Zara Sale Haulage

I figured I should chill on the whole Perfume thing and focus on something more practical (i.e. clothes) instead. That said, I actually wasn’t even planning on buying any new clothes, but while exchanging the stuff at H&M (here) which happened to be right across from Zara, I noticed those covet-worthy Shirt Dresses in all kinds of different prints! I was instantly entranced by their siren call and before I knew it, I was walking right in to Zara, who as luck would have it, were apparently having a Sale! One thing led to another and here we are.

As you can see, I kinda’ went ham and overdid it with the whole Chain Print thing, but managed to snag a few Animal Print pieces while I was at it. I ended up purchasing 5 Dresses (x2 of the Snake Print) and 3 Trousers/Pants and 5 Shirts (x3 of the Blouse-y Shirt) and 2 Leggings and 2 Scarves and a Camisole (previously purchased here) and a Cap. Instead of paying KD 245/200 I ended up paying KD 106/200 because everything I’d purchased (other than the Scarves and Cami) was on Sale!

Snakeskin Print Shirt Dress reduced from KD 22/900 to KD 8/900

Flowing Dress with a shirt collar and sleeves falling below the elbow. Features a seam at the waist, an A-line silhouette, side in-seam pockets and button fastening in the front.

Every store (Mango – Topshop – River Island, etc…) had their version of this Snakeskin Print Shirt Dress. It was clearly having a “moment”. Personally, I’d actually been lusting after one for a minute now, so it was kismet that we found each other (literally the first thing that caught my eye)! Despite my aversion to snakes, I find Snakeskin Print (be it on Bags, Shoes, Clothes, etc…) incredibly appealing! Plus, the color was totally my thing!

Seeing as how the Small fit a bit too snugly in the upper arm and chest area, I could foresee myself getting too big for it down the line. So, I bought it in a size Small and Medium (totally sane behavior). Rather than paying around KD 46 for both, I only had to play around KD 18 for both, which was another incentive for getting both. That and the fact that it was just so stinkin’ cool! Between the collar and the pockets and the side-slits and the snakeskin print, I was obsessed with this thing (obvi)! I figured I’d pair them with my Forever 21 White Pointed Toe Ankle Booties (haulage here) but Winter ended so Aldo White Peep-Toe Pumps (haulage here) it is, I suppose… or maybe a pair of Flats/Slides Whatever, point is, it’s a very, very, very pretty Dress and it’ll pair well with everything

Orange Printed Tunic With Belt reduced from KD 29/900 to KD 8/900

Tunic with a shirt collar and long sleeves. Featuring a matching fabric tied belt around the waist, an A-line silhouette and buttons in the front.

This “Tunic” was a bit really, really busy for my taste, but again, I’d been seeing this one (from Zara specifically), everywhere (meaning I’d been brainwashed into wanting it lol). Plus, it had that whole Chain Print/Scarf Print thing going on. Also, I’ve always had an issue with Belts (I’ve got a really short torso so I never know where the Belt should “rest”) so I figured this “Fabric Belt” would be a nice way to experiment and familiarize myself with the concept (… of wearing a Belt lol). So, I snatched it up in a size Small. Now that I’m looking at the pregnant models for those two Dresses, it totally explains why I felt the hip area was so roomy while trying them on lol In any case, how cute would this “Tunic” be, when paired with a messy top-knot, or better yet a high ponytail!

Black Contrast Chain Print Dress reduced from KD 13/900 to KD 4/900

Flowing A-line Dress with a round neckline and short sleeves. Featuring a contrast front print.

I stumbled upon the last piece which happened to be in a size Medium by the Changing Room Area. Again, this Dress had that whole Chain Print thing going on, but just the front part. The design kinda’ reminded me of the Chinoiserie Print (previously hauled here). I liked that the actual Dress was relatively simple and I liked contrast of bright color against Black. That said, I didn’t like that the back was so plain (felt cheap). Still, I actually needed more Dresses and I could work with this one (I could just pop on a Jacket for some oomph) and it was on sale.

Green Shirt Dress reduced from KD 12/900 to KD 4/900

Flowing Dress with a shirt collar, short sleeves and buttons on the front.

It took me forever to find pictures of this Dress online! In all that time, I had been searching for a Black Dress, come to find out that it was actually Green (good times lol). Now this Dress was more my speed! It was dark. It was simple. It had a collar. Sold! I bought it in a size Small. It might look a bit too simple, but that just meant that going crazy with accessories was an option ^_~

Leopard Textured Printed Trousers reduced from KD 9/900 to KD 2/900

Wide-Leg Trousers with elastic interior waistband.

Also available in Snake Print (Brown) and Printed (Gold Chain Print), but the Leopard Print (Green) stole my heart! I don’t even know what possessed me to pick these up to try on, but as soon as I tried them on in a size Small, I was completely smitten! Sometimes Most of the time, the length of Zara Trousers can either be too short, or too long or just plain weird on me. Not these! The length was great! The fit was even better (the only way I can describe the way they made my behind look was… magic)! Also, they were incredibly comfy! They weren’t tight nor constricting in the least, but neither were they loose enough to where they looked sloppy. Aside from the fact that Animal Print was having a “moment”, these babies were Green! Best of all, they had been reduced to only KD 3! Basically, wins all around!

Black/Gold Printed Trousers reduced from KD 9/900 to KD 4/900

Palazzo trousers with an elastic waistband.

I wasn’t as obsessed with the Chain Print on these, but they had that same “magic” that the previous pair had (that made my backside look great)! I figured since the print was more subdued (in comparison to the Leopard Print ones, shown above), I could wear them while visiting the older set (great aunts and such). Plus, they were on sale. So, I got them in a size Small.

