Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

You think you know, but you really don’t. GLOW kept popping up on my Netflix queue and I kept ignoring it because eww, wrestling.

In the interest of full disclosure, when I was younger, I was very much a tomboy and did have a moment with wrestling (or watching wrestling, rather). My mom (honestly, she’s the coolest!) even surprised my younger brother and I by taking us to a few matches, back in the day when the WWF (now known as WWE) were in Kuwait! We saw everyone from Yokuzuna (rest in peace) to Diesel (my favorite) to The Undertaker (my younger brother’s favorite) to Shawn Michaels (everyone else’s favorite). I believe I was probably in the 4th or 5th grade around that time, but something that still makes me chuckle, to this day, was when one of the local talk show hosts while interviewing the wrestlers, asked them if wrestling was fake and was promptly “assaulted”. Someone (bless their heart) uploaded the clip to YouTube (here) and the host’s reaction was gold (he quit the interview)! LOL

So GLOW is very loosely based on the 80’s first all-female wrestling hit show of the same name. I’d just finished watching Good Girls a couple weeks prior and was both surprised and impressed by how entertaining it was, so I decided to finally give GLOW a shot. Once again, I was delightfully surprised (not sure why I keep underestimating Netflix but I do or did, rather, but not anymore)! GLOW had something that was quintessentially 80’s (to me)… it had heart!

It also had an interesting cast from Betty Gilpin (she plays the other wife on American Gods) to Marc Maron (comedian, writer and actor but I only recognize him from Girls) to Chris Lowell (cutie pie!) and so many more!

Alison Brie plays the role of the main character beautifully! Honestly, up until writing this post, I’d mistakenly thought she was the exact same girl who played the role of Kaitlin Cooper in The O.C. and Agnes Andrews in Gossip Girl (they could pass as twins!) but turns out they’re a decade or so apart.

Basically GLOW is a a show, about a show, based on a show! lol

The very first episode was a bit slow (true to 80’s fashion, there was gratuitous nudity from the start lol), but once the pace picked up, I quickly fell in love with each of the characters and became invested in the show!

GLOW is extremely camp (as intended), delightfully refreshing and thoroughly entertaining to watch!

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