Bershka Sale Haulage

I’d spotted these Mustard Platform Trainers over at Bershka earlier at Marina Mall, but there was just too big of a crowd (they had a sale going on) and I wasn’t about to deal with all that. However, I just couldn’t stop thinking about them! So, while at The Avenues, I decided to pop by Bershka just to at least see how much they cost. I liked them so much, I ended up getting the exact same pair in both Mustard and Black!

I also picked up 2 Dresses and a pair of Jeans and Leggings and a whole bunch of Trousers! While at the cash register, I snatched up 2 Packs of Ankle Socks and a pair of Earrings and an Eau de Toilette, to round out the haul, all for KD 104/600 (some of this stuff was on sale and some of it wasn’t).

In the interest of full disclosure, the majority of the models were around the 5’8 (178cm) – 5’9 (180cm) mark, whereas I am 5’1 (156cm) so as you can imagine, most of this stuff was much, much longer on me (story of my life lol)!

White/Black Wide-Leg Trousers With Stripes reduced from KD 9/900 to KD 3/900

I could only find the one piece, unfortunately, and it was in a size Medium. Regular visitors of my blog will know that I’ve slowly but surely cultivated a taste for Stripe-y Stuff (I know, I know, I just have a way with words) so I just couldn’t resist trying this thing on! Since it was the wrong size, it wasn’t the most flattering thing in the world on me (the elastic waistband made it bunch up all weird), but it was nice and loose and light and airy, and I liked it well enough, and justified purchasing it based on the reduced price. That said, I really like the way it’s styled on the model in these photos!

Brown Wide-Leg Jeans reduced from ? to KD 5/900

This was available in Navy (the only one that looks like actual Jeans) and Garnet and Brown and Black. I went with the Brown (as shown) because I figured I could pair it with several of my more Neutral Sweaters and such. Plus, it just looked nicer than all the other colors available. Also, 70’s Brown was having a moment. All that aside, I just a have a “thing” for contrast-stitch detailing (it just looks so cool to me)! Not to mention the fact that these babies were Wide-Leg!

I got this thing in a size Small (only size available) but it was pretty snug in the hip area. However, the Wide-Leg was crazy wide (sorta’ like the American Eagle Dark Wash Wide-Leg Jeans) and consequentially just as weight-y or heavy! I know it might look kinda’ short on the model, but like I said, most of these models were almost 6 feet tall, whereas I’m barely 5 feet tall, so they were substantially longer on me. I’ve already worn these Jeans paired with the Mustard Platform Trainers and they looked pretty sweet together, if I do say so myself (which I do)!

Dark Orange Ribbed Flared Trousers reduced from KD 8/900 to KD 3/500

Ribbed Flared Trousers with a high-rise and stretch waist. Featuring a fitted leg and flared hems.

Every single store had their own version of these Ribbed Flared Trousers in all kinds of different colors! After spotting them, well, everywhere, I finally caved. These Bershka ones, were available in Dark Orange and Mustard and Black. Since the Dark Orange was the only one available in a size Small, whereas they had several of the Mustard in Large and the Black was all sold out, I tried the Dark Orange on.

They fit like a dream! Also, they did magical things that made my backside look great! They hugged my body in all the right places and flared out in all the right places (unlike those awful H&M Mini Flare High-Waist Jeans that looked so off)! I really liked the ribbed detailing too! All in all, I felt like a discount Flamenco Dancer (all I was missing was a Rose to bite down on or tuck in my hair or behind an ear or something) while wearing these lol Sadly, they were so tight that there was VPL to contend with, which I feel wouldn’t have even been an issue if I’d managed to find them in Black. Plus, what exactly was I going to pair them with? The Mustard Platform Trainers was a given, obviously (based on the color-scheme) but what else? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Plus, they were on sale!

Grey Snakeskin Print Flared Trousers reduced from KD 9/900 to KD 4/900

Flared Knit Trousers with snakeskin print. Fitted with high waist and elasticated waistband.

Hellooo, gorgeous! As soon as I caught a glimpse of the Snake Print partially peeking out behind the rest of the clothes on one of the racks, I was utterly, utterly obsessed! Grey/Black/White is pretty much my favorite color-scheme! Also, Snakeskin/Snake Print (which has been a trend for a minute now) looks the coolest, to me! Also, the Flare on these babies was juuust right!

