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Since the Smartphone Gloves (haulage here) didn’t fit my older brother, I had to go back to H&M to exchange them. They gave me KD 3/500 in store credit (‘cuz that’s how much the Smartphone Gloves had cost) and ended up with a cute Red T-Shirt for KD 3/000 and a 2-pack of Scrunchies for KD 1/750 from the many huge hair accessories bins at the cash register and just before completing that transaction, spotted a pyramid of Garden Eau de Toilette (20ml) which I’d been obsessing over for a minute now (I took it as a sign) which retails for KD 3/000 so I quickly added it to the pile. I ended up having to pay an additional KD 4/200 for these lil cuties lol

Red L’Amour T-Shirt With Printed Text reduced from KD 10/990 to KD 3/000

T-shirt in cotton jersey with a printed text design, small embroidery detail at front, and a straight-cut hem. Available in Red L’Amour and Blue L’Amour. 100% Cotton

I was a bit miffed when I spotted this top on the sales rack, because I’d purchased the exact same one in Blue (here) for full price, only to have it significantly reduced shortly after. That said, I only spotted the Red version on sale and the Blue version was nowhere to be found (which appeased me). Since I’d gotten the Blue version in a size 10, I snatched up the Red version in a size 10 as well and headed towards the check-out counter (didn’t feel like trying anything on).

2-pack Velour Scrunchies (Black and Yellow like the song lol) retail for KD 1/750

Elasticated velour scrunchies

Normally, I just ignore all of H&M’s Accessories because you can find the exact same kind at I am (haulage here) for a significantly lesser price! However, while waiting in line at the check-out counter, I noticed that each cash register had a huge bin overflowing with adorable hair accessories directly in front of it. One of them in particular, just had scrunchies in all kinds of colors and sizes!

I spotted a 2-pack in size that was neither large (which are the ones I usually purchase in Black from Boots and anywhere else I can spot them really) nor were they particularly small (which typically I find to be useless because I can’t wrap them more than once around my hair). The size of the ones I saw was a happy in-between! Also, the Dark Yellow color appealed to me (I was on a “Tan” and “Neutrals” kick) and the fact that it also came with one in Black (my go-to) was perfect! I could foresee these coming in pretty handy for several high-low hairstyles! So, I snatched them up!

Garden Eau de Toilette retails for KD 3/000

Sunlit dew and delicate flowers on a cool spring morning. 20 ml

Like I said, I was on a fragrance kick (I don’t even know how it started) and at one point, had given each and every single fragrance at H&M a sniff (previous visit)! They didn’t have those little fragrance-tester paper strips so I ended up having to spritz them on a tissue but whatever. I’m well aware that you don’t get a true sense of the perfume when testing it on paper as opposed to your skin, but these babies were eau de toilettes meaning they mostly consisted of alcohol so it didn’t matter all that much.

In any case, several of the larger ones appealed to me and a handful of the smaller ones too, but I decided to wait until they were on sale or had some sort of promo on them (Buy 1 Get 1, etc…) However, one that I couldn’t stop thinking about was Garden. It put me in the mindset of Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent Eau de Toilette (sampled here)! It’s not my typical style so this totally came out of nowhere for me, but I was utterly smitten! Once I spotted it being displayed at the cash register, I couldn’t resist it any longer and just went ahead and bought it!

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