Nordstrom January Haul

Others can blame drugs or alcohol… In my case, I’m naturally high (on life) and clinically drunk (lack of sleep) so I can only blame myself for this mistake lol

I’d purchased MAC “Velvet Teddy” ShadeScent Eau de Parfum earlier (haulage here) and was constantly being complimented by everyone (guys, girls, randos) whenever I wore it! Other people’s opinions aside, I had fallen in love with the scent… hard! Since I couldn’t find it locally (even if it’s still in production abroad, they randomly just stop bringing stuff over), I had to start rationing what little I had left.

As luck would have it, I spotted it on Nordstrom so I figured I could keep repurchasing it in twos; one for myself (assuming I was going to run out of it pretty regularly) and one to gift to whomever had asked for it at the time (younger brother, favorite cousin, bestie, etc…). It’s touted as a dupe for Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, but I love it because it’s different than anything I’ve ever owned up to this point. It just smells so good!

Nordstrom happened to have this promo where if you spent XYZ amount, you got a Skincare Sample Pack (some of them were one-time-use samples while others were deluxe samples), in addition to their usual Sample Pack (x5 pre-selected one-time-use samples, free with every order). Plus, if you spent XYZ amount on MAC stuff, you got a one-time use MAC Mascara (sample) and a MAC Lipstick (full size)!

More often than not, the Velvet Teddy Fragrance was usually out of stock, but once I noticed it was back in stock, even though I was on my way out (week-end), I hurriedly placed the order for what I thought was x2 Velvet Teddy Fragrances and moved a couple of random items from my wishlist (x2 Elizabeth and James Nirvana Dry Shampoo and a Voluspa Candle) to qualify for all the promos and such (I figured since I was going to be paying for shipping anyway, might as well pick up a handful of other stuff to make it worthwhile)… little did I know that they would ship the items separately lol

Unfortunately, the items arrive based on their availability. There is no option to “group items into one shipment”. The reason being that some of these items ship from different locations or different branches of Nordstrom and they have no way of controlling that. What that means is, I pay a ton of money to Aramex for each shipment, regardless of the fact that one shipment legit had just the one-time-use Mascara (sample) and Lipstick.

It’s not their fault. It’s just the way it is.

x2 MAC Creme D’Nude Eau de Parfum

What it is: The nude-colored pigment of Crème d’Nude lipstick inspires a fragrance capturing the vibrant sexiness of clean, radiant, glowing skin.

Fragrance Story: A cocoon of Velvet Musk envelops the structure of the fragrance, while Neroli emits a freshness and luminosity of sensual skin. Texture comes through with a soft butter Suede Accord that blends pure Ambrette Seeds with a lip-smoothing Madagascar Vanilla Bean. Universal in its appeal, wearable day, night, everywhere in between.

Well… oops. I was in such a rush to leave/so tired from not sleeping (either/or, take your pick) that I mistook Creme D’Nude for Velvet Teddy (derr). In my defense, the color of the packaging on both was pretty dang similar lol

Thankfully, it’s not a horrible scent. If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say it strongly reminds me of Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works as it has the same extremely musky and warm quality to it with a whisper of soap-scent.

I’ll definitely be getting rid of one of them, by giving it away to someone who would appreciate it (as a Birthday Gift or summat’), but I’ll be keeping the other for myself. I’ll tell you why. It occurred to me that I could use it for layering! Particularly with some of my “stinkier” scents, such as but not limited to Cartier La Panthere (here) and such! Hopefully, it’ll help me be able to stomach them, more. Smart, huh?

MAC Gift with Purchase

MAC Capricious Lipstick: Fanciful Rose Plum (Lustre)
MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara Sample

Receive a full-size Lipstick, shades vary (0.1 oz.) and a sample of In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara (single use) with your $45 MAC purchase. A $20 value. Online only.*

Basically, just ordering one of the MAC Shadescents qualified me for this particular Gift With Purchase (Nordstrom always has a ton of them for every brand and they’re always switching them up with newer and cooler stuff)!

