The Order

Honestly, I was judging this show from the get-go (based on the trailer). It seemed like a janky version of another already janky show called The Magicians. Between that and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (here) and Charmed (here) and Legacies and The Umbrella Academy (here) so on, how many more of these dark fantasy shows where we going to be subjected to?

With that being said, I watched the first episode a few days after it was released and despite myself, actually got hooked! They’d definitely “borrowed” a lot of elements from a bunch of shows (down to the masks they wear), which was understandable (“hey, if it works, why not?” mentality). Even the main guy’s relationship with his his grandfather had a Ricky and Morty-esque vibe to it. There were a lot, and I mean a lot of cliches! The flow wasn’t all that great either (a lot of loose ends), but the story and action was enjoyable enough for me to not dwell on that too much. Also, I found it more than a little odd, that they’d easily drop the F-bomb in the first episode, and then refer to someone as “Son of a Bicycle” (lolwut?) in another episode.

The main character seemed like a superior version of the main character from The Magicians. His potential love interest seemed like the younger version of Katherine Heigl. I made a passing comment about how abnormally skinny she looked, up until I was told she and I shared the same body type, which quickly shut me up (I was so proud of the handful of kilograms that I’d put on… only to have them so easily dismissed). It dawned on me how sickly I actually looked lol Anyways, also just like The Magicians, the mean girl and openly gay dude were a duo. Max Martini typecaste played the role of the stereotypical bad guy. Sam Trammell (from True Blood) was in this too. I knew I recognized Katharine Isabelle from somewhere, but it bugged me that I couldn’t quite place her. She was from a movie I watched as a teen called Ginger Snaps. She had aged so much (but was still ridiculously stunning) which made me realize that I had aged so much lol I felt really old when I recognized Jewel Staite (whom I’d watched on Nickelodeon on a show called Flash Forward back when we first installed Orbit when I was a kid). Time flies, yadda yadda yadda. That said, I’m glad Netflix was pulling all these actors and actresses out from obscurity (they weren’t exactly raking in dem monies) and giving them another shot! Good job, Netflix! I approve!

It’s definitely nothing original, but The Order was mindless and easy and unexpectedly enjoyable to watch (waaay better than Riverdale, imo)!

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