Kevin Hart – Irresponsible – Comedy Special

Wow! This was so… underwhelming. They totally clipped his wings.

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest human beings to walk this Earth. Facts.
Regardless of age, race, gender or whatever else, this dude has mass appeal. Facts.
You could always count on him to bring it. Facts.

Obviously, I love the guy and stan him, hard, but sadly, as much as I hate to say this, Irresponsible was not Kevin Hart-level funny. I chuckled twice during the entire show, but that was it. It was funny, but not hilarious. In fact, I laughed harder during Bert Kreischer’s – Secret Time – Comedy Special. With all this PC and SJW BS, it felt like Kevin’s wings had been clipped. How is a comedian supposed to be funny if he has to censor himself and water down his jokes?

So disappointing, honestly.

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