I’ve been getting so much use out of the ColourPop Lippie Stix in the shades Goldie which is a matte brick red (haulage here) and Ziggie which is a matte dark terracotta (haulage here), because I’ve found them to be quite versatile! They work with most of my “Makeup Looks” and Colored Contacts. They add a pop of color while also being subdued enough for daytime use. Most importantly, they compliments my sallow skin tone (sans makeup) lol

I wasn’t impressed by MAC Capricious Lipstick in the tube, but once I tried it on, quickly changed my mind. I don’t get along well with most “rose” shades, but this was a pretty plum shade and because it had a lustre finish, wasn’t as dark and vampy as you’d expect! Just like Goldie and Ziggie, I found Capricious to be a nice and subtle complimentary shade!

x2 Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Dry Shampoo (1.3 oz each)

Rather than splurge on the actual Elizabeth and James Nirvana Fragrances (I believe I sniffed them at our local Sephora at one point and did not like them, at all), I decided to get the mini version of the Dry Shampoo (not available locally, at least not that I know of). Also, I just wanted to bump up the total of my order to qualify for the Gift With Purchase which was a Skincare Sample Pack (at the end of this post). I haven’t used either one yet, but I have sniffed both, and neither smells particularly mind-blowing so… I don’t understand the hype.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo (mini) retails for KD 4/500 ($14)

Violet Sandalwood Vanilla

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Dry Shampoo (mini) retails for KD 4/500 ($14)

Muguet Peony Musk

Voluspa French Toast Macaron Candle retails for KD 4/250 ($13)

What it is: A candle featuring glass textured with a soft swirl pattern colored to match the cookie that inspired it.

Fragrance story: Voluspa candles are hand-poured in the United States from sustainable, ecologically sound, pesticide-free manufacturing. The candles feature a proprietary coconut wax blend and a 100% cotton wick.

French Toast: featuring notes of Brioche Sweet Bread, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Almond Whipped Crème and French Toast Crunch Cereal Pieces

• 1.8 oz.
• 15-hour burn time
• 2″ height; 2 3/4″ diameter

I’m pretty sure this is my very first Voluspa Candle ever! Naturally, I had to get something from the Macaron Candle Collection (they have a wide variety of collections) and opted for the scent “French Toast” purely because of the name lol It was actually much bigger and heavier than it looks (glass jar), so you can imagine the Aramex shipping charges lol (my wallet is crying). The swirls on the packaging kinda’ remind me of those Glass Ashtrays found in most Arab households. As expected, it had a yummy vanillary scent! Not quite sure why it was sweating though (nervous flyer?), but all in all, I’m pretty happy with this baby!

Sample Pack

Normally, with any order, you get to take your pick from a bunch of samples (choosing only 3), but every once in a while, they’ll have these pre-selected 5pc sample packs. It can be anything from a Perfume Sample to Skincare to Makeup (as you can see).

Gift with Purchase

These larger Sample Packs (contain more stuff and cooler stuff and not just one-time-use stuff) are usually a “Gift With Purchase” meaning you have to purchase more than a certain amount to qualify for it. However, it’s worth it, because you get a chance to try some really cool stuff! I received the Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Face Serum and something from Amorepacific (Korean Brand) to name a few, which is pretty suh-weet! It’s pretty much the main reason I placed this order (plus, the fact that I wanted to get my hands on MAC Velvet Teddy ShadeScent).

Funny (or unfunny) enough, after I’d placed my previous order for the D&G Light Blue Gift Set (here), they had a lovely Gift With Purchase on Dolce & Gabbana which I totally would’ve qualified for, had I waited a bit longer. After I’d placed this order, they had an even better Gift With Purchase on MAC, which I also would’ve qualified for, had I waited a bit longer. However, you wait too long and you run the risk of missing out on the product you wanted to buy… for good (limited edition). So there’s that.

I wouldn’t call this haul a fail or a win.

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