/000

A faux leather crossbody featuring an allover studded design, faux pearl accents, floral cutouts, flap top with a buckle closure, top handle, and a removable adjustable shoulder strap.

Did I really need a millionth Black Handbag? The answer was a resounding “Yes“! I spotted this tiny cutie (and it was tiny), while waiting in line to pay for my stuff. It was Black (my fave) and came in Faux Leather and was a Crossbody Bag to boot! Despite being a bit “extra” (studs, pearls, floral cutouts on what appears to be a metallic plate, etc…), everything was in a lovely reflective Silver! It had a top handle (for me to carry it around delicately) and adjustable shoulder straps (for me sling it across my shoulder), so it was quite versatile too! Obviously, I just couldn’t resist its cuteness, nor did I want to resist! I cradled this baby to my chest, like a newborn! It was most definitely coming home with me!

Brown/Black Jaguar Print Scarf Scrunchie retails for KD 2/000

This silken scrunchie features an allover jaguar print, contrast border trim, and elasticized body, and an attached scarf detail.

Also spotted while waiting in line at the Check-Out Counter, I picked this up because I’ve been seeing this particular Jaguar Print Scarf Scrunchie everywhere (from all kinds of different brands) for a minute now. Also, I don’t own anything even remotely similar, which was why I was curious how it would perform (Would I be able to intertwine the Scarf into my hair – like in a braid or something? Would I be able to tie the Scarf into a Bow? and many other burning questions along those lines! lol). At the very least, it was a Scrunchie at the end of the day and I could always use more of those!

Black Satin Bow Scrunchie retails for KD 1/500

A satin ponytail scrunchie featuring a self-tie bow design, as well as an elasticized ruched construction.

Also spotted at the Accessories Area just before the check-out counter. Available in Black (as shown) and Yellow and Pink. Now this baby straight up stole my heart! It was just so ridiculously cute! Thanks to my long-term love affair with Anime, I’ve learned to appreciate a pretty Hair Bow. Now, add to that, the fact that the Bow came attached to a Scrunchie (which is totally my jam) and that the whole thing was a solid Black and I was sold! Ponytails, Messy Buns, High-Low Hairstyles, this thing could work with everything! Off the top of my head, I’m thinkin’ this Black Satin Bow Scrunchie would look tres chic paired with any of those Zara White Shirts that I’d purchased earlier (haulage here)! So stinkin’ cute!

Taupe Glittery Floral Claw Hair Clip retails for KD 1/000

A claw hair clip featuring a glittery floral design and high-polish trim.

Lastly, this Clip, which I didn’t actually pick out. What happened was, by the check-out counter, there was mirrored column. At that point, I hadn’t accumulated much of a pile yet, meaning my hands were relatively free. I figured rather than carrying a crazy amount of clothes all the way to the Changing Room Area, I could just try on some of the easier stuff (easier to take on/off) such as Jackets and Sweatshirts in front of the mirrors in the general vicinity. While attempting to do just that, my hair (which was loose) kept getting in the way, so I grabbed one of those Claw Clips from one of the many nearby hair accessories and clipped my hair back.

It felt great to have my hair out of the way, so I just kept the Clip in, while I continued to browse around the store and later on, while trying everything on in the Changing Room. Eventually, I just forgot all about the Clip, up until I was reminded by the lady at the cash register (the large price tag was quite visible), while paying for my things. I didn’t feel like taking the Clip out of my hair, and aside from the hideous gold, I actually liked the glitter-y taupe-y color on this thing! That’s why, although it’s definitely not worth KD 1 (you can find something similar at a significantly cheaper price elsewhere), I bought it anyway. I seem to have lost it since (typical) lol

Final Thoughts

Unlike Mango and Zara and even Bershka where they only seem to cater to giants, I adore the fact that Forever 21 also cater to midgets such as myself! I don’t have to alter their clothes to make them work. They just do! Also, unlike my previous haulage Bershka (here) and Zara Part 1 (here) and Zara Part 2 (here) where the majority of the items were somewhat fussy (would only work with certain things or only wearable for certain occasions), most of the stuff I purchased from Forever 21 was easy-breezy (throw it on and walk out the door, no muss no fuss)! Best of all, everything was pretty affordable!

Also, while the stuff from my previous hauls were “trendy”, the stuff from Forever 21 was just more… me! I love, love, love both Jumpsuits! Both pairs of Jeans look so pretty! The Burgundy Striped Sleeve Windbreaker Jacket and Navy Button-Down Corduroy Shirt look so cool! Even the other two Collard Shirts in this haul (Striped and Piped), look stunning! Like I said, everything was just so wearable! However, my most favorite piece was hands down the Black Tie-Knot High-Low Tunics! I believe I’m pretty much set on clothes for the next 10 years now.

*phew* This was a really long post, but hope you enjoyed it!

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