Multicolored Chain Print Skinny Trousers reduced from KD 13/900 to KD 6/900

Mid Waist Skinny Trousers. Featuring front pockets, double welt pockets in the back and metal zip, inside button and hook fastening in the front.

Unlike the previous two pairs, these babies were a bit too snug. Also, just like my Snakeskin Jeans (haulage here and “Outfit of the Day” here), the length was all kinds of awkward on my 5’1 frame. Regardless, I picked them up in a size Small. I just really liked the contrast of the Red against the Black! Also, again, Chain Print and they were on sale as well!

Black Chain Print Leggings reduced from KD 9/900 to KD 2/900

Leggings with an elastic waistband.

On my life, I’ve never ever seen anything tackier than these Leggings lol I suppose I must’ve gotten all caught up with my self-imposed Chain Print theme and decided to try these in on in a size Small. As expected, they were… hideous! lol They were pretty flimsy too. With that being said, I thought I might be able to make them work with an over-sized Sweater or short Dress or maybe just a really long Tank Top… I dunno’, they were on sale, so I figured what the hey, why not?

Black Leggings With Animal Print Side Stripes reduced from KD 10/900 to KD 4/900

Leggings with an elastic waistband and printed side stripes.

Now these Leggings on the other hand, were made of much sturdier stuff! To the extent that I could just barely squeeze into a size Small and eventually had to go for a Medium! Honestly, I didn’t care what size I got, just as long as I managed to get them. As soon as I’d laid eyed on the Black with contrasting Red Stripes on the side, and in Animal Print too? I was in complete lust with them! Off the top of my head, I knew they’d look bomb paired with the Red V-Neck Jersey Top from H&M (haulage here)! I mean… so stinkin’ cool!

White Tailored Shirt With Sleeve Detail reduced from KD 13/900 to KD 4/900

Tailored Shirt with collar and long full-bodied sleeves with adjustable cuffs. Featuring false flap pockets in the front and a contrast button-up front.

Okay, so the photos are totally not doing this baby any justice! In real life, it looked infinitely more flattering… and more importantly, way cooler! It was totally cinched in at the waist, ballooning up towards the top and bottom! The sleeves weren’t just wide. They were huge! If anything, this Shirt was the closest thing to a “Pirate Shirt” (just roll with it, ok) that I’ve ever come across! On the more practical side, it seemed like it would pair beautifully with both my Trousers and Skirts. Heck, I’d even wear it with a regular pair of Denim Jeans! I mean… talk about hourglass figure! I loved this thing so much, I picked it up in a size Small and Medium and Large! Hey, I didn’t know if I was ever going to come across a Shirt this unique ever again, ok. Plus, it’d been reduced from KD 14 to just KD 5 per pop!

Off-White Blouse With Contrast Trims reduced from KD 12/900 to KD 4/900

Flowing Blouse with a shirt collar and long sleeves. Featuring front patch pockets and contrast trims on the neckline, pockets and cuffs. Button-up front.

I only spotted the one in a size X-Small, tried it on, loved it and bought it! As expected, it was quite sheer. However, the size, the fit, the length, everything about this thing was like it was tailor-made specifically for me! Plus, it totally had that Chanel-esque vibe! It just looked so… smart! Obviously, I had to get it!

White Strappy Stretch Top (Fall/Winter 18) purchased for KD 2/900

Fitted Top made from a polyamide blend. Features a round neckline and straps. Available in White and Black and Dark Khaki and Ecru.

I grabbed another one of these White Camisoles (in a size Small) on my way to the cash register. Like I said, I’d already purchased one previously (here). Basically, these White Camis are super handy for wearing underneath White Shirts (shown above) or anything else that’s somewhat sheer (shown here).

Blue Denim Nautical Cap reduced from KD 8/900 to KD 2/900

Denim Nautical Cap with peak.

This was an unnecessary purchase… which I obviously felt was necessary at the time. I mainly bought it because it was Denim, which was somewhat… different (not really, but kinda’). Also, it had been reduced to less than KD 3 so… bargain? I simply adore the way the model is erm, modeling it (backwards), in the second photo! I’m totally gonna’ attempt wearing it that way too, at some point!

Black Soft Scarf retails for KD 10/900

Plain Soft-Feel Scarf.
Measurements: 210 cm x 120 cm

Available in Grey and Dark Grey and Black (as shown). Not that I needed another ginormous Scarf, especially right after purchasing the Black Chain Print Scarf (shown below) earlier, but I couldn’t resist picking this one up. It was plain. It was black. It was huge.

So, all the money that I’d “saved” buying all that other stuff on sale, ended up being used to purchase this thing, for full price (it wasn’t on sale). I figured it’d come in handy whenever I’d be at the movies (where the temperature is always set to arctic) or anywhere else where it gets pretty chilly! It was pretty much like being wrapped up in an incredibly soft, warm and cozy blanket!

Black Chain Print Scarf purchased for KD 10/900 but now reduced to KD 4/900

Soft-Touch Scarf with frayed edges.

Measurements: 200 cm x 95 cm

The Black Chain Print Scarf was the only thing in this entire haul that was actually purchased at an earlier time from a different branch (here), but it didn’t feel right to include it with all those Fragrances, which is why I decided to lump it in with this bunch instead. I love Black and I find the combination of Black + Gold appealing, ergo this Scarf. Plus, Chain Print errythang was trending. I payed full price for it, but it has since been reduced. Sadly, Winter was over before I got a chance to actually wear it lol There’s always next year though!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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