Zara Sale Haulage (Part 2)

I was so satisfied with all the awesome finds in my previous Zara Haul (haulage here), that I made it a point to go back to Zara for more, while the Sale was still on-going! Since I was all stocked up on Dresses and Wide-Leg Trousers from my earlier visit to Zara (haulage here) and then later on Bershka (haulage here), this haul was slightly more… eclectic random. I snagged a “Jacket” (more like a long Cardigan really) and a Jumpsuit and Leggings and 2 Dresses and 3 Skirts and 4 Sweaters and 3 T-Shirts. The best part was that instead of paying KD 224/500, I only had to pay KD 88/500 (wuuuut)!

Bottle Green Jumpsuit With Buttons reduced from KD 29/900 to KD 10/900

Collared Jumpsuit featuring long sleeves with wide buttoned cuffs, front pockets, false welt pockets in the back, flared hems with a front slit and button fastening in the front.

I came across several Jumpsuits while scouring the Sale Racks. More often than not, they were usually the last piece left, which meant I didn’t have much say in the size department (you get what you get). Unfortunately, all of them fit pretty weird (too long, too short, too baggy, too something)… up until I tried this baby on! The length was perfect on my 5’1 frame! The fit was great! It had a collar and pockets and even front slits at the bottom (so cool)! The buttons were large and easy to unbutton/button up and the zipper in the trouser area didn’t stick! Plus, the whole thing was a gorgeous dark Green and accentuated my waist to boot!

Ever since Kill Bill (possibly even prior to it), I’ve always lusted after Jumpsuits, but just never had the figure to pull them off. Even after losing some weight, my height made most of them just look so weird on me! I mean, if it’s too loose in certain areas, it gives me “diaper butt” in the back and makes it look like I’m “packing” in the front, but if it’s too tight, there’s camel-toe to contend with. Also, all the ones I usually find are sleeve-less (i.e. Mango Dark Navy Zip Jumpsuit), meaning I’d have to wear a top underneath (because… Arab World) which just ruins the effect!

While trying on one of the many, many Jumpsuits that I’d stacked in the Changing Room, I stepped out to take a look at the mirror just outside (to see how it would look from far away) and a random girl was like “Oh honey, no. It’s way too loose on you”. Granted, the fabric was literally trailing behind me, but still… Total. Stranger. It’s just that bad with me and most Jumpsuits, all the time! However, when I tried the Bottle Green Jumpsuit on (last piece and only available in a size Medium), the Heavens parted and a ray of light shone down and the Angels sang! It was everything I’d wanted and more! Bonus: It was on sale!

Khaki Dress With Pockets reduced from KD 10/900 to KD 4/900

Round-Neck Dress with short sleeves. Features front patch pockets at the hips with buttoned flaps and an A-line silhouette.

Not my first Khaki Dress and definitely not my last! I just have a thing for Green (“Outfit of the Day” here). Since it was on sale, I got it in a size Small, to add to my pile of clothes for my imaginary Safari Trip (totally sane behavior). The detailing on the front (pockets with large buttons) kept it from being too basic, enough to be worn out and about, on its own… maybe. I mean the model has got to be at least 10 feet tall, whereas I’m barely half that, meaning the Dress is considerably longer on me. That said, if it’s too short, I could always just throw on a pair of Leggings or whatever. Not a “must-have”, but a nice-to-have nonetheless!

Blue/White Off-The-Shoulder Dress reduced from KD 15/900 to KD 6/900

Off-The-Shoulder Dress with elastic smocking on the waist. Featuring button fastening on the front, ruffle trim at the top and a tied string detail on the waist.

I only spotted this in a size Small, but snatched it up immediately! It just looked so cute! After trying it on, I can honestly say that if you happen to be 5 foot and some change, or anything less than that (shorter), you need this Dress! I’m not exactly sure where I’m even going to wear it, but it was crazy flattering! To the extent that I almost felt guilty for buying it on sale and sorta’ felt like I needed to pay full price for it (I said almost), because it was just that cute! I’m so thankful I managed to stumble upon this lil cutie!

Purple/Pink Striped Knit Jacket reduced from KD 19/900 to KD 4/900

Long Knit Cardigan with an open neckline and long loose sleeves.

Now here’s where this haul starts to get weird…

I don’t know, ok? I just saw this (and several others, in different colors) hanging on one of the racks and grabbed it in a size Small. When would I ever wear this? What would I wear this with? Why would I even wear it? I don’t know, ok? I just thought this particular color combination looked pretty! Plus, it was on sale.

Shiny Snakeskin Leggings reduced from KD 13/900 to KD 4/900

High-Waist Leggings. Featuring false front and back pockets, zip detail on the hem and zip and snap button fastening in the front.

So. Much. Yes.

It’s a given that I love all things Snakeskin/Snake Print, but these were next-level! They didn’t even look nor feel like Leggings! If anything, they felt and looked like legit Trousers! I mean… they totally gave me Cyber Punk vibes! Unfortunately, I could only find them in an X-Small and a Medium and seeing as how I could barely squat (true test of fit lol) in the X-Small, I had to go with the Medium. Worse still, they were at an awkward length (just like those Snakeskin Jeans) which I despise, but whatevs. Come hell or high water, I was buying these Leggings and buy them I did! They were just insanely cool! Also, they were on sale! It’s like, just take my money already, Zara!

Black Skirt With Ties On The Waist reduced from KD 15/900 to KD 6/900

Long Flowing Skirt featuring an adjustable elastic waistband with ties in matching fabric, side in-seam pockets and a loose A-line silhouette with an asymmetric hem.

