Spotted at Boots (January)

Call of Fruity… as in Call of Dutyseriously? -_- What is this blasphemy? Not cool. Not cool at all! Call of Duty is sacred!

Now that we got that out of the way, there were several new displays over at Boots. They’d moved the Oh K! Beauty to a stand-alone umm… stand, by the entrance to Boots (pics at the bottom of this post) and they had a Soap & Glory display featuring the new Call of Fruity Collection (so wrong!) and another one featuring a bunch of Hair Care products all with “humorous” funny-punny names. The Call of Fruity display was two rows of identical products (same lay-out, same everything) whereas the Hair Care display had more of a variety.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did give the Call of Fruity stuff a sniff, but I didn’t like the way they smelled. As such, I didn’t end up buying anything. I’ll go over them anyways, for those who might be interested.

Soap & Glory Bubbles in Paradise Refreshing Body Wash retails for KD 3/750
Soap & Glory Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream retails for KD 3/000
Soap & Glory No Woman No Dry Hydrating Body Butter retails for KD 5/250
Soap & Glory Paradise Glossed Nourishing Body Oil retails for KD 4/750
Soap & Glory Summer Scrubbin’ Exfoliating Body Scrub retails for KD 4/500
Soap & Glory The Way She Smooths Softening Body Lotion retails for KD 5/250

Aside from Hand Food, their names made me lol especially Paradise Glossed. Not that it matters, because when it comes down to it, performance is the main thing, but I wonder how many people actually get these references.

Everything seems to retail for KD 4/500 each

Soap & Glory Junk The Gunk Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Soap & Glory Wonder Serum Multi-Action Leave-In Spray
Soap & Glory Control Sleek Heat Activated Smoothing Serum
Soap & Glory Fresh Air Supply Odor Neutralizing Shine Mist

Soap & Glory Get a Smooth On Smoothing Shampoo
Soap & Glory Pink Big Weightless Conditioner
Soap & Glory Curls Allowed Curl Defining Conditioner
Soap & Glory N-Ice and Bright Tone Correcting Purple Shampoo
Soap & Glory Split Happens Conditioning Styling Oil

Oh K! Beauty

Like I said, I didn’t end up buying anything, because I’m more into Fragrances now and nothing smelled like a “must-have” to me.

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