Also, despite being labeled as Trousers, they actually felt more like Leggings (not sure if it’s spandex or lycra or jersey or whatever else, but these suckers were tight!) which I absolutely loved! Heck, I loved them so much, I snatched them up in a Small and Medium! I figure I could rock the Small now and move on to the Medium once I eventually get bigger (like I said, my weight yo-yo’s quite a bit). Had it been available in a Large, I totally would’ve bought that one too! Basically, these Grey Snakeskin Print Flared Trousers are my favorite thing in this entire haul! Love, love, love them!

Khaki Snakeskin Print Flared Trousers reduced from KD 9/900 to KD 4/900

Flared Knit Trousers with snakeskin print. Fitted with high waist and elasticated waistband.

I love Snake Print! I love Khaki (well, Green in general)! I love Wide-Leg/Flared Trousers! I love Knitwear! On paper, this was all me!

Once I tried them on, it was a completely different story! Even though I only found them in a size Small (which was what I wanted anyway), they still somehow ended up adding some extra bulk in all the wrong places (giving me the dreaded “diaper butt” effect)! I pulled them up a bit, but they ended up giving me “camel-toe”! There was no way I could make these really cool Khaki Snakeskin Print Flared Trousers work for me! But… I bought them anyway (they were on sale, ok?) lol To add insult to injury, they’re also kinda’ sheer lol

Khaki Camo Plush Jersey Leggings retails for KD 5/500 (not on sale)

Plush leggings with a drawstring waist and stretch tailored fit.

The staff were stocking the store with these Leggings in Light Grey and Dark Grey and Black and Khakhi Camo (as shown) so it’s safe to assume that they were pretty new (hence the reason why they were not on sale). I tried them on in Small and Medium and Large, but these babies were super tight! I didn’t wanna’ risk the size Small ripping apart while I was out in public, so I went with the Medium. It occurred to me that at the rate I was gaining weight, even the Medium would probably be too tight pretty soon, so I went back and grabbed the Large (even though after trying them on, they looked kinda’ bulky). I figured these Khaki Camo Plush Jersey Leggings would come in handy when I was with my friends at Shaheed Park and not working out with them lol Also, they just looked cool! Also, when done correctly, I stan Camo Print!

Side Note – It took a whole month after I’d purchased these Leggings for them to pop up on the Bershka Website. I’ve noticed the same thing earlier during my previous Bershka Haul (here). We don’t even have a local Bershka Website. It was the International one or whatever. So, apparently it takes them about a month or so to update their online inventory… Get your ish together, Bershka.

Red Polo Collar Ribbed Dress reduced from KD 8/900 to KD 3/900

I found this Dress in a size Small and tried it on and bought it. In my mind, I was already pairing it with those ugly-cute Mustard Platform Trainers to go play Tennis (based on the fact that I’m talking about wearing platform sneaks to play Tennis, you might’ve gathered that I’ve never actually played Tennis and probably never will, but I live in my mind and my mind likes to take me to these places)!

It might look a wee bit short, but again, the models are giants and I’m a midget (it is what it is lol). In any case, the whole thing looked cute and sporty! I liked that it was Red and had a collar and everything. Sadly, it did absolutely nothing for my figure and looked just as bad on me as it did on the model (sorry, girl)… and yet, I bought it anyway (it was on sale, ok).

Navy Polo Collar Ribbed Dress reduced from KD 8/900 to KD 3/900

I picked this up in a size Small as well… for my non-existent upcoming Tennis Match! Despite being quite similar to the Red Polo Collar Ribbed Dress (shown above) this Navy Polo Collar Ribbed Dress was actually much, much more flattering! I’m pretty sure it’s not just because of the stripes, or even because it was in a darker color. It’s something about the actual design of the Dress. I wanna’ say that where the Red Dress goes straight down, the Navy Dress tapers in ever-so-slightly at the waist. It’s a very minute detail, but the difference is huge!

Also, because of the Navy color of this Dress and the stripes and all, it sorta’ gave it that “Collegiate Vibe” that I’m so fond of, and clearly they (they meaning Bershka people) thought so too, based on how they styled the model with Clear Aviators (I die!). More importantly, I figured this Navy Dress would look great paired with the Mustard Platform Trainers!