Honestly, I just grabbed this on my way to the Changing Room to try on because it was Black. I only found it in a size Small. I didn’t have much hope for it, but since I was going to be trying on the entire store anyway, what was one more? Little did I know how ridiculously cool it would look! I hadn’t even noticed the adjustable elastic waistband! That alone could be utilized to wear the Skirt in so many different ways! Plus, it was plain Black, so it matched with… well, everything! Also, it made that fun swish-swish noise every time I moved (I really am an adult. Not only that, but I’m actually middle-aged too! Promise! lol) so there was that! Best of all, it had an asymmetric hem (I die)! For once, I even liked the way they styled it on the model; from the White Shirt down to the Wrap-Around Sandals! So, so, so cool!

Blue/Multicolored Asymmetric Pleated Skirt reduced from KD 22/900 to KD 6/900

Printed Pleated Skirt with an elastic waistband and an asymmetrical hem.

Ugh, I really don’t like the Top that they styled with this Skirt (on the model), but it was a very pretty Skirt regardless! They had a whole bunch of these asymmetric pleated skirts in different designs and colors, but I just settled for these two (this one and the one below) in a size Small. I loved the asymmetric hem and I loved the bright pop of color against the Black! It’s not really what I’d call Cyber Punk, but I could camouflage it as such… maybe. Plus, the Chain Print thing was “on-trend” and this Skirt was in fact on on sale!

Red/Multicolored Asymmetric Pleated Skirt reduced from KD 22/900 to KD 6/900

Printed Pleated Skirt with an elastic waistband and an asymmetrical hem.

I forgot the fancy-schmancy name for the print on this Skirt (I wanna’ say Baroque) so let’s just go with Scarf Print lol Anyways, it had the same asymmetric hem and pleated detailing (which I adore) so I took this curtain/tablecloth lookin’ thing home with me in a size Small. While the other two Skirts were somewhere near the vicinity of my comfort zone, this one looked way too extra for my taste, but since it was on sale and all, I figured, what the hey!

Black/Ecru Cable-Knit Sweater reduced from KD 13/900 to KD 3/900

Knit Sweater with a high neck, long sleeves and ribbed trims.

Coincidentally, I was drawn to this Sweater (which was available in all sizes) after spotting it directly outside the Changing Room Area, while I was on my way to the Changing Room Area. I say coincidentally, because I hadn’t even seen the online pictures of the Skirt (shown above) paired with this Sweater at the time… and honestly, I still wouldn’t pair them together lol I just loved the fact that it was Black but the sleeves were White Ecru! That said, it looked pretty tight, so I tried it on in a Small and Medium and ended up purchasing both (couldn’t decide between the two so I took both) since they were on sale anyway! Seeing as how quickly I was putting on weight, I didn’t wanna’ risk missing out on such a cool Sweater!

Off-White High-Neck Sweater (NEW) retails for KD 10/900

Soft-touch High Neck Sweater with long, rolled-up sleeves.

I believe this was the only piece in this entire haul that wasn’t on sale. It was part of the “new” collection (well, new at the time). I took one look at it and was utterly smitten! I mean, just look at how big those sleeves are! Just look! I tried it on in a size Small (which was the smallest size available) and it was still pretty roomy, so I suppose it’s meant to be over-sized and also, it was super soft! It straight up felt like I was all snuggled up in a cloud! Heck, even the Off-White made it seem more like a cloud! How could I not get this thing? Sale or no sale, I had to buy this baby!

Maroon Textured Weave Sweatshirt reduced from KD 12/900 to KD 4/900

Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with a round neckline.

I tried this on because I really liked the Maroon (I mean 70’s Brown was trending so Burgundy and Maroon didn’t seem like too much of a stretch). Also, the furry sleeves were a cute and interesting touch to an otherwise (let’s face it) uninteresting Sweatshirt. I tried it on a size Small which was too short (dang it, Zara! And I don’t even have a long torso either) and in a Medium which was too loose and equally short. So, I ended up going with a size Small.

Snake Print Soft-Touch T-Shirt reduced from KD 9/900 to KD 2/900

Loose-fitting round neck T-shirt with sleeves falling below the elbow and a seamless finish.

This thing was available in Snake Print (as shown) and Leopard Print and Zebra Print. Naturally, I went with the Snake Print. However, all of them looked pretty faded (like they’d seen the inside of a washing machine one too many times and it was time for them to be retired), which obviously was intentional. I tried it on in a size Small and even then it was huge on me, but it was also pretty short. It felt like it was meant to be worn over something (not on its own), but I didn’t wanna’ wear it that way. The three quarter sleeves looked silly to me as well. I didn’t even like the fabric on this thing (granted it was pretty soft)! Basically, this T-Shirt looked all kinds of awkward on me… and yet somehow, I still felt the need to go ahead and purchase it anyway. I’m totally blaming the Snake Print (which I clearly can’t resist) for that.

Green Contrasting Fabric T-Shirt reduced from KD 6/900 to KD 2/900

Short Sleeve T-Shirt with a knit round neckline.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I kinda’ have a thing for Green. Plus, this thing had a knit neckline which seemed interesting, initially. I tried it on and bought it in a size Medium, because I couldn’t find it in a size Small (which probably would’ve fit way better). Now that I actually own this thing, I find the contrast of the short-sleeves and knit neckline kinda’… stupid. I suppose I could pair it with a cute lil Skirt or summat. It was barely KD 3 and I’m sure it’ll come in handy at some point, but for now, I get irritated every time I look at this thing lol

Beige Faded Color T-Shirt reduced from KD 3/900 to KD 1/000

T-Shirt with round neckline and short sleeves.

I love me some good ol’ Neutrals, and this T-Shirt had been reduced to only KD 1 so, I grabbed it in a size Small. I mean, it goes without saying, but this thing would pair well with… well… everything!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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