Kush by Lokal (Good Vibes)

Good vibes… food-poisoning… same thing, right? To be fair, their food was decent… at first. I was on the hunt for a substitute for the Ruby Tuesday Classic Ribs (my favorite!) which seemed to have been either out of stock or discontinued all together. The name Kush made me giggle (doesn’t take much to crack me up) and so I decided to give them a try.

I gave their Miami Fries a shot, but it had way too much going on for my taste. So, I went for the Eastcoast Fries the next time… and every other time since. Aside from their Salads, I’ve given several of their Appetizers and Burgers a try, which were all just okay. My go-to became the Eastcoast Fries and Rocky’s Ribs, topped off by a slice of Puerto Rican Tres Leches much, much later, I felt stuffed and legit drowsy, but together, they really hit the spot! Unfortunately, when you have something nonstop, until you get sick of it… well… you get sick of it lol and in my case quite literally. I noticed it the first few times I had a slice of Puerto Rican Tres Leches, two times out of three, I’d get some serious stomach cramps! The last time I had some, I had to take a day off. That’s why it was “the last time”! lol

Eastcoast Fries – KD 2/500

A favorite all over the east coast, this platter of freshly cut potatoes is fried to perfection to a golden brown color topped with the assortment of cheeses with homemade Eastcoast sauce over it with some sweet caramelized bacon and maple syrup.

You drizzle anything with Maple Syrup and I’m down! Also, Caramelized Bacon? Yum! Between the Cheese and the Fries, I believe dis was the main culprit in making me feel drowsy afterwards. Their portions were pretty generous too, enough to share!

Rocky’s Ribs – KD 5/750

Tender slow cooked short ribs cooked and braised for six hours. Covered with a beautifully semi-sweet homemade glaze of honey BBQ sauce.

The first time I had this stuff, I thought “Oh, Ok. Nice!”, but it consecutively went down-hill from there. The texture was always great, practically melting in my mouth! Unfortunately, the “Glaze” was not as great. It was sufficiently sweet and all, but the there was something else in there, possibly Ginger, that I just found super irritating! It got to the point where it was all I could taste! Yeah, Rocky’s Ribs were nowhere near as good as Ruby Tuesday’s Classic Ribs. That’s why I moved on to their Burgers instead, which as I said, were just okay.

Sunset Pom – KD 1/950

A tropical drink that will lift the mood, this pomegrenate based drink served over crushed ice will tickle the taste buds and its exotic flavor will bring you back for more.

They didn’t have much options for drinks. It was either Sour Dew (which had mint and therefore was a hard pass) or Sunset Pom. It was also just okay and if I’m being honest, not worth the calories lol

Puerto Rican Tres Leches – KD 3/500

3 types of milk served on a flan cake topped with homemade caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream.

Dis! Dis was the main reason I kept coming back to Kush by Lokal! I’d scrape off the Whipped Cream (can’t stand the stuff) and dig in, savoring each and every single morsel! I’ve mentioned before, how I don’t like eating anything that’s too hard or dry (for example, I prefer to let my cereal soak in milk until it’s quite soggy and I prefer my Peanut Butter to be extra creamy, never crunchy). Well, this stuff was just like those ubiquitous Saffron Cakes (that were sufficiently drenched in Milk or whatever) minus the Saffron lol I liked it! I liked it a lot! Unfortunately, the feeling wasn’t mutual. In hindsight, this stuff did always arrive warm, like it had been sitting out all day (not fresh out of the oven hot nor chilled from the fridge, just suspiciously lukewarm). Puerto Rican Tres Leches did not like me, at all! The cramps were pretty bad, but that last time was so bad that I swore off Kush by Lokal forever! I’ve stayed true to my word since.

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