Mustard Monochrome Platform Trainers retail for KD 19/900 (not on sale)

Mustard Trainers featuring XL soles made with lightweight materials
Heel height: 7 cm
Platform height: 5 cm

I don’t even remember why I was Bershka over at Marina Mall, but as soon as I spotted these babies, it was love at first sight! The crowd turned me off so I had to bounce, but I made it a point to visit The Avenues branch just to see if these babies were available for purchase over there and as luck would have it, they were! I tried them on in a size 39, but my feet kept slipping out. I attempted to try them on in a size 36, but they wouldn’t fit. I was devastated! But then, my knight in shining lipstick appeared and saved the day! (lol Dramatic much, LuLu?) So, the sales assistant could only find them in a size 38 (the size 37s were out of stock) and they weren’t as snug as I would’ve liked them to be (nothing a pair of thick socks couldn’t fix), but whatevs. These babies were coming home with me!

For starters, the Mustard color was ugly-cute! I could foresee myself pairing them with many, many, many things! In fact, I paired them with the Brown Wide-Leg Jeans not long after! Second of all, they were comfy AF! I could walk, nay live in them for days! Third, they bumped up my 5’1 relatively short frame to a sky-scraping 5’8! The view up from up there was so different! On a more practical note, it meant I didn’t have to shorten all my new clothes as much… sorta’.

Basically, these Mustard Monochrome Platform Trainers were the main catalyst for this entire haul.

Black Monochrome Platform Trainers retail for KD 19/900 (not on sale)

Black Trainers featuring XL soles made with lightweight materials.
Heel height: 7 cm
Platform height: 5 cm

I feel like these babies were a total throwback to late 90’s (when I wasn’t allowed to wear anything anywhere near this height, on account of my being a kid and all) when Platform Trainers were a thing (a la Spice Girls lol) Anyways, I liked the Mustard Platform Trainers so much, that I decided to buy the exact same pair in Black! Obviously, the Black would be much easier to pair with other stuff. Plus, Black is always cool!

4-pack Neon Ankle Socks retail for KD 4/500 (not on sale)

Set of 4 pairs of ankle socks in neon colours

These looked fun, especially the Neon Yellow and Neon Pink. I figured the Neon Orange might possibly match with the Dark Orange Trousers (shown above). Plus, Socks are always handy (mine were always abandoning me whenever I needed them) so, I picked up this Pack on a whim!

5-pack Neutral Ankle Socks retail for KD 4/500 (not on sale)

Set of 5 pairs of ankle socks in neutral colours

Now these I could actually work with! While most of those Neon Ankle Socks would most probably be reserved for home-use, these Neutral Ankle Socks (between the the shades of Grey and the Black) were definitely going to be worn out and about! I wouldn’t mind if these Neutral Ankle Socks were partially visible while peeking out of my shoes, but not the Neon Ankle Socks lol

Maxi Earrings With Fringe retail for KD 3/500 (not on sale)

I hadn’t purchased any accessories in a minute and these although a bit too “extra” for my taste, seemed kinda’… dare I say it… fun! They were sorta’ big, or should I say long, and the fringe was a bit much. However, the whole Marbleized Black/White color-scheme won me over! Not a clue how I’m going to actually wear them or even when, but I’m glad I got them just the same. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time right? Plus, I feel like I should start getting myself accustomed to wearing something larger than tiny studs on my ears, at some point.

Endless Bliss Eau de Toilette retails for KD 5/500 (not on sale)

Hints of cherry, bergamot, strawberry, honeysuckle, peony, violet, amber, musk and sandalwood.

Glittery Eau De Toilette.

50 ml (1.7 US fl oz)

Clearly, I’ve got a problem. I can’t stop buying Perfumes… However, in my defense, they had a whole bunch of Fragrances at the cash register. I gave most of the ones that actually had testers a sniff (not all of them had those) and gravitated mostly towards Endless Bliss. It sorta’ had that same syrupy sweetness of Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris (sampled here) but also gave me that citrus-y Skittles Vibe that I got from Zara Tuberose (haulage here). I don’t know, guys. I just really liked it!

I was wondering what this whole Glittery Eau de Toilette business was all about, but just chalked it up to the liquid being all glittery, whilst in the bottle (which it was, despite the fact that it’s not as visible in the official photos, you can actually totally see them floating around the bottle irl). However, once I sprayed this stuff on my wrist, I was horrified to find that glitter did not just magically disappear and was in fact, clearly visible on my wrist. I’ve washed my hands twice already now and I can still see the gold glitters. Ugh.

Cliche name, boring bottle, horrible glitter, but what a delightful scent! The last powering of Endless Bliss was pretty decent too (not endless lol but long enough)! Deffo’ worth checking out!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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