Bath and Body Works Haulage (January)

I got the mass text from Bath & Body Works (as well as Victoria’s Secret and several others), announcing their semi-annual sale. Obviously, I made it a point to check some of them out (discreetly coercing my friends – who have absolutely zero interest in any of this stuff – to make a quick stop here and there). As you can see, it was mostly the unisex and blatantly masculine scents that captured my interest (this time), mainly because I was pretty much all set, in the rest of the other “scent categories” (i.e. gourmands, citrus-y, fruity-florals, etc…).

For the sale this year, they’d brought out several of the “classic” scents which I thought was both boring and disappointing. I was expecting new and different stuff! Luckily, they were also trying to get rid of the older collections (that they’d released throughout the previous year) so, I snagged a few from those.

As per usual, everything looked pretty ratchet! Most of the stuff was already opened and had residue on the side and smelled pretty funky to boot (like it had already expired)! It took some time, but I hunted down the least janky versions available. I ended up getting 4 Fragrance Sprays (1 full size, 3 travel size) and 3 Soaps (1 Liquid Hand Soap, 2 Body Bars) and 3 Shower Gels and a Cosmic Cream in a pear tree~!

Moon Child Gift Set (Black Cosmic Cream + Black Fine Fragrance Mist) reduced from KD 12/500 to KD 3/500

Black (The Fragrance Experiment Collection)

A blend of Oud and Vanilla and Violets

Bold – Mysterious – Sophisticated – Daring – Chic

Everything about the theme of the Moon Child Gift Set was aesthetically appealing to me! I loved the name of the scent, Black! I loved the name of the collection, The Fragrance Experiment! I loved the name of this Gift Set, Moon Child! Most of all, I loved the scent!

Obviously, the main incentive for purchasing the Moon Child Gift Set, was the scent itself, which was actually all woodsy and lovely and even a little bit “nutty” (like Argan Oil or summat) but also quite light! Initially, I was drawn to the the Mousse To Oil in the same scent (Black), but it occurred to me that I wouldn’t actually get much use out of it (based on how grossed out and annoyed I get by any residue). Then I came across the same scent in the Moon Child Gift Sets, but they were all janky (one was actually missing one half of the duo!) to the extent that I actually gave up on getting anything in the scent Black… until I spotted this one (already opened but otherwise relatively untouched)! Housed inside the outer packaging was a Cosmic Cream and Fine Fragrance Mist, both in the scent Black.

Black Cosmic Cream – As you can see, it came in black packaging with holographic print and a marble design on the back. I’ve actually spotted the Travel Size version in the “Aisle of Doom” earlier (here). A few minor issues with this thing. First of all, the “Cosmic Cream” had glitter (not pretty shimmer, but blatant chunky glitter… granted it was sporadic but still eww). Second of all, the cream itself was the most disgusting shade of green-y yellow lol It kinda’ tinted my “Eggshell Nails” a gross yellow-y shade as well! lol Thankfully, the whole thing (glitter and gross yellow-y tint) washes off pretty easily. Lastly, even though it’s described as a cream, it’s actually more of a lotion (not extremely hydrating but skin-softening nonetheless). That said, it smelled lovely and came as part of the Moon Child Gift Set (which I purchased for a fraction of the original asking price) so I’m not complaining. At the very least, the Black Cosmic Cream will come in handy for layering with the Black Fine Fragrance Mist and other “woodsy” scents!

Black Fine Fragrance Mist – As you can see, it came in a clear plastic bottle with a black lid and black sticker on the front with a holographic silhouette and holographic print. Simple and chic, as promised. This baby was the main reason I purchased the Moon Child Gift Set! As I keep reiterating, the smell was pleasantly “nutty” unlike the traditional take on Oud Fragrances! Sometimes, I’d get more Violets (which honestly put me in the mind-set of French Soaps in Hotel Bathrooms) and sometimes I’d get more Vanilla (which I typically enjoy), but the “nuttiness” was always present and I appreciate that! If you spot this baby, do give it a sniff!

Black Perfume Spray (23 fl oz/7mL) reduced from KD 4/500 to KD 1/000

Heck, I loved the scent so much, I even hunted down an unopened Travel Size Perfume Spray in the same scent at the “Aisle of Doom” (no easy feat)! Previously, I’d purchased White (here) un-sniffed… mainly because I thought Travel Size Perfume Sprays from Bath & Body Works were both cute and would probably come in handy. Unfortunately, after opening it, I didn’t really like the scent lol This time, I knew for a fact that I really liked Black, so I actively sought out the Travel Size Perfume Spray. Here’s both of them side-by-side. I’m thinking Rose is the only scent I’m missing from The Fragrance Experiment Collection at this point, but I’m not interested in getting it (fool me once etc…).

