ClearColor Mystic Colored Contact Lenses

Clearly, these look Red!

I’ve never tried anything from ClearColor before, but the idea of wearing blatantly Red Colored Contacts (minus the Sharingan Print) seemed crazy appealing to me! I love, love, love wearing Red Eye Liner (deep dark red, not bright red) so I figured these would go perfectly with that “look”, not to mention the dozens of other color combinations, and of course, the obligatory Halloween/Costume Party (every now and then)! Apparently, these are from the Mystic Collection, whatever that means. For once, the Egyptian Sales Assistant tried with all his might to dissuade me from buying these, but I was adamant! I had to get them and get them I did!

I should’ve listened…

For starters, they were uncomfortable AF! I wanted them off my eyeballs almost as soon as I’d put them on! Second, the color was not Red, like, at all! They were straight up Black on me! I just don’t understand… I guess they’d be more reddish if you had darker eyes to begin with? I don’t know… In any case, straight into the trash they went.

I picked them up from Al-Jamil (which also happen to be the distributors of my beloved FreshKon Baby Aqua Colored Contact Lenses) for KD 10 only. Sometimes buying random Colored Contacts pan out (and they became a new favorite!) and sometimes (like in this case) they don’t. Oh well! lol

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