Spotted at Sultan Center (Valentine’s Day)

Technically, it was a few days before Valentine’s Day, but the title sounded nicer this way! I was actually on the hunt for some Herbal Tea (as much as I enjoy them, my pseudo-coffee drinks, they weren’t much help in the sleep department) which was the main reason why I hit up several branches of Sultan Center (Promenade – Salmiya – Souq Sharq)… on the same day… back-to-back (totally sane behavior).

The place was filled with tacky Valentine’s Day stuff (blech)

At the Souq Sharq branch, the column they used to display seasonal items, had some tacky Heart-Shaped Cushions hanging on one side, and possibly even tackier Heart-Shaped Cushions on the other, with some Valentine’s-Themed House Slippers (kinda’ cute actually) and rolls of Wrapping Paper too, and on yet another side some Valentine’s-Themed Stationary and other random items!


Out of all the Valentine’s Day Displays, my fave had to be this one!

You could see the rest of the display (in the middle) in the very first photo of this post.

Basically, it had all kinds of Serveware in Red!

Even better was the Heart-Shaped Boxes which could totally be used for storage (and y’all know how I feel about Storage Stuff)!

I was delightfully surprised to find a display (also in the middle) that had several Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Chocolates!

I mean, they’d brought over everything, from Hershey’s Lave Cake Kisses to Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Hearts to KitKat Red Velvet Miniatures and the list goes on and on and on…

I’m not big on Chocolates, but how stinkin’ cute!

They sold the King Size version of Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Hearts in the designated Chocolate Aisle.

Another display had all kinds of Miniature Chocolates in Heart-Shaped Boxes! Not a fan of the cartoon-y packaging but still appropriately Valentine-esque nonetheless.

I even found an open one to show you the inside!

They also had these large Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Hearts ready for gift-giving!

Another display had Limited Edition Oreos! I’m pretty sure Peppermint Bark Oreo were left-overs from Christmas-time, but whatevs. Mama was intrigued!

As for Love, Oreo those were definitely a V-day release. I mean, I’m not big on Beyonce, but these straight up said “Dunk In Love“! Like seriously, how stinkin’ cuuute! Every branch I hit up had a display of these Love, Oreos!

Some also had Lemon Creme Oreo and Lemon Oreo Thins!

Honestly, I wasn’t as enticed by what was in these, as much as I was by the Tins that they came in! I thought those Oreo-Shaped Tins were stupid cute! I figured after I’d inhaled emptied out what was in them, I could re-purpose the Tin for storage, possibly to store all my little Perfume Samples or something along those lines!

Chips Ahoy! S’mores

Move over, Chips Ahoy! Brownies (review here). These Chips Ahoy! S’mores were shaping up to be my new faves!

Mikado Chocolate Coated Sticks

Awww (I’m totally aging myself… I’m 34 years old lol) but these totally reminded me of old-school Pocky!

KitKat Kuwait National Day

These were released for Kuwait’s National Day (or at least that’s what it says on the display lol). I thought the depictions on some of them were actually pretty cool!

Since I was going to be drinking tasteless Herbal Tea, I figured I should invest in some Cookies or Biscuits for dunking in said Tea. I found a stack of Haldiram’s Cookie Heaven in a variety of… flavors? I believe these were made in India.

– Atta Cookies (I’m assuming based on the photo were Wheat Cookies)
– Jeera Cookies (according to Google Translate, Jeera meant Cumin Seeds)
– Coconut Cookies (self-explanatory)

– Naan Khatai (Naan = Bread. Khatai = Cookies. Naan Khatai = Shortbread)
– Oats Atta Khatai (Oat Shortbread?)
– Besan Khatai (Chickpea Flour Cookies?)

Even though I was trying to cut back on anything that would keep me up, why not contradict myself and grab a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte?

I remember back in 1999 in preparation for the upcoming new year 2000, Evian released these gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Limited Edition Water Bottles shaped like an actual Water Droplet (as shown on the side)! I bought several of them, but only saved one (filling it up with decorative stones from Ikea and then refilling it with tap water lol) up until I got married around 2012, which was when I stupidly decided to get rid of it.

These were nowhere near as cool, but I figured I’d take a pic nonetheless.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo

I spotted Co Lab Dry Shampoo (in most of the scents) at all 3 locations of Sultan Center that I hit up! So, apparently, they’re selling them at Sultan Center now, not just at Boots (haulage here).

Nivea/Labello Blackberry Shine

Hel-lo, lovely! I was willing to bet my right arm that these babies would smell insanely deelish! I was not wrong.

Final Thoughts

I’m well aware that we’re currently in April and Valentine’s Day was several months ago but… I kinda’ went crazy spending all my money during January (it was like I was challenging myself to see how fast I could burn through all my savings and go broke lol) and consequentially had a ton of January Haulage to go through.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post!

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