Black Collection

Black Cosmic Cream – Black Fine Fragrance Mist – Black Perfume Spray

Leather Fragrance Mist (1 fl oz/29mL) reduced from KD 1/750 to KD 0/750
Lemon Fragrance Mist (1 fl oz/29mL) reduced from KD 1/750 to KD 0/750

They had large jars of these Travel Size Fragrance Mists in several different scents at the check-out counter. Unfortunately, all of them had already been opened and used (as you can see by the photo), but whatevs. Out of a bad bunch, I only picked up these two. Honestly, I just picked up Leather because the name seemed intriguing and Lemon because generally I like most of the lemon-y scents I come across. Little did I know how much I’d love Leather! It smelled absolutely intoxicating! I could almost swear it had a little amber or caramel in there. Lemon was a nice and sweet take on lemons too! Basically, I’m really, really happy with both of these (Leather more so than Lemon)! Tiny, cute and smell amazing!

Sea-Tox Sea Mineral Body Wash reduced from KD 4/000 each to KD 1/250 each

These were a total repurchase, initially spotted (photos here) and hauled (here) earlier from Mishref Co-op. Other than the RPG-esque Mermaid, the packaging was pretty unexciting. However, the scent was uplifting, zesty, unisex perfection! I’ve complained about the scent being quite light, but with use, have discovered, that in fact, it’s juuust right (particularly during the hotter months)! I was hoping to pick up the Sea-Tox Sea Mineral Body Polish as well, but it was nowhere to be found, so… I made do with two of the Sea-Tox Sea Mineral Body Wash. It’s such a great scent for the summer, especially after a day at the beach or pool or whatever! Love!

Dark Amber (For Men) Hair and Body Wash reduced from KD 5/750 to KD 1/250

Dark Amber: Fresh Bergamot, Warm Amber, Dark Woods

As soon as I saw the word Amber, I was blind to everything else! I snatched this up, gave it a sniff in-store and hurriedly tossed it in my shopping tote (that they hand out at the entrance) without a second thought. It. Smelled. Glorious. The Bergamot was all uplifting and wonderful and the Warm Amber made it smell so sweet like caramel and the Dark Woods made it smell, well, woodsy (and at the time, I thought “unisex”). However, back home, after trying it a couple of times, it smells blatantly too masculine for me. It’s definitely not a unisex scent. Purchasing it was a mistake because it’s way too intense for me and I’m probably going to have to pass it along to my dad or one of my brothers or something. I mean… it straight up says For Men on the packaging, but do I ever listen? Nuh.

Bergamot + Black Pepper Body Bar reduced from KD 3/250 each to KD 1/000 each

Another spur of the moment purchase, these bars of Soap. I was intrigued by the Bergamot (can’t get enough of that stuff) and the Black Pepper, and even though it smelled blatantly masculine, decided to pick up not one but two bars! I tried using one in the shower and sorta’ liked it. However, afterwards I kept getting whiffs of something manly. It was so musky and I was starting to get really, really annoyed by it. Eventually, it dawned on me that it was me… or rather this stuff! I quickly placed the opened bar on my soap dish and have reserved it strictly for washing my hands. Sure, it was sufficiently large (meaning they’d last longer than the average bar of soap) and quite creamy too, but dang, I didn’t wanna’ smell like a dude! I actually felt relieved when I finally finished up one bar of soap. The other is still all wrapped up in its packaging.

Endless Weekend Deep Cleansing Hand Soap reduced from KD 3/750 to KD 1/250

Endless Weekend: White Hydrangea, Violet Blossoms, Sparkling Citrus

I spotted this thing chillin’ all nonchalant at the “aisle of doom” and snatched it up immediately, un-sniffed. I was just glad I finally spotted a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap after having to settle for the Foaming Hand Soaps for so looong! I started using it right away (like, as soon as I got home) and blew through it pretty quick. Not my most favorite of scents but I needed a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (any would’ve been fine) because I was going through withdrawal symptoms lol

Not one of my more exciting semi-annual sale hauls, but despite a few duds (way too manly), the majority of the other scents were perfecto!

All of the above cost KD 13 since everything (more or less) had been significantly reduced, which was pretty nice!

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