Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I previewed it earlier (here) but I’m glad I waited as long as I did to watch this show, because a few days after I was done with Season 1, Netflix released Season 2!

13 year old me would’ve been over the moon with happiness over the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and watched it as soon as it had dropped (on account of the witch-y stuff and all) but 33 year old me? Not so much. I knew it was going to be for a younger crowd and… I was not wrong. Regardless, it was pretty enjoyable!

Initially, I didn’t like any of them (save for Hilda Spellman because she was an adorable mess and later Mary Wardwell because something about her, let’s call it a certain je ne sais quoi, made me unable to focus on anyone else, whenever she was on-screen).

From Sabrina’s clothes to her hair and even her voice (she legit sounded like a young boy to me) was hard to swallow. None of the dudes were cute (Harvey the “main love interest” looked like my toe), but most of all, I couldn’t and still can’t stand Ambrose Spellman. The only person that legitimately looked beautiful (as one might an expect an actor/actress to be) in the entire show, was Prudence Night (girl was stun-ning)! Thankfully, Sabrina’s hair and clothes started looking much better in Season 2. She still can’t act, or rather makes it look so obvious that she’s acting (when the pests show up, she starts muttering “Oh no” over and over again…), but at least she looks better while doing it now.

The main thing that really bugged me (another thing that kept taking me out of the show, other than Sabrina’s bad acting) was how there were only a handful of extras. Why does either school only consist of a handful of students? Why does the coven consist of only a handful of people? Heck, why does the entire town only consist of a handful of people? It was very, very noticeable during the “big event” scenes (such as the coven gatherings and trial and so on).

They’d hype up a certain event and you’d expect to see a massive gathering, but it’s always the same 10 people (which again, detracts from the “gravitas” of the show… lol). Like, where are all the extras? Come on, Netflix. Throw some more money on the show.

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers

Also, all the bad guys/gals and special effects and whatnot were a joke. Father Faustus Blackwood was so goofy for a “bad guy” (which personally made me feel like it detracted from the show’s “gravitas”… lol). Even the “Dark Lord” himself (Season 2 Spoiler Alert) looked like a discount Ian Somerhalder (I can totally see them calling him up for the show and he’s like “nah, pass” and so they get the next best thing, which was a discount version of him, lol).

Honestly, most of the show came across as “try-hard” and sub-sequentially corny. I mean… da’ heck was that Maypole scene (with the music and all) in Season 2? Guys, stop trying to be “edgy” like Riverdale (which is my go-to “golden standard” of super-dumb-teen-shows, forever more) and just go with a different direction (God knows there’s plenty of potential here). With that being said, I like how Season 2 ended (totally morphing into another show called Supernatural lol).

Few things I thought were note-worthy:

– I love, love, love the fact that we can’t actually hear Salem the cat talk. Much appreciated! It would’ve been awful otherwise.

– The phrases they use in the show (such as “for Satan’s sake” and “your unholiness” and “your dishonors” etc…) are silly, but they made me giggle! I kept getting a kick out of it!

– Ever since discovering him while reading The Importance of Being Earnest for English Class in the 9th grade, I’ve always worshiped Oscar Wilde (the man was hilarious!) so the fact that they actually included Dorian Gray as a character in the show, delights me to no end!

– Between Alessandro Juliani (who plays Dr. Cee) and Michael Hogan (who cameoed as Granpa Kinkle), it was like a mini Battlestar Galactica reunion, which warmed my heart ♥

Way better than Riverdale (reviewed here) and obviously way better than Charmed (reviewed here), but not better than The Order (reviewed here). I’m still down for watching Season 3 though, but if it never comes out, I won’t lose any sleep over it. You want chilling? I’d suggest watching The Haunting of Hill House (reviewed here). Now that was an awesome show! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was enjoyable but not a “must-see”. Ya’ feel me? Yeah